The Caesar sauce: the recipe of this filling for the same salad, density, retention rules, options ingredients + reviews

The Caesar salad presented on the menu of trendy restaurants, it is considered one of the top dishes. The secret of popularity lies in the unusual filling, which is important to cook according to the authentic recipe. Or as close as possible. The sauce “Caesar” invented by the Italian in America, and in practice is not as complicated as it may seem.

5 min 1 portion. Very easy to prepare

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  • 1 What you need to know about dressing
    • 1.1 the Story of creation
    • 1.2 About the benefits of…
    • 1.3 … and the harm
  • 2 Recipe of the sauce “Caesar”: the original
  • 3 Replacement ingredients
  • 4 Reviews and recommendations

This dressing with its subtle, subtle, garlicky smell and a beautiful yellowish color has conquered many hearts. The sauce is so distinctive that today it is served with almost any dish, not just as a dressing for the same salad. We proceed similarly with the ingredients — replacing the unloved loved, and those that are not in the fridge, other suitable. If you learn to cook the sauce “Caesar”, then you will be in the Arsenal recipe “all HAPP life.”

What you need to know about dressing

In many countries, the Caesar salad has the same meaning as “Olivier” in the former Soviet Union. Without him no celebration. Love it, those who are watching calories and quality of food. Properly cooked dressing — the success of the dishes. It adds sophistication to the taste.

The history of creation

Caesar Cardini, quite unexpectedly, the salad and the sauce for it that was in the fridge. He didn’t even think at the moment the consequences of his improvisation. It happened less than a century ago — in 1924. The sauce was so pleased everyone who tried it that the chef has patented it under the name “Cardini”. Familiar name sauce acquired later.

It is noteworthy that no fish or meat ingredients in the original recipe was not. It’s already later, there were variations with shrimp, chicken and others. A classic sauce “Caesar” changed from year to year. Different places have different chefs appeared on their version of this filling.

The Caesar’s brother Alex has tried to make their own changes to the recipe that did not like the author. Later Alex Cardini began to prepare your salad with the Caesar dressing, but with amendments. Initially, the salad eating with my hands, but with the recipe has varied, and serving dishes.About the benefits…

Those who are important to eat quality the food, the Caesar salad deserves special attention. If all products are natural and properly cooked, and the dish will be worthy.

  • Lettuce. Enrich the “Caesar” of folic acid, vitamins K and C, and carotene.
  • Lemon. Useful in vitamin C. the Product is not processed thermally, and so the substance is not destroyed.
  • Garlic. Positive effect on blood pressure, strengthens the immune system and lowers cholesterol in the blood.
  • Cheese. Provides a large number of valuable animal protein and micronutrients is the phosphorus and calcium.
  • Olive oil. Contains vitamin E which provides antioxidant protection, improves the condition of hair, nails, prevents the development of cancer.
  • Chicken. Seafood is a protein with essential amino acids.

The total caloric value of the salad not the smallest. On average, one serving will enrich the diet of 500 calories. But it’s not so much the calories, as in absorption. All the ingredients are easy to digest. It is a variant of a balanced meal…. and about the harm

Harm the use of sauce and lettuce can only in three cases.

  • Allergies. To any ingredient. This is easily fixable — ask not to add it to the dish.
  • Low-quality products. They not only spoil the taste, but also can cause poisoning.
  • Mustard and garlic. They can cause pain or discomfort in people with digestive problems.
  • The sauce “Caesar”: the original

    Features. So, how to make the sauce “Caesar” salad “Caesar”? All the ingredients for the sauce “Caesar”, including eggs must be at room temperature. Therefore, remove them about an hour before cooking from the fridge. Eggs need to advance a little weld. To do this in a small pan or skillet, you must pour water, add salt and put on fire. Some do not bring the water to a boil need to add eggs and immediately turn the heat off. To let the eggs soak in the water for exactly one minute and get. Then you need to let them cool and you can use.


    • olive oil (preferably not extra virgin) — 100 ml;
    • lemon juice — one tablespoon;
    • Dijon mustard two teaspoons;
    • eggs — four pieces;
    • garlic — one clove;
    • Worcester (aka Worcester or Worcestershire sauce) — two teaspoons;
    • a pinch of salt;
    • pepper (preferably freshly ground) — on the tip of a knife;
    • Parmesan, grated on a fine grater, two tablespoons.

    The cooking process

  • Garlic grate (or chop in a different way) in a deep bowl.
  • Add to garlic, Worcestershire sauce.
  • There mustard, salt and pepper.
  • Then cheese (it gives a cheesy flavour to the sauce).
  • Eggs to knead (or beat, if possible) in a separate bowl and add this also.
  • Lemon juice add to bowl with other ingredients.
  • With a beater (well, like) stir all until a homogeneous mass.
  • A thin stream, still whisking, add the oil.
  • To reproduce the recipe of the sauce “Caesar” at home is quite simple. Pour the salad dressing before serving. Per serving of salad, use 50 g of prepared sauce. The Caesar sauce should be thick like mayonnaise. If he went liquid, the proportion of broken products. In this case, try to add some more cheese.Replacement ingredients

    In the pursuit of new tastes often change ingredients. Although, sometimes it happens spontaneously, for example when there is one of the components:

    • Dijon mustard — it is often substituted grain or French mustard;
    • eggs, cooked in a special way — replaced egg yolks, hard-boiled, or do without eggs;
    • Worcestershire sauce — instead take soy.

    You can even need to try different options to find “that recipe”. As a variant sauce with anchovies. They are ground into a slurry and add to other ingredients.

    One of the quickest recipes — mix the mayonnaise with Worcester sauce, garlic and lemon juice. There is a dietary option — a sour cream sauce with garlic, mustard and pickles. Tip for a gourmet sauce with capers instead of pickles.

    Quail eggs completely replace chicken. Natural yogurt can be a great replacement for sour cream or mayonnaise.

    Keep ready a sauce “Caesar” in the refrigerator, but not desirable, so he stood more than four days. Once the sauce stand at least a couple hours, it tastes even better. Therefore, it is preferable to prepare it in advance.

    Some Housewives who consider a waste product emission, manage to freeze the sauce. After thawing, the taste will change, so better to use it fresh. Do not be lazy to prepare every time fresh the gas station, especially since following the step by step recipe sauce “Caesar”, which make it very simple.

    Reviews and recommendations

    I usually make the sauce for Caesar quite simple — mix all three ingredients — mayonnaise, mustard and soy sauce. This is a very fast, affordable and easy. The important part is that soy sauce was without any additives, and it may not be what is expected to happen.


    The sauce is original and delicious. Was not only vulchers. sauce. Used wine vinegar. About the anchovies would never have guessed, but they’re really very out of place, I do not recommend to exclude. Made the sauce in a conventional combine harvester with a special whisk mayonnaise and proteins. He certainly wasn’t like mayonnaise, but it turned out like sour cream. In my opinion enough for salad dressings. Caesar was great.

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