That the fibroids can and what should be avoided?

Very often women have been diagnosed with uterine fibroids in the initial stage, try to change your lifestyle so that the disease does not progress. And then they wonder: what if the fibroids can be done and what should be avoided.

The women’s website “” I decided to dedicate today to one of their pages the most common questions about uterine fibroids. This disease often forces a woman to drastically change their lifestyles. But still not all fears are ladies suffering from fibroids, are justified.

There are several issues that relate to changes in the lifestyle of a woman after discovering she fibroids.

Can you get pregnant with uterine fibroids?

The tumor in the uterus in some cases can lead to infertility and almost always reduces the probability of conception. This is due not only to the fact that the tumor compresses the ovaries and interfere with the free movement of sperm, but also with hormonal disorders, which, in fact, provokes the formation of fibroids.

At the same time the probability of conception and pregnancy when fibroids are highly dependent on the location of sites, their number and sizes.

Pregnancy often impossible with intramural myoma nodes with large amounts of and submucous uterine.

Practice shows that many women who have fibroids detected, do not lose the ability to conceive and pregnancy. However, this pathology increases the risk of miscarriage, therefore, these patients specialists in women’s clinics usually pay close attention.

Is it possible to have sex with the fibroids?

On this sensitive matter experts give an unequivocal answer: Yes. Moreover, regular sexual life is an excellent prevention of the appearance of fibroids.

In the presence of tumor sex also has a positive effect on the body. He gives her positive emotions, so it normalizes a hormonal background. This helps to inhibit the growth of fibroids.

The myoma sports?

Some women believe that fibroids is a clear contraindication to sports. Once thought so, and doctors.

But in fact, a passive, sedentary lifestyle is harmful to health ladies suffering from fibroids, is much more serious than moderate exercise. Indeed, the lack of movement can lead to excess weight and statistics show that overweight women suffer from uterine tumors more frequently than their slender peers.

Often women who used to regularly visit the gym, are concerned, it is possible for the fibroids to perform abdominal exercises.

Experts answer it ambiguously. But categorical prohibitions nobody does. The website recommends its readers to remember a few tips doctors and professional coaches.

  • Workout when fibroids should be done in moderation. It is not necessary to exercise with weights or exercise too intensely.
  • It is useful to perform exercises to improve bowel function, as stagnant processes promote the growth of fibroids. The best exercise for digestion is swimming. So the question, is it possible if fibroids visit the pool, the answer in most cases will be positive.
  • Favorably on the condition of the body when fibroids affect the walk. A regular walk at a leisurely pace is a great exercise for women suffering from tumors in the uterus.
  • Is it possible to do massage for the fibroids?

    Any impact on the abdomen and hips, which lead to the increase in blood flow to these parts of the body, for tumors of the uterus is contraindicated. Therefore, anti-cellulite massage, abdominal massage, pelvic massage for women with this diagnosis should not be performed.

    At the same time, shoulders, arms, legs, upper back, while fibroids can be massaged fearlessly.

    For the same reason negative be the answer to the questions whether the fibroids do body wraps, a sauna, take a hot bath. All these procedures may cause enlargement of pathological nodes in the womb.

    Uterine fibroids and sunbathing

    Often women are concerned, whether the fibroids in the sun. After all, such a ban means the necessity of a complete refusal to travel to warm countries. But ultraviolet light is the strongest stimulus for growth of fibroids.

    Why stay on the beach under the southern sun, and the Solarium women with this diagnosis are contraindicated.
    It is better to avoid!

    Uterine fibroids do not pose a threat to a woman’s life. And yet, with this diagnosis it is better to be careful and try to avoid dangerous factors. These include:

  • The lifting weights. Carry objects whose weight exceeds 3 kg, the myoma should not be.
  • Stress. Strong emotions caused by hormone surges and encourage the growth of pathological nodes.
  • Intake of oral contraceptives without medical supervision. It can also lead to changes in hormonal levels.
  • The use of liquid in large volumes before going to sleep. This causes swelling of the uterus.
  • Any physiotherapy treatments without consulting a doctor.
  • Abortion. It is an artificial termination of pregnancy is one of the most common causes of fibroids.
  • As can be understood from the foregoing, uterine fibroids, implies certain limitations, which, however, did not significantly affect the quality of life of women. Doctors say: no need to think that life with fibroids requires constant sacrifices and passes in endless fears.

    In order to live a normal life with this diagnosis, you just need to talk with your doctor, to check, whether the fibroids do not change the most important lifestyle habits, and learn to take his advice for granted.

    As practice shows, special victims life with this disease requires. A few limitations that are needed for it, will only benefit the female body.

    Author – Pelageja, site

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