System of weight loss minus 60: the advice of the sorceress

Ironically, some weight loss systems do not contain hard constraints. If you think that losing weight is always associated with self-torture, you are deeply mistaken. Take, for example, the system minus 60 — as the name implies, under this system it is possible to lose even a very large weightand strain will have minimal!

Today women’s site talk about the system of weight loss minus 60, which helped many women to normalize their weight, regain health and beauty.

How it all began

System of weight loss minus 60 was designed by Catherine Mirimanova, which, like many women at some point realized it was time to change something in life. RASPLAV after the birth of a child up to 120 kg, Ekaterina decided to seriously tackle my weight. Many different diets and hunger strikes helped to achieve the desired result, but the young woman, being a creative sort, I decided to move on. Gradually all the experience and knowledge gained in the fight against obesity, has developed in a coherent system, which included not only the principles of proper nutrition.

This was a system build of such a lifestyle that would allow any woman to be beautiful and desirable, to preserve youth of body and soul.

System of weight loss minus 60, the so – called Catherine his system, thanks to which it can get rid of 60 kg for 1.5 years. Tested for yourself the effectiveness of the technique, she decided to tell the story to all women, to teach without strict diets and exhausting physical exercises to maintain its vitality and normal weight.

System of weight loss minus 60: weight loss without problems

System of weight loss minus 60 does not require a waiver from their gastronomic habits. You can keep the old way of life, only slightly adjusting it.

Exercise and special beauty treatments will help you avoid skin problems, and the right mental attitude will add positive emotions and pleasant experiences.

Lose weight fast on this system will not work, but each dropped pounds will be gone forever, changes in your body will be irreversible.

Interested? Then discover the system of weight loss minus 60, the basic principles and tips.

Power on the system minus 60: observe reasonable limits
Say “NO”:

  • Hunger strikes and fasting days: forced hunger strike creates an additional load on the body, which is working to the limit, trying to adjust to the new food rules and some limitations. The hunger strike causes the opposite reaction: the body had been in starvation mode, begins to rapidly to store the nutrients of all the products, prudently transforming them into subcutaneous fat (reserve).

  • Drink a lot of liquids: you should drink as much as is required by the body. A large amount of fluid can cause swelling, and they are losing weight beauties to anything.
  • Many snacks: constant chewing slows down the metabolic processes in the body, the foods eaten do not have time to digest, stagnate in the stomach and intestines, forming a slag.

  • Late dinners: all eaten after 18:00 is poorly absorbed by the body, so all products might be deposited on the sides and waist.

  • Sugar and highly sweet foods: they are high in calories and bad for your figure. Besides contained in sugar acids ruin the tooth enamel and bad effect on the skin, causing rashes and allergic reactions.

Say YES to:

  • Compulsory Breakfast: the Breakfast includes a system of metabolic processes, tuning your body for a long and accurate work throughout the day.

  • Low-calorie products: gradually try to decrease the consumption of pasta, potatoes and rolls. Buckwheat, rice and barley is perfect as a side dish, buns, choose those with less sugar and no cream filling.

  • A hearty Breakfast, a light lunch and light dinner are all eaten up to 12 hours of the day will are processed by your body and metabolized. Very low-calorie should be a dinner, food for him, preferably a couple, with a minimal addition of oils and fats.
  • The consumption of fruits and vegetables: they contain antioxidants and vitamins that energize the body with energy and help fight premature aging.
  • The use of multivitamins: in our food contains an insufficient amount of vitamins and minerals, intake of vitamin products will provide you with all the necessary micronutrients.

System of weight loss minus 60 allow:

  • If you really want, you can eat a little piece of cake up to 12 hours, the main thing – not to abuse.

  • Replace sweet wine dry, it can be used without harm to your figure (keep yourself in hand!).

Physical activity: strengthens the muscles, tightens the skin

Exercise is important for any woman. It is not necessary to exhaust yourself every day, doing weights for 2-3 hours a day. Just 2-3 times a week to go to some cozy sports club and engage on the most suitable for you program.

Calm nature can choose between Pilates or stretching, active girls – aerobics or dancing. System of weight loss minus 60 and “” remind: need to lose weight with pleasure!

Love yourself

System of weight loss minus 60 is described in many books Mirimanova Catherine: “Secrets of the sorceress”, “Magician in the kitchen”, etc. All we women are a little sorceress can, if I try to perform any of its desire.

System of weight loss minus 60 gives us all a chance. All our best! The main thing — psychologically set yourself up for positive changes in life, because they needed, first of all, we, beautiful, smart and magical. A system of weight loss minus 60 is a great help in our endeavors.

The author – Svetlana Krutova, website – Beautiful and Successful

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