Technology laser and led printing Xerox HiQ LED

Xerox exists on the global market for many decades. In its line-up a lot of products, but in Russia its name is associated primarily with printers.
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And no wonder: the company produces color printers high performance that can print up to 300 thousand sheets in a month. How can we achieve the quality print?

Based on the work of Xerox printers – advanced technology: laser and led technology HiQ LED. First there was a laser; it was invented by the company back in the 1970-ies, and eventually achieved a quality close to that of the typography. Today it is oriented the largest manufacturers of printers. When laser printing is used the raster method in which to print the page stored in the printer memory and is reproduced exactly on the paper under the control of the printer controller that provides the absolute clarity of the image. Laser printers are characterized by high speed and low noise printing.

Led technology also has a fairly long history. In the early 1990s, this new method of printing aroused wide interest: the same laser, it is distinguished by the fact that a complex system of lenses and mirrors were replaced by a led line. It promised significant savings to manufacturers, and they are actively engaged in the development of led printers. New technology, however, was quite flawed and poorly amenable to control. The device failed and the failure was corrected manually. This was the reason for the return to the technology of laser printing.

Technology improved led HiQ LED print appeared a few years ago thanks to the company Xerox as one of its creators. It is based on scanning the luminous flux in combination with a specially designed lens built into the printer. Thanks to this combination achieves a high print resolution and precise color reproduction. But the main thing – the printing was carried out under the control of specifically designed ASIC chip, which allowed to translate into reality the prospect of distant 90 and to the led printers, high quality, compact and economical.

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