Than to occupy the child on vacation?

Vacation child for parents – a kind of test. On the one hand, while active learning seems to have a huge variety of things to do now child once, but on vacation – definitely worth it!

And when these holidays come, it turns out that to do something of a daze and nothing: it is bored, whiling away leisure time between TV and computer, and welcome week takes place imperceptibly and without sentiment… Than to occupy the child on vacation – tell website

Where to drive the child on vacation?

Holidays – a time when the child ceases to live in the strict routine of “school-clubs-section-lessons”, and it is possible to go somewhere with him. And here is where, in addition to traditional circus, zoo, puppet theater, you can go with the child on vacation?

  • Master classes for children. Search the Internet for information about such events in your city – many studios and children’s centres offer one-time workshops on a variety of fronts. For example, the creation of toys, drawing, acting, oratory, manufacturer of jewelry, etc., for every taste and age! By the way, very often, these MK are family – can be very interesting to spend time with your family!
  • Exhibitions, museums. To keep the child interested, sign up in advance for a tour with a guide – it is available at most museums and exhibition centres, and some places have special children’s tour program.
  • Library. Besides being able to choose a book, all children’s library held various activities for children, including Christmas parties, etc., free of charge. Probably what solved the problem of how to occupy the child on vacation something intellectually useful.

What indoor activities to offer the student for the holidays?

Perhaps the most common problem for parents – what to do on vacation at home, while not letting him rest for a computer monitor or TV screen? This is especially true in the case of younger pupils, who, bored, will probably start annoying require parental attentionthat parents come up with than him so interesting to do.

The website “” offers some interesting options for home exercisesthat take the child on vacation with their parents or alone:

  • Arts and crafts, crafts. Many of the children quite spontaneously discover their own interest to create something with your hands, and say “Oh, he doesn’t like it, I’m not going to offer!” do not! To motivate creative ideas can just bring the child a few books with different crafts and materials for creativity – you can be sure when he will get all of this in hand, ideas will be born and implemented just right!


  • Drawing. It is not necessary to require the child to be “good” and “beautiful” — give him a pack of sheets for drawing, a set of pencils and paints, and just say that he can draw anything. Especially younger children love to make homemade artwork – say that at the end of the holidays I will make such a show, for example, attaching pictures to free wall.
  • Culinary experiences. This is a great joint activity that with the right approach, like the girls and boys! Locate together with your child some interesting recipe, different from your usual menu and try to cook together!
  • Home theater. This ancient entertainment, which in pre-revolutionary times was loved by the children and young people, and adults during the holidays is chosen (and sometimes has been written jointly!) funny piece, distributed roles, invent costumes, and the whole family had turned in the acting troupe! And when everything is ready, you can invite guests and make a scene! Option – play their own children with friends — for parents.

To take a child to study on vacation?

The traditional school approach to this question: Yes, on vacation you can take the child with reading of compulsory literature, a pulling up “tails”, and generally – say, children in a week or two of vacation completely forget everything they were taught in quarters – that’s why repetition and more repetition!

At the same time – the solution to the problem, than to occupy the child on vacation!

Now, put yourself, an adult, in the place of the student – imagine that you are in legal holiday told would be required to do what you do at work! How would you react – would have found the arguments in favor of weeks of quiet home and hanging out without the “obyazalovke”?..

So, maybe the child can also be allowed to relax and do just what you want?

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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