Than to wash the oven from the old burnt fat?

The question how to wash the oven from the old burnt grease, is faced by every housewife. If the grease stain is fresh, then remove them without any difficulty: just wipe the sides and bottom of the oven with any dishwashing detergent.

But to get rid of the most stubborn dirt, need to work hard. How and what to do it better, tell women’s website ““.


The easiest way to cope with this problem by using specially developed for these purposes means on the basis of acid or alkali. Consider the means of the various firms so you can choose the best product for cleaning ovens of grease and grime.


One has only to ask in any forum, than to clean the oven from old oil, be sure to first review will tell you about a cleaning product-gel ovens from Amway. Many Housewives are enthusiastic sing odes to this brush. I was also allocated a certain amount of money to buy a vehicle.

  • Frankly, coped Amway for stoves with its task perfectly. Wall and grid laundered without difficulty, contamination was removed, oven shone with cleanliness. The only negative was the price! Honestly, it’s expensive, though, and long enough.

He shared his impressions with a friend, and she told me what she washes the oven from fat. She buys more affordable, but no less effective means for cleaning cookers and ovens from faberlik.

Faberlic (Faberlic)

The oven cleaner of this company is also quickly softens dirt and cleans the oven. Dissolves burnt the fat on the walls of the oven. Brushes not required to scrape the surface is also not necessary. When will the right for the user time you need to wipe contaminated surface with a sponge and the fat will go.

Girlfriend tested – works. That is, to solve the problem of soot and burnt fat in the oven you can not only lauded remedy Amway, but a cleaner from the store.

Reviews of cleaners for ovens

Good cleaners for ovens can be purchased in regular departments or walmart. Very good reviews have any of the following medicines:

  • Humanit (Israeli agent)
  • Sanita gel antizhir (Sanita)

Good comments of the consumers about the following tools for cleaning ovens of grease:

  • Somovit (domestic analogue of Humanita)
  • Milam
  • Frosch (Frosch)
  • FLAT
  • Adriel
  • Nika-Shine
  • Aromika Stop the penetration
  • Fix Price StarHome etc.

Let’s look at the responses of those who chose an effective remedy and found a way than to clean oven from burnt old grease.

  • For half an hour Humanit washed my burnt oven. She is like new. Masha.
  • Humanit very convenient to use. Spray apply product on the desired surface, wait half an hour and wiped it down. Hope.
  • To work with Semovita only need gloves and with the Windows open because the smell of the drug is terrible. Many prefer to find ways of laundering the oven from the burnt fat without chemicals, but I’d rather use chemicals. Will save nerves and time. Elena.
  • Inexpensive but effective means of Sanita gel antizhir. Apply on burnt oil in the oven, to clear it, you need 2-3 hours, no less. After that, wipe with a brush. Maria.
  • For the price of the Sanita tool does its job well. Worse, of course, Sumant (I only used this before), but Sanita saves dirty oven well enough. Olga.
  • The cleaners for ovens, Adriel no pungent smell, and the result is excellent. Julia.
  • The effect is the same as from Angielski cooking, dishwashing ovens Nika-Shine. Liter bottle is cheap (cheaper than Ambiem 6 times). You need to work in gloves, so as a caustic. Elena.
  • Online buy a specialized tool Gran Smog. Quickly washes all the dirt “on hurrah” – the fat soluble eyes, no smell, safe – I even use it without gloves. My stove is old shines like new. Gal.

As you can see, there are plenty to choose – almost all the reviews are positive. That’s just about “Cinderella” for cleaning stoves and ovens, you can find negative statements. They say that washes poorly. You have to RUB the extra.

Folk ways: than to wash the oven fat

Not everyone wants to use chemistry in everyday life, so as not to harm health. Is it possible to clean the oven without chemicals to get a flawless result? If you believe the comments on the forums, then wash the oven from fat, which is burnt with the help of “folk methods” is quite real. Consider the most popular ways of dealing with fat.

Citric acid (vinegar or lemon) and water

Very well remove any kind of burnt oil and soot acid with water.

  • In a low capacity pour water.
  • Squeezing into the liquid the juice of one lemon, and best of added citric acid (1 sachet).
  • Instead of lemon acid you can dilute the vinegar with water (1:1).
  • Put a bowl of well-acidulated water in the oven and turn on her.
  • Half an hour later the oven needs to be switched off. Couples that will come from the tank, well burns stubborn fat. You only have to wipe a rag the walls of the oven to completely clean the oven.


    If you could not clean the oven fat sour water, try to use other methods.

  • Just wipe with ammonia all the surfaces and leave it overnight.
  • In the morning wipe the surface with warm water with detergent or soap.
  • Then wipe with clean water.
  • Even the burnt oil and soot dissolve under prolonged exposure to ammonia.

    Soap couples

    To solve the problem of burnt fat in the oven you can use soap couple.

  • You need to dilute in warm water with soap and detergent for dishes.
  • Put a container of soap solution obtained in the oven.
  • Turn the oven on high temperature and leave capacity for half an hour in the oven.
  • Once everything has cooled, you will need to wipe the walls of the oven with clean water. Grease and soot from the walls will wash off.
  • Vinegar, soda and soap

    Will help to get rid of the burnt fat in the oven the following method.

  • Need to take soap, making it into a dish.
  • Add warm water, vinegar and baking soda. To quit the eye.
  • Resulting mixture to RUB the wall and door of the oven and leave for a couple of hours.
  • Then rinse the whole composition warm clean water.
  • Using this method you can clean and gratings, and trays for baking.

    Paste for cleaning the oven from grease

    We will need:

    • Citric acid (1 pkg.)
    • Cleaning any (1 tsp)
    • Dishwashing detergent (1 tsp.)

    Citric acid must be mixed with cleaning products and detergent in paste-like mass. To smear paste all the walls of the oven and leave for 30-50 minutes. The mass does not dry up, periodically moisten it with water. At the end of the wipe all the sponge or brush to scrub burnt grease off the walls of the oven.

    You need to work with gloves, because the acid can corrode the skin.

    How to clean soot and grease, the little window in the oven?

    Do not forget also to clean the window of the oven from grime and stains. To remove all the contamination using the above methods. Also to wash the window of the oven can be baking soda. It should be applied to wet the window for 15 minutes, then rinse with a cloth. Dirt well leaves.

    Universal stone

    Also want to tell your readers about a natural cleanser that will not only help to clean oven from burnt fat, but will replace many household chemicals.

    We are talking about Universal stone (Germany). The tool itself is in the tank you want to keep open. A damp sponge gaining a small amount of raw materials and start to work. Of course, you need to make mechanical effort to scrub the oven from fat, but the remedy really works. The stone is called universal, as it can replace several kitchen tools: detergent, cleaning products etc.

    Steam cleaner

    Some users clean the oven with the steam cleaner. They say that this is not a “magic wand”, but still helps to get rid of contaminants. However, sometimes rubbed further after the steam cleaner. Ideal to clean the oven from grease with a steam cleaner does not work.

    As you can see, methods of cleaning the oven from the burnt grease set. To clean burnt fat with the help of chemicals faster and easier with the help of folk techniques – safer. The choice is yours. Don’t forget about the safety rules when you work with aggressive substances.

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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