That gives the child the technique of Nikitin?

The first years of baby’s life – the most fertile period for learning, which is why progressive parents try not to waste time and carefully examine the various educational methods. One of the most popular and well-known educational systems for young children is a technique Nikitin, developed in the mid-twentieth century.

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Nikitin: methods of upbringing in a large family

Elena and Boris Pavlovich Nikitin – professional educators and parents, brought up in his family of seven children: Alexey, Anton, Olga, Anna, Yulia, Ivan, and Love. In the process of raising their kids, Nikitin developed a number of rules and techniques by creating their own educational system.

The main goal of education Nikitin considered the formation of a creative personality.

The results of their work they wrote a lot of books (“the First lessons natural parenting or Childhood disease-free,” “We and our children”, “if we’re Right?”, “First day, first year”, “lessons”, etc.) that can be called teaching AIDS for concerned parents.

Nikita’s family raised seven wonderful children, and although none of them became a great inventor, they all found their calling in life and fulfilled as professionals.

Besides, brothers and sisters Nikitin grew very friendly, and none of them ever complained about his health. This fact is the most eloquent proof that the principles and methods of system nikitinykh deserve the attention of all parents and teachers.

The technique of Nikitin: the main principles

The upbringing of children by Nikitin should be based on three basic rules:

  • Children need to create favourable conditions for physical and mental development. The walls of the nursery a couple of teachers offered to decorate the print and capital letters, tables of hundreds and thousands, a map of the hemispheres, various measuring devices and books. Exercise equipment in the house Nikitin was not less important than furniture, they were in almost every room. Developing methods of Nikitin is based on the natural approach to education. The authors recommend to feed the baby modestly, out in any weather and not to coddle him in hundred odezhek and keep the house temperature not higher 18⁰S. All of these measures, in their opinion, enhance the child’s body and development of active toddlers.
  • In her work, the children should be free to parents not to impose their advice or to suggest to them ways of solving some problems. Themselves Nikitin came up with for their children a lot of educational games, each of which can have hundreds of options. To solve the problem of these games the kids can constantly, each time choosing a more difficult level. To cope with these tasks, children should be exclusively their own, without any adult assistance.
  • Mom and dad should communicate with the child as often as possible, to engage him in dialogue, to participate actively in its Affairs.
  • The method of education Nikitin: intellectual games

    An important role in the development of the child Boris Pavlovich Nikitin takes games. In his book “Intellectual game” the teacher offers parents a variety of different play activities for development of creative abilities of kids. The website offers parents to pay attention to the following options:

    Games with dice

    In the methodology of early development Nikitin such games is given considerable importance.

    • “Bricks for all”. The set of the game includes a kit and instruction book with diagrams of different shapes. The essence of the game lies in the fact that the adult suggests the child to choose any model from the book and build on it figure. During the class the baby will develop spatial reasoning, they can learn to understand drawings and plans.
    • “Unicube”. Game kit is a collection of books with instructions and dice with faces painted in different colors. An adult needs to give the baby the jobs associated with the cubes, for example, to build a “house” or to put “Playground” with a picture of a chessboard. You can also select a task from the book-instructions with illustrations. To cope with this task the child needs on their own, mom or dad can only watch him from the side, praise him for his successes and to cheer, if he can’t do something. In the course of such game the child learns to be attentive, careful, neat.
    • “Fold pattern”. In the game set includes 16 blocks, they are all exactly the same, but their sides are painted in 4 colors in different ways. This means that the cubes can be folded multicolor patterns inspired by the various paintings and objects. The set also has instruction book with diagrams of patterns that you can use when working with cubes. Play “pass the pattern” helps to develop the kids abilities to synthesis and analysis, spatial thinking, the ability to create parts of a whole shape.


    In the methodology of early development Nikitina is playing a set, which consists of 12 circles with different colors. Of these, only one round is an integer, and the rest are divided into “slices”. With these circles, divided into parts, you can think of for a child a variety of tasks, thanks to which the baby will receive their first knowledge of fractions.

    Experienced parents with each of these game sets can come up with for your baby, developmental activities, appropriate to their age and abilities. Another advantage of the methods of Nikitin games for kids is a possibility of making allowances for them. For example, colored circles to explore fractions, the author recommends methods to produce a sheet of plywood.

    For making cubes you can use foam.

    A developing method Nikitin: advantages and disadvantages

    Nikitinskaya system no wonder aroused great interest in many countries. The technique developed by the couple, Nikitin, has a number of advantages.

    • Provides the perfect physical development.
    • Develops spatial thinking, logic, ability to analyze and synthesize. Helps develop fine motor skills.
    • From infancy instills in children self-reliance.
    • Develops imagination, memory, wit and intelligence.
    • Gives a strong base for the assimilation of the exact Sciences in the future.

    At the same time, the method of teaching Nikitin is often criticized for the following disadvantages:

    • The system develops the child not comprehensive, and one-sided. It must be supplemented by methods of other teachers.
    • It proposes to create for children too the harsh conditions in which the body kids need to be in constant tension. It takes a lot of effort and deprives of the opportunity to develop emotionally.
    • In the method of education Nikitin no role-play games. Kids who are brought up under such a system, you can’t play.
    • The system is focused on home education and does not prepare kids to communicate in an unfamiliar environment, does not develop their communicative abilities.

    Developing methods Nikitin was created based on serious experience, so, no doubt, can be a good base for many parents. Books teachers about the education of children should read. At the same time to use the system in its pure form is unlikely to be reasonable. Much better to refer to some of its moments, for example, to the same intellectual games, which are recognized by many leading teachers an excellent method of development of the child.

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