Teriyaki sauce: recipe at home, ingredients and storage + reviews

Thanks to the popularization of Japanese cuisine has provided us with many tasty meals. One of them is teriyaki. His inimitable sweet taste is difficult to confuse with something else. If you want you can recreate the recipe for teriyaki sauce at home, without visiting a restaurant, without leaving the country.

5 min 1 portion. Very easy to prepare

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The content of the article

  • 1 the Composition, use, application
    • 1.1 a Bit of history
    • 1.2 Properties
    • 1.3 Possible harm
  • 2 Classic recipe of teriyaki sauce
  • 3 Tips on replacement ingredients
  • 4 variations of additives
  • 5 Reviews: “Use it as a marinade for meat”

Teriyaki is a versatile dressing. Perfectly suited to both traditional rolls and sushi, but also meat, other products. You can prepare it for the future, to use as needed. You may store the prepared teriyaki sauce in the fridge to add to different dishes.

The composition, use, application

To describe the flavor of the liquid sauce is dark in color difficult. It is sweet and salty, very savory, turns an ordinary dish into a gourmet. With dressing you can marinate vegetables, fish, meat: when frying the pieces acquire a shiny, “lacquered” look. Some hostesses poured a thick mixture of salads, decorate the finished dish with a pattern of dark red streaks.

A bit of history

Teriyaki invented more than 2 thousand years ago inhabitants of a small Japanese village. Originally used as the sauce for decoration and the diversity of tastes of the finished dishes. Now in many countries know about this iconic gas station.

If translated literally the name, you get “Shine” and “fry”. This is due to the fact that teriyaki fried many products, after which they decided.


In addition to versatility, the teriyaki sauce is known and its use. The regular use of it in food is capable of:

  • improve digestion;
  • to normalize blood pressure;
  • to relieve stress;
  • to stimulate appetite;
  • soothing effect on the nervous system;
  • to help cope with fatigue;
  • to prevent the development of cancer;
  • enhance the mood.

The composition contains b vitamins, potassium, vitamins C, PP, calcium, choline, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, selenium, sodium, zinc, manganese. Teriyaki in high esteem by those who follow the correct food, because it is safe, has a low calorific value, has a lightweight composition. The fats in the mixture are not available.

Possible harm

Due to its composition of sugar sauce is contraindicated in patients with diabetes. It is not recommended to use it in food for people with kidney disease – the sauce can cause the appearance of kidney stones. May hurt teriyaki and those who suffer from pancreatitis, gastric ulcer, hypertension.

There is in the med, so people with allergies should refrain from eating teriyaki.

A classic recipe of teriyaki sauce

Features. How to prepare teriyaki sauce in your kitchen? No more difficult than other familiar dishes. In the choice of ingredients is based on quality, price range, personal preference. Almost all the ingredients for the teriyaki sauce model, but it is understood that this will be the recipe for another dish.

Step-by-step recipe for the teriyaki sauce in the original suggests the presence of ginger, honey, garlic and rice wine in the lineup.


  • soy sauce – half Cup;
  • garlic – a couple Zubkov;
  • water – one glass;
  • sugar (in the original cane) – a quarter Cup;
  • ginger – teaspoon;
  • honey – tablespoon;
  • olive oil – one teaspoon;
  • mirin (rice wine) to tablespoon;
  • starch, three teaspoons.


  • Garlic and ginger blend them in a convenient way. Can be finely chopped with a knife or use a grater.
  • Starch pour a glass of water, stir.
  • In a saucepan (and other dishes, for example, a saucepan with a thick bottom) put all the ingredients, put on the fire.
  • After boiling, reduce heat. Cook the sauce for four to five minutes.
  • Everything is very simple. Do not be afraid, if teriyaki obtain a liquid – while insisting it thickens. If you want to make a thick sauce for the rolls, cook the mixture on low heat until until you evaporate about half the liquid. The density of the teriyaki sauce should be such that what is useful for specific dishes. Liquid sauce is perfect for marinades, thicker – for decoration and salads, added to prepared dishes.Tips on substitute ingredients

    Some of the ingredients to get is not easy. Or there is no opportunity to go to the store, and the sauce needs to cook quickly. So resourceful cooks found quite successful replacement of some ingredients.

    • Mirin. This is rice wine with a sweet taste. You can buy it in specialized stores or bring from Japan. In the absence of the drink you can replace it with 6% wine vinegar. Will also fit other wine varieties: sherry, vermouth.
    • Starch. You can use the one that is in the kitchen – corn, potato. A classic recipe of teriyaki sauce, even the Japanese is different, because every chef has its secrets.
    • Cane sugar. Beet is replaced with more affordable, but experienced cooks suggest to take it less: the fifth part of the glass.
    • Fresh garlic and ginger. Replace granulated or dried.
    • Olive oil. You can change to any plant.

    Variations supplements

    In the pursuit of new tastes in the kitchen creates amazing recipes, sometimes with little in common with the original. For example, the common variant with the addition of sesame seeds, orange juice, peel. What else can I add to the classical components:

    • 100 g pineapple puree and juice fruits add juiciness;
    • jam instead of honey – gives a new sweet taste;
    • sake is mixed with mirin makes the recipe tartness.

    To properly prepare the teriyaki sauce as you like it. Start with the classic preparation, then try to change the ingredients.

    Taste the finished dish may depend on the type of honey, the brand of soy sauce, selected wines.

    Recipe of teriyaki sauce simple, cooking does not take much time. In the presence of all the components it will take less than an hour. Store in a tightly sealed glass container the gas station for a few weeks. With the help of teriyaki easily to create an original dish, adding a savory taste to conventional products.

    Reviews: “Use it as a marinade for meat”

    Very tasty)))) did funezou meat, celery and leek and shrimp with vegetables and funtoy)) and closed two small jars in reserve)))) amazing taste, will try it with chicken))) but took 4 tablespoons corn starch)

    Ksu Ksu http://ovkuse.ru/recipes/sous-teriyaki-recept/

    Thanks for the recipe delicious and versatile sauce. Use it as a marinade for meat, mostly chicken. Poluchaetsya very juicy and delicious

    Daniel, http://macaronomania.ru/sous-teriyaki-recept-prigotovleniya-v-domashnih-uslovijah/

    Today prepared. spent about 15 minutes in all. garlic and ginger rubbed on terochke for nutmeg, and used red wine vinegar. the sauce thickens immediately after heating. and also cooked less than 5 minutes. very tasty! my picky husband spoons ate it with chicken wings. thanks for the recipe!

    Olga Belyaeva, http://povar.me/other-food/sousy/sous-teriyaki/

    Teriyaki sauce: recipe at home, ingredients and storage + reviews

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