Than to wash the linoleum from stains and dirt?

Linoleum is one of today’s most popular flooring.

Its main advantages are durability, variety of patterns and colors, functionality. But, unfortunately, this floor is not insured against the appearance of spots. And therefore the question than to clean linoleum, interested in many Housewives.

How better to wash the linoleum?

If we are talking about regular cleaning, there are many tools that are able to return to linoleum its purity and attractive appearance. We offer you to familiarize with the main of them.

  • The main floor cleaner is warm water. If desired, you can add a little soap solution. Please note that the water will gradually wash away the protective layer of linoleum, so after washing is best to immediately wipe the floor dry with a woolen cloth.
  • I don’t know what to wash the dirt from linoleum? Use linseed oil. The oily solution is applied to the surface of the floor, after which he carefully wiped with a cloth of silk cloth. The result of these manipulations, the flooring will acquire a brightness and lustre, and the risk that it will appear cracks, is reduced to zero.
  • Will help to make linoleum an attractive appearance and also the solution of turpentine with the wax. Mix these ingredients in the ratio 3:1, then applied to the surface of the floor covering.
  • If you want to extend the life of your linoleum, use mastic. For the new floor covering suitable mastic is colorless, but the disadvantages of the old floor will hide the dark material. After processing the linoleum with mastic it will become more wear resistant. In addition, it would not be so hard to stick dirt.
  • Don’t know how to wash the old linoleum? Mix water and milk in different proportions and the resulting solution wipe the floor in the house. You will be pleasantly surprised with the result.

Than to wash the linoleum in difficult situations?

With a simple dirt floor is able to handle any hostess. But what if it appears specific and tough stains? In such situations the website recommends that you heed the following advice.

  • Matter how careful we were, opening the green paint, a couple drops of this tool can always fall on the floor. Conventional cleaning products with it can not, but the damage to your flooring will be in a matter of minutes. I don’t know what to clean the green paint from linoleum? The answer turned out to be simple. You need to treat stains with camphor alcohol, which is sold today in almost all pharmacies.
  • From spots with watercolors or food coloring you can get rid of using gasoline, kerosene or turpentine. But be careful — these tools may damage the linoleum, and therefore to resort to their help only in the most extreme case.
  • If your linoleum has leaking ink, then RUB the place of pollution fine sandpaper, and then treat this area with linseed oil and wipe it with a cloth.
  • Not less important question — how to clean linoleum after a repair? If you need repairs for your floor is stained from putty, whitewash or paint, that’s not a reason to be upset. Just gently remove the dried finishing materials with the help of a spatula, then wash the linoleum with warm water. If you add to the water to wash the floor with vinegar or potassium permanganate, then divorces will be able to get rid faster.
  • Pay special attention to the cleansing of the linoleum in the kitchen, as near to the cooking area would probably fall a drop of oil. Want to know how to clean the linoleum in the kitchen from grease? Just try to wash your floor covering regularly to prevent oily stains deeply eat into the surface. To help you with this will come the most common means for washing dishes, which can be added directly into the water.

How to care for linoleum?

You already know what you can clean linoleum. Below this flooring will last you longer, stick to these rules.

  • Use the special attachment for furniture legs, on the surface of the linoleum left dents.
  • Carefully move around the room with heavy objects, since the respective floor coating is very easily scratched.
  • In those places where people go most frequently, linoleum better handle protective emulsion. Also in the hallway you can lay the Mat, which would collect all the dust and dirt.
  • Before wet cleaning linoleum clean from sand and debris. You can use a vacuum cleaner, broom, brush with soft bristles.
  • Under the influence of sunlight linoleum quickly fades. That’s why you need to protect this flooring from direct exposure to the sun. So it will keep longer its appeal.

Thus, to care for linoleum is quite easy. To keep this flooring clean, it will take quite a bit of time and effort. Shiny bright floor will be the main reward for all the effort.

The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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