Thai Boxing: to do or not?

Over the last few years women are more and more accustomed to male territories. We learn to drive, to hammer in nails, and… to protect themselves. Fortunately, any self-respecting sports club offers a particular form of classes that help develop strength, endurance and reaction. So women become more confident and self-sufficient.

One of such activities that helps to let off steam and to believe in themselves is Thai Boxing. Women’s website “” will tell about the history of the arts and about the nature of training in Thai Boxing.

The pros and cons of Thai Boxing

Initially, women had no right to do Thai Boxing. But time passes, and now the clubs are coming more and more women who want not just to have a beautiful figure, but also to develop confidence in their abilities. Currently the whole Championships in Thai Boxing among women.

What’s the charm of Thai Boxing, you ask?

  • First, Thai Boxing is a good cardio workout. And cardio help to lose weight, to train the heart muscles and improve blood circulation.
  • Secondly, such exercises develop the reaction and learn to stand up for themselves. Gentlemen are dying out, so, ladies, nothing to do, you have to protect yourself, and sometimes great men ?
  • Third, muscles come in tone. Legs, arms, back, abs, Breasts become taut appearance, and then you feel doubly confident.
  • By the way, many injured, doing other sports, go to martial arts in order to re-gain form.
  • Moreover, this type of load is a great option to get rid of stress, which definitely makes playing sports even more attractive.

Cons of Thai Boxing

First, doing Thai Boxing is hard, especially if a long time or never played sports. Muscles after the first class will be badly hurt. However, during the exercise the load does not feel as busy others ?

Do not forget about the cuts and bruises. A rare phenomenon, but it happens.

Thirdly, there may be some contraindications. On those you can see coming to the club and after talking with the coach. Some injuries or other diseases, which, as it sometimes seems, can interfere with the occupation, do not affect the result. Therefore, it is important to consult with a trainer and always listen to your body.

A little history of Thai Boxing

Thai Boxing (Muay Thai) is a traditional martial art in Thailand. In a time when this country was torn apart by war, but a set of weapons was limited, used what was originally given the nature of the body: elbows and feet. Because methods were many, their systematized in one direction and called Thai Boxing. Then began to train soldiers, as it is believed that Thai Boxing is a weapon that is always at the ready. It is no exaggeration to say that this kind of martial arts – philosophy.

Thai Boxing has its rules, its, so to speak, outfit, amulets, and equipment. The rules primarily relate to the organization of the fight in the ring, amulets are also directly relevant to this. But technique could be better.

Since ancient times, Thai Boxing is considered a complex of eight guns: the head, fists, elbows, knees and feet. This is called Na-wa-‘arud. Now in battle you are not using head shots.

Currently, in Thailand more than 65,000 professional wrestlers. Many have been doing this since childhood in the hope to speak out and gain the respect and glory.

Thai Boxing: the workout

The only instrument in the classroom are certain parts of the body. Trainings can take place in three directions: training with special equipment and a trainer (like a boxer), sparring (pair exercise) and in front of the mirror.

Ideally, each fighter should have an idea about the weak points of the human body. And not even in order to strike (although for that too) but to defend yourself.

It is recommended to train in special sections, as a well-organized training – the Foundation of martial arts. And it’s not just the secrets, but the fact that you can injure yourself or others. Therefore, any techniques we describe.

Each workout includes a warm-up and main occupation. In addition, regular competitions to improve the skills.

The cost of such training starts from 1 800 roubles and above. About what to train, usually tell at the first lesson.

Don’t know if you Thai box?

For starters, study the videos on the Internet. I can say that recording with a female training just raise fighting spirit, and even I can’t believe you can do the same.

If you like the videos, go and look at an open training session. Try to participate in the training.

After trying and looking you will be able to determine a Thai Boxing or not, because the universal solutions do not exist!

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