The body asks, or What dance to choose

What to do when there are no words to speak? What to do when the soul asks… begs and pleads to give vent to emotions, feelings, passions? What to do when such prayers become unbearable, and the body begins to try to Express them?

Female site invites you to dance!!! ? But what exactly? What dance to choose for themselves? Let’s deal!

Is it necessary?

The Internet is teeming with announcements of various dance schools that recklessly offered to come to them to incredible dose of fun. But for some reason nobody asks the question – is it necessary? And if you want, then what?

Let us understand in order.

Here are a few signs that your body asks dance:

  • your legs involuntarily move when you hear some music
  • your mirror sees you often in motion, and such movements have seen, not everyone your man ?
  • sometimes you catch yourself thinking that it would be nice to go dancing ?
  • you want to make the call yourself…
  • … and get not only maximum pleasure but also a ton of developed qualities and manners which are so necessary for the woman gait, posture, deportment, manners, and in some cases even the priceless experience of a relationship with a man, feeling like a real woman!

Yes, Yes!! Read on and decide which still the dance to choose! Today we move to the rhythm of a waltz – one, two, three… ?

How to determine your dance?

How do you determine what dance is ready to surrender completely and unconditionally your body and your soul at the same time? So many of them, which of them is yours, what kind of dance will choose your body? Universal recipes to determine this — no! Experienced dancers saying that if you decide to do dancing, then you ALREADY know what you want, just don’t know, maybe more, as the called. For the reading ?

So, in waltz time:

Step times

After reading this article, to view online video from all of these dances. Only you need to watch high-quality video, with the participation of real dancers (usually these are on the websites of different dance schools, or videos from various contests), and not just Amateur photography. I think, after this step, the question is, what kind of dance to choose 80% are answered by itself.

Step two

Listen again to the music of these dances, to understand under what exactly you want to move. Not just like to listen, namely, to move! Every dance, every movement in it is tailored to each note, each bit-specific ringtones, so if you don’t like something in music, but you decide to go for this dance, the Nirvana after class will not come for sure.

Step three

If the honest answer to the question, what kind of dance to choose, you need to completely sweep aside all complexes , the age, weight, complexion, etc. For dance no restrictions. All the same experienced dancers in one voice say that the only thing that can prevent you from doing – is the lack of an irresistible desire, all the rest doesn’t count.

Understand that you will be dancing for YOURSELF! And all the other (unless it’s your team or dance partner) is exactly the same just dance, you have no case! Even if you are 50 and you weigh 140 kg, and your soul and body asks for a strip of plastics – well, allow yourself that, maybe the competition (if there is such a thing) a prize you won’t take, but will receive incomparably greater. This, of course, an exaggerated example, but the point is, I’m sure you caught it.

Besides, you know, doing dancing, your figure will acquire precisely those forms that you will be comfortable. This is not body building where you build your figure, like a brick house, it’s more of a sculpture, where His Majesty the dance, like a good sculptor, it cuts off the excess.

The next step

as in the waltz step 4 no ? or directly what kind of dance to choose?

Here to help you the most delicious about every popular dance. Forget for a while the question of what dance can choose, if you still have the desire, but simply include any music and savor!

What kind of dance to choose from: Eastern/Indian/belly dance

East – a delicate matter, as you remember, so Oriental dance is the dance of life, of nature, of communication (for example, Indian dancing, and fellowship – synonyms), is the magic power of beauty of the female body and soul, one of the most fascinating sights that a combination of eurhythmics and plastic arts, grace and sexuality.

The lessons of Oriental dance assume the optimal for the female body burden, which, however, allows you to adjust their shape to the desired ? This beautiful belly, every muscle of which you will learn to feel constantly, and slim waist, rounded hips, firm buttocks. And note that all these changes occur quite quickly, unless, of course, not to go regularly after training at McDonald’s.

Gait, posture, gracefulness is not discussed, but the mystique of the Oriental woman, spicy aroma of her sensuality can only give belly dancing.

What kind of dance to choose from: ballroom dancing

(the European direction — the waltz, Viennese waltz, slow Foxtrot, quickstep; Latin — cha-cha-cha, Samba, Rumba, Jive, Paso Doble)

Many parents who question what dance to choose for your child, choose this type because you know that just ballroom dancing perfectly formed womanly figure, beautiful posture, learn to keep your head, as befits a real woman. But all this is true for those who is no longer in the age of the child!

Ballroom dancing is beautiful and very aesthetically pleasing, it is a subtle and delicate dance that is like no other expresses the reverent nature of a real woman.

Ballroom dancing – always paired, a couple are a man and a woman, dancing with the observance of physical contact. So choose ballroom dancing, you will be able to learn how to better communicate with a man (after all, dance is communication, communication without words!), listen to every movement, to understand his intentions without words! Ahh, a truly invaluable skill!

What kind of dance to choose from: hip-hop

For the confident, bombastic and hardcore people. Truly feminine and sensual in him is very little. Yes, feel your body, control it, but if you have a desire to grow in dance as a woman – then this is not for you.

In the performance techniques of hip-hop coexist and naturalness and perfect nervoustext natural technique of human body motion.

Hip Hop unites many areas and types of dance, in General we can say that it’s all that dancing to the music hip-hop. So it is very difficult to describe what, exactly, constitutes this kind of dance. Better to watch. And even better, we’ll look at that more suited us, Beautiful and Successful ? And it’s R&B.

What kind of dance to choose from: R&B

If you can’t live without regular trips to the disco, and there catch the extraordinary buzz, your style is definitely R&B. And there is no question which dance to choose – he chose you himself!

Modern dance R&B can be described in one word – “sensuality”, female sensuality in our case. This means that the dance comes from the heart, not the head.

This dance is very feminine, though very difficult, because it requires nedyuzhy physical training. Very is developing Breasts, hips and abdomen.

R&B dynamics and fast rhythm, and all movements should be smooth so that when you study you will learn anew to listen to your body. However, if you find a common language with him, to move gracefully (not even in dance) — this is about you!

To dispel the existing stereotype that R&B is not breakdancing and not hip-hop (although at a stretch it can be called female hip-hop).

How to distinguish R&B from hip-hop? The issue is quite complex. Specific movement in dance, R&B shake (shake). Marks shake the following way: the dancer isolated strains the stomach, while other muscles are relaxed. Shake creates the impression that the dancer is a complete wreck and dancing, so to speak, at the behest of the heart and without any reliance on technology. Of course, without the technology here is also nowhere.

Turning on any music channel, you can see clips of Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson, Madonna, etc., where it turns R&B dancing. I think this is the most effective tool when deciding which dance you choose for yourself.

The dance of this single, or runs in the team, so there is no special sensory contact with the partner ?

What kind of dance to choose from: contemp/contemp/contemporary

A relatively new direction in dance, one of the most unusual and immediate. Contempo, roughly speaking, is a mixture of classical and free style dance, dance without rules, dance from the soul, dance in the here and now, dance for yourself, not for others.

Present at this conversation, all those experienced dancers say that contemporary dance is a broken body movements, spectacular dance moves, an incredible acrobatic figures that move in different rhythms – dance depends entirely on the imagination, the unity of his inner world with the world of space.

Contemp – single dance, although sometimes in pairs, but very rarely.

It will be simple (at least simpler than other dances) to master a girl without any prior training, although physical exercise is also considerable, but the result, believe me, worth it!

In one dance school there is such practice: at the end of class, the lights, turns on random music and everyone dances as he wants; the body itself chooses what kind of dance he likes; every dancing just like the soul is asking – it’s hard to better describe the essence of this form of dance.

What kind of dance to choose from: strip (strip dance)

Girls, well needless to say something?

The sensual and erotic, feminine and sexy among all dances, of which we choose. For those who have heard a lot of different myths and stereotypes, it is worth noting that it is NOT vulgar and NOT vulgar. Strip dance – is the ability to beautifully show off your body, the ability to plastically move, the ability to enjoy every movement of it, the ability to feel every cell of your body.

Striptease liberating, skromnosti and shyness or leave, or you stop doing it.

A large number of mirrors in the hall will be more than ever — to learn to look at yourself at any movement, like myself is very feminine.

If you are scared, have doubts, or will not, have complexes about this, but I want is your girls is a challenge, and it’s worth it!

What kind of dance to choose from: Go-Go (go-go)

Go-go is a dance club, with its special machinery is not – works with many other styles. The main goal is to create a beautiful presentation to any musicthat is often heard in clubs. Implies a beautiful flowing movement, is feminine and sexy, to be naked is not required ? Dance in pairs, but often in the team.

The main thing in go-go not a specific set of characteristic movements, and a beautifully and skillfully move to the music, feel the style, improvise, play rhythm in motion.

Waist, abdomen will work perfectly! Anyway, there are not the simplest movements look like, and it’s all very nice, smooth, rapidly and easy, but in fact work, however. As well, probably any other dance, no matter what we choose.

The difference between R&B and Go-Go would be better to catch when watching the video.

What kind of dance to choose from: tango

Dance, passion… and tenderness and love is a tango. Thanks to this tango conquered the world. Sensual melody, a partnership (and it is only dance!) give a special charm to the dance.

Tango in essence is not only a dance, is a school of relationships, real relationships. Where a man is a man leading and the woman is a woman – led and fully trusting your partner. Different dance does not, in any way. So, if you want to make in your life changes on that front, – welcome to the club tangir, and the question is, what kind of dance to choose — closed:)

Immediately it should be said that this is not just — not just to learn the movement (and it is also difficult for many, balance, balance – all this must in tango), but to learn to hear the movement of the partner and to let him in in the most that neither is an intimate area and not feel the discomfort. And yet — dancing shoes – just the heels.

But after a few sessions already, you will appreciate the real nature of the Woman, you will want to wear feminine clothes, always wear high heels, the movements will become smoother, look more refined…

Tango is a whole culture. For those who are involved, often hosts tango evenings – milongas, they can make many new acquaintances with interesting people. If you decide that tango is indeed yours, You may be surprised to find that many people, including men who consciously made the decision, what kind of dance to choose in favor of the tango very close to you in spirit. Because tango is more than just a dance, it’s probably even the whole world inside each…

For tango no limits of age, no boundaries dance training, no boundaries and attachment to the dance hall, there is only the border of your desire – the desire to surrender to this dance and they are excited by passions, emotions and feelings.

Of course, it’s not all the styles (there are still folk dancing, jazz, salsa, etc.), however, are the most common. It seems that, even after reading this, the question is, what kind of dance to choose if it really stood closed. At least by 98 percent. Who wants to go deeper, I’m sure I’ll do it alone, insight into all the dance styles were not our goal.

Finally — some tips for beginners:

  • not to leave, because the moment when there will be nothing to get, will come in 99% of cases, it just needs to survive;
  • to repeat everything exactly up to the coach and obey;
  • don’t be shy!
  • To engage efficiently and to try at home;
  • learn to look at yourself in the mirror!

No, to describe the dances – absolutely impossible, is how to describe the taste of chocolate or sex – everything is clear and beautiful, but do not pass! So, ladies, don’t stand on the sidelines, watch the video, choose your dance and one, two, three! Each in its own rhythm!

Author – Love “Chimera” Ivanova, website – Beautiful and Successful

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