The bride: the script is funny, modern 2018 verses contests

To create a colorful environment and a fun bride in 2018, you need to come up with a funny and modern script to this tradition will be long remembered.

The organization of the repayment

Creative types organizing an event is easy to come up with a poetic script with contests. The easiest way to use a ready option to change some phrases in accordance with the theme of the holiday or take already been tried at weddings of friends the script in verse.

When you select poetic keeping of the feast, it is not necessary to saturate a traditional event many rhymes at the competitions. To explain to the groom rules for performing tasks, but just 1-2 short poems. For a full holiday, you must come up with an introduction and a logical conclusion.


Clothing from the organizers of the ritual contests should match the chosen theme. If there is no specific style, then you can do without the dress code.

Greeting of the groom

The bride 2018 with a funny and modern script starts by meeting the groom before the house sweetheart. The host of the event offers to be presented to guests and articulate the purpose of your visit.

In poetic form you can ask this:



Then the groom present value of the redemption, which he compensates for with money or sweets. After all was paid, offer the opportunity to competitions.

The passage of contests

The beginning of the bride 2018 funny and modern script is passing the test in front of the house sweetheart. The most common task, which begins with the ritual is the proof of their feelings. To do this, the groom is required to shout three times about love for the girl.

To claim this verse as follows:

recrate her of his love.

In turn, the groom repeats three times that he loves the bride. Typically, after you perform this task, not giving any answer, and the presentation of the tenders continues. The organizer may say the following lines:

Sample questions:

  • date of birth of the bride;
  • date of birth wife’s mother;
  • the apartment number of the future wife;
  • the age of the bride;
  • date Dating;
  • Hobbies sweetheart;
  • the color of the eyes of his beloved;
  • the most cherished dream of a future wife.

After the correct answers to the questions leading foreclosure lets the groom to the bride closer and said the following words:

For further contest, you can prepare the flower petals on which to write various tasks for the groom and a witness.

  • Do you like competitions at the wedding?



    Love, but modern


Presenter introduces the rules of the contest:

For the organization of a funny and modern bride 2018 scenario it is recommended to use the following inscriptions on the petals:

  • sign a funny story;
  • to dance on one leg;
  • to stand on a chair and shout that he is a caterpillar;
  • to portray a rumbling stomach;
  • to sing a song in a fictional language;
  • after inhaling from a helium ball to tell the terrible story.

Once the groom with the witness have completed all assignments, they are passed on. The stairs to the apartment sweetheart decomposed at a certain distance sheets with letters, which the celebrant should go and say compliments future wife (the letter that is written on the paper):

The final stage in the passing of tests may be a contest with piece of fruit (e.g., apples) which hang on the bell near the door of the beloved. What you need to do, explains organizer:

If the groom successfully performs a test, leading passes it to the bride, which give a kiss and a bouquet of flowers.

Completion of foreclosure can be expressed with the following lines:

When the competition ended, all the guests go to the bride’s house, sit at the Banquet tables to celebrate the successful completion of redemption. Then the couple go to the official ceremony of marriage to the Registrar.

Examples of topics

If the organizers of the festival have the desire to come up with a theme script, you can stay in fabulous style. History can be both domestic and foreign.

No less interesting idea is the redemption in the Gypsy theme. To get to the bride, the hosts of the event, dressed in bright, lush and eccentric clothes, arrange for the groom a tough test, accompanied by dances and songs.

The organization of bride price in verse form is much easier than holding a holiday in prose. The sound of the strings looks beautiful, full, clear, and test the honoree performed quickly and accurately. To do a traditional ritual interesting and spectacular, you need to include fantasy.

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