Tabasco sauce: recipe at home step by step, types of filling, how to store and what to eat

Lunch at Windsor castle begins with a special cocktail of lobster that contains an essential ingredient is Tabasco sauce. Seasoning is present even in the diet of US troops and the UK. Madonna does not recognize without her Japanese cuisine, and Paul Newman – Creole gumbo. Many Housewives who want to spice up foods, your dream to learn the recipe for Tabasco sauce at home.

30 min 10 servings. Very easy to prepare

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The content of the article

  • 1 history: lead culinary experiments
  • 2 Original technology of cooking
  • 3 Product range of condiments TABASCO
  • 4 the sauce Recipe Tabasco at home: 3 varieties
    • 4.1 No-frills
    • 4.2 When you do not want to wait
    • 4.3 Garlic
  • 5 How and what to submit
    • 5.1 The Cocktail “Bloody Mary”
    • 5.2 Meatballs Mexican

Resourceful cooks know: to impress guests, need not the day to stand at the stove, trying to make art out of high-value products. Sometimes it is enough to add in the usual dish of sauce to make it spicy and unique. This seasoning can be famous Tabasco.

History: what led to the culinary experiments

A history of the American condiment originates in Louisiana on Avery island island. Tabasco sauce – the result of culinary research of the owner of the island, Edmund, Makalani, who prepared the now famous seasoning from Cayenne pepper, white vinegar and top quality salt imported from the island mines.

In 1886, first saw the light Bank with the label “Sauce, made by Mr. Makalani”. It is known that the product was rasfasovka then in containers with dispenser: these bottles are bottled Cologne. Hot sauce instantly became a success, its Creator patented product, calling it Tabasco, and subsequently founded the firm McIlhenny, which to this day is engaged in production of worldwide popular condiments.

The Tabasco pepper is kind of Cayenne pepper, which, unlike other members of burning types, juicy inside, not dry.Original technology of cooking

Invented by Edmund recipe hot sauce Tabasco remains unchanged for many years. But again it hard. Most cooks will not be able to get the ingredients from which it is prepared, and the process is very time consuming.


  • the fruits of Tabasco pepper grown on the island of Avery island;
  • the salt produced there;
  • white vinegar of high quality.

The process of making

  • Pepper seeds sown in greenhouses in January, and in April the young plants sets in the field.
  • By August, the fruits of the plant ripen. They certainly are harvested by hand, armed with a special color indicator – pepper should be a certain degree of ripeness.
  • Grind fruit along with seeds and grind with kosher salt.
  • Mass for three years sent in barrels made of white oak.
  • The mixture is freed from the skin and seeds, connects with vinegar: mixing process takes another month.
  • This is the original technology of making classic Tabasco, ensuring its unique taste. Company McIlhenny, tenderly taking care of his reputation, and still sticks to this recipe, supplying sauces TABASCO brand in more than 160 countries.

    Green rim on the neck, red cap and white sticker-diamond – indispensable attributes of the original bottles, recognizable worldwide.The product range seasonings TABASCO

    Over time, McIlhenny, delighting happy customers, expanded the range of sauces sold under the trademark TABASCO. So, for the 125th anniversary of the company appeared recipe green Tabasco sauce – “Jalapeno”. The composition of the Tabasco pepper in General no: the product is made from the fruits of green jalapeno pepper. In addition to the classic and green sauces, the TABASCO product line includes five types:

    • “Habanero”;
    • “Garlic”;
    • “Chipotle”;
    • “Sweet and spicy”;
    • “Buffalo”.

    Technology of production of all sauces, the TABASCO line (except original) does not imply three years of exposure.Sauce recipe Tabasco at home: 3 varieties

    To repeat a classic recipe sauce Tabasco problematic, but the resourceful Housewives learned to cook the filling, close in taste. Required for the preparation of Cayenne pepper, but if you find it did not work, will fit any other hot red.

    No frills

    Features. For making very simple homemade Tabasco sauce needs only three ingredients, not counting water. To keep the finished product should be refrigerated.

    What you’ll need:

    • Apple-istovy vinegar – 80 ml;
    • fresh chilli – 40 fruits;
    • sea salt – one tablespoon (or more);
    • water on the eyes.

    How to cook

  • Thoroughly wash the peppers, finely chop the fruit, peel from the seeds.
  • Grind the chopped cloves with a pestle, mixed with a tablespoon of sea salt.
  • Put the mixture in a glass jar.
  • Pour warm water to the liquid lightly covers the ground.
  • Close the container lid, to stand in dark place at room temperature for several weeks.
  • Place the sauce in a cool place for nine months.
  • Grind the mass through a strainer to rid of seeds and peels.
  • Pour vinegar, close the container lid and shake well to mix the ingredients.
  • When you do not want to wait

    Features. Infusion can be replaced by boiling: in this case, the sauce will take no more than half an hour.

    What you’ll need:

    • fresh fruit hot chili peppers – 300 g;
    • dry pepper hot pepper – 30 g;
    • large salt – three tablespoons;
    • white wine vinegar – 200 ml.

    How to cook

  • Chop chilli with seeds, separating the stalk.
  • Mix with salt, pepper, hot pepper and vinegar, and beat with a blender.
  • Massa put in a heat resistant container, to boil.
  • Remove from heat, cool.
  • Armed with a sieve, grind the sauce.
  • The filtered composition to drain in a glass bottle for storage.
  • Do not use iodized salt: this has a negative impact on the flavor and appearance of the sauce. Best suited kosher. Step by step recipe of red Tabasco sauce can be modified by adding spices.Garlic

    Features. For variety, you can make a garlic Tabasco: the sauce is spicy, but not as sharp.

    What you’ll need:

    • chili peppers – 6 dried fruits;
    • onion – one thing;
    • garlic – two cloves;
    • tomato – four of the fetus;
    • parsley;
    • cane sugar, rock salt and pepper – to taste;
    • olive oil – two tablespoons;
    • wine vinegar – tablespoon.

    How to cook

  • Pepper free from seeds, finely chop and brew with boiling water. Infuse for half an hour.
  • Remove tomatoes, peel, cut into cubes.
  • Chop the onion and garlic.
  • All the vegetables together with pepper grind through a meat grinder or blender.
  • To the warmed up in a saucepan the oil to mix vegetable puree and chopped parsley. Keep on low heat until thick.
  • Enter the salt and sugar, pepper, vinegar. Mix well.
  • Infuse in the refrigerator for two to three days.
  • If after cutting chili peppers accidentally RUB your eyes, the sensations are not pleasant. Therefore, to work with burning fruits better with gloves.How and what to submit

    Eat Tabasco sauce with almost any dish. Add seasoning to soups, salads, chicken, meat and fish dishes, even cocktails. Familiar taste will be felt in a completely new way with a spicy hot sauce. If the mistress knows how to make Tabasco sauce, and served it to the table dishes will never be bland. There are many recipes with Tabasco sauce as a mandatory component.
    But it is important not to overdo it with burning spice: one or two drops is enough to give the dish a “spiciness”.

    Cocktail “Bloody Mary”

    Features. In the view of most compatriots Bloody Mary – mixed with tomato juice vodka. However, the classic recipe as a basic component contains Tabasco sauce.

    What you’ll need:

    • tomato juice – 60 ml;
    • vodka – 45 ml;
    • fresh lemon juice – 10 ml;
    • Worcestershire sauce – two drops;
    • Tabasco sauce – one drop;
    • salt and pepper – to taste;
    • the crushed ice.

    How to cook

  • Mix all the ingredients with a blender or shaker.
  • Pour into a tall glass.
  • Add the crushed ice.
  • Meatballs Mexican

    Features. To prepare juicy and flavorful meatballs is very easy. Most important is to avoid overcooking the vegetable mixture in the roasting process, spilling the meat balls.

    What you’ll need:

    • ground beef – 0.6 kg;
    • bulgur boiled – 150 g;
    • onion – two heads;
    • bell pepper – one;
    • tomatoes – 400 g;
    • garlic – four-five Zubkov;
    • canned corn – Bank;
    • tinned beans (white) – Bank;
    • chicken egg – one;
    • vegetable oil – two tablespoons;
    • butter – 30 g;
    • tomato paste – two tablespoons;
    • sugar – two teaspoons;
    • salt, pepper, spices for meat, Tabasco sauce, to taste.

    How to cook

  • Combine ground beef, bulgur, grated onion, egg, spices for minced meat, salt and pepper. To leave the ground for 10 minutes.
  • Preheat a frying pan with butter. Fry chopped diced onion and garlic until Golden brown.
  • Add to the pan cut into sticks bell pepper, diced tomatoes, tomato paste. Sauté the vegetables for four to five minutes until thick.
  • Of the previously prepared mince roll into meatballs with a diameter of 4 cm, fry until cooked, brushing the pan with vegetable oil.
  • To vegetable mixture add the beans, corn, Tabasco, pepper and salt.
  • Put the prepared meatballs, simmer for another five to eight minutes.
  • The finished dish decorate with chopped herbs.
  • To make Tabasco sauce at home in easy simplified version, the special culinary talents are required. Perhaps, this seasoning will be the secret ingredient that will give familiar dishes a unique taste.

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