The benefits and harms of chicken eggs: to eat or not to eat?

Today’s article website “” dedicates chicken eggs. Undoubtedly, the diet of the majority of readers is often present this product. In addition, many are wondering what the benefits and harms of chicken eggs. Let’s talk more about that.

Use chicken eggs

Fortunately, the eggs give the body more good than harm. And this is due to the very rich composition. In the albumen and yolk is almost all our body needs trace minerals (96%).

And particularly pleased that the fresh eggs includes almost all vitamins, except vitamin C.

The main advantage of eggs is a quick and easy digestibility. Also the eggs quickly make up for the lack of all elements.

Thanks to vitamin E strengthens the heart muscle, blood vessels and, most importantly, improves circulation.

As you know, egg white is a great Builder in our body. And thanks to phosphorus and vitamin D eggs strengthen bones and teeth.

Special attention deserves the impact of eggs on the immune system. Regular use is the key to protection against many diseases and seasonal viruses.

Even eggs are pretty good for our eyes. Because it lasts longer visual acuity. Also the use of eggs is an excellent prevention of various eye diseases, e.g. cataracts.

By the way, using eggs can quickly get out of stressful situations and to recover faster after heavy physical exertion. It is not surprising that a chicken egg is a must in the diet of almost every athlete. Besides, regular consumption of eggs contributes to the active muscle.

And it is impossible not to mention the ability of eggs to normalize the metabolism and rid the body of fats and toxins. Because this product is often used in diets.

Raw chicken egg. Use

Raw eggs can bring huge benefits to the body. But! It is only those eggs which demolished a healthy hen. In addition, the use of raw eggs directly depends on the date of “production”.

So, fresh raw eggs is a great blood purifier of harmful substances and salts of heavy metals. Raw protein also has beneficial effects on all the cells of our body, so that all processes in the body are properly and timely.

We also note that raw egg considerably improves the digestive tract, or rather the digestion.

If necessary, using raw eggs you can get rid of symptoms of various diseases, e.g. cough. For example, you can mix:

  • butter -1 tablespoon;
  • honey – 2 teaspoons;
  • yolks of two eggs.

Also quite useful one raw egg mixed with a teaspoon of sugar. This mixture cleans the lungs and lubricates the vocal chords. So you can try to drink such a sweet egg before public speaking or before a long conversation. Believe me, your voice will be more confident and louder.

As you can see, the use of chicken eggs is indisputable.

Harm eggs

May harm eggs you immediately associated with a large amount of cholesterol. This is not surprising! Around the cholesterol in eggs goes a lot of rumors.

But if you do not abuse this product, then high cholesterol won’t give you trouble. Remember that one egg contains a little less of the daily value of cholesterol.

About how much and how often you eat eggs, we’ll talk later.

But about what you should always remember is about the absolute harm of chicken eggs infected with Salmonella. Remember, raw eggs may cause Salmonella infection – acute intestinal infection. First of all we are talking about the store, not particularly fresh and dirty eggs.

Also eggs can cause an allergic reaction, especially in children and the elderly. For example, it can occur in frequent small red rash. In this case, you need to carefully observe the body. And perhaps in the future will have to wipe the egg from your diet.

How to eat eggs?

The most useful eggs boiled boiled. That’s just them and it is recommended to eat 2-3 times a week. But eggs, hard-boiled eggs and other egg dishes also should not exclude from your diet.

Very important! Before cooking to rinse the eggs under water.

And the main thing – to wash hands thoroughly before cleaning huevos. Remember, cleanliness is the best prevention of salmonellosis.

Useful than eggs for skin and hair?

So, we discussed the question: the chicken egg — the benefits and harms to the body.

Now let’s digress to the topic of beauty. Surely you know a lot of recipes for masks, cleansers and other means, in which egg is the main ingredient. What they are useful for our skin and hair?

In the first place whites and yolks fairly quickly saturates the skin with microelements and vitamins. Also very valuable feature of the egg to slow down skin aging, smooth out wrinkles and eliminate various disorders of the skin.

Often, eggs are used for the treatment of skin diseases such as acne, comedones. The main thing – correctly to pick up other components depending on the nature of the disease and the characteristics of the skin.

Also, valuable property of the eggs to strengthen the body of hair and to protect hair from harmful environmental influences. So feel free to add eggs in masks and other care products. You will not regret!

As you can see, the benefits and harms of chicken eggs – interesting and inexhaustible subject. All’s well that in moderation!

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