Tank-dress: what to wear?

A simple thing that may be included in the summer base closet – this knit tank dress. Considering the variety of colors and prints and lengths, dress shirts can be worn all – each girl will choose a model to taste.

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Something to complement a dress shirt?

Given that the classic dress shirt has a pretty plunging neckline and completely open hands, do not miss the opportunity to wear it with different jewellery. It can be wide bracelets, necklaces, charms and pendants, necklaces and of course earrings to select one image 2-3 jewelry, combined with each other.

Jewellery will make a much more interesting image with a monochromatic dress shirt. For example, if you have a black tank dress, what to wear with it:

  • Made of silver metal with black beads or other elements.
  • Bright jewelry, for example yellow or crimson.
  • White jewelry.

Jewelry to knit-knit tank dress do not wear – because luxurious jewelry require more sophisticated clothing, and a simplified risk just to get lost – “Mike” will not emphasize their modest elegance. The correct solution to such a dress is a large jewelry of a simple metal, glass or plastic, or costume jewelry hand-made. The exception is a thin ring (i.e. engagement) and the jewelry on the face.

Dress style t-shirt put on not only by itself. This dress will work well with a short denim vest or jacket – a solution to the question of what to wear with a long dress-shirt.

Also top-dress shirts you can wear a Bolero (for example, with decorative epaulets).

If in your wardrobe appeared tank dress MIDI what to wear with it?

Interesting solution – wide waistband-elastic band or a thin band at the hips.

You should also try the dress-shirt currently actual article of clothing – a long vest. Of course, the vest will dominate in this way, but “Mike” MIDI-length will be the necessary Foundation of this kit!

Mini dress t-shirt can be worn by itself, but can act as regular shirts, and wear it as a top for leggings.

What shoes to wear a dress shirt?

One of the advantages of tank-dress – it does not require the wearing of shoes with heels. Of course, sandals or sandals with a heel are appropriate, if you want to create a more feminine and elegant way (for example, for an evening walk in the Park or for a hike in the club).

Also heels are necessary if you are unhappy with their height or think your legs are full.

But for casual look you can wear sneakers, converse, espadrilles, ballet flats or sandals on a low, comfortable walking heel.

Another simple summer sandals with a printed t-shirt.

But flip-flops, especially flip-flops, to wear with such a dress is not necessary – it’s old-fashioned and provincial combined. The exception is the beach or the pool area, where you can wear a dress-shirt over your swimsuit and beach plastic flip flops.

What bag to take to this dress? Or small, long strap or a large rectangular or Akosombo (bag, sack).

If you are one of those backpacks, small city backpack will also be quite appropriate.

To complete the look with a dress shirt, a thin scarf or colourful stole or headband-“Solokha” in the head.

Dress shirts wear it with simple accessories in casual style – attempts to adorn is a simple casual dress with some frilly additions would be inappropriate.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

Tank-dress: what to wear?

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