The carpet in the nursery is to choose a carpet or rug with the NAP?

The website “” already wrote about the interior of the nursery. Today we will talk about how to choose the subject, without which children will be much less comfortable and adapted for games – talking about the carpet. The carpet in the nursery is a play area, and “polygon” for the first steps of a baby, and just the element of the interior that gives the room a child’s comfort! What carpet to choose?

How to choose a rug in the nursery depending on the child’s age?

Children’s room – this room, which is to be transformed and “grow” together with your little occupant! The purpose of the carpet will change over time, and so you need to be prepared for the fact that 3-4 times will have to change the carpet!

While the child is very young (up to six months), the carpet in the nursery, in principle, can never make, since it is unlikely that the baby will have anything to do with the floor.

But following 3-4 years is the age of the active crawling, begonia and games on the floor.

With a year to four to five years children a huge amount of time on the floor: first – learning to walk, then running, playing and falling off! Nursery for preschoolers – first game: the middle is better to leave blank so the child could freely move around and play with yourself. Here is the place and should lay a carpet!

While the carpet in the nursery is better to take a large (or fully cover the room with carpet), so it does not move out from his place, does not slip on the floor, there would be no risk to cling to the edge and stumble etc.

When the child grows up, goes to school, his room is gradually filled with new pieces of furniture: a Desk and chair, a small cot is replaced by a more serious can be purchased a bookcase or a computer Desk, etc. But the gaming area, of course, decreases.

Therefore, it is possible to change a large rug for a smaller one that it is possible to lay and remove as needed (e.g. summer).

The student can do in his room, a small bedside rug.

Don’t forget that the carpet is still “dust“and you need to really evaluate the need for it – Yes, to walk on the soft pile is nice at any age, but will have regular and thorough vacuuming and carpet, to avoid accumulation of dust!

Rug or carpet?

Many parents, choosing the carpet in the nursery, stop the choice on carpeting – carpeting, completely covering the surface of the floor and fixed with the help of baseboards.

Benefits of carpet:

  • Stylish looks;
  • Quite a budget option (given that linoleum or laminate under it is not needed);
  • Comfortable, no-slip edges, which will be constantly stumbling, etc.;
  • No need to knock – just vacuuming.

However, in a solid covering with carpet there are also disadvantages:

  • It is impossible to be removed temporarily. My friends who have children’s child’s decorated with carpet, sometimes just shrouded it with plastic wrap, for example, when Sonny takes his paints and brushes.
  • If planted on the carpet stain (and it will be planted, no doubt – in my room lives a child!) and it doesn’t want to come out – it’s a long time. Unlikely due to the gouache “art” in the most prominent place you’ll want to replace the entire carpet again.
  • Dust (and “dust mite”) there is still going to start – thoroughly vacuum the carpet problem, but as a “wash” or handle cleaners.
  • Carpet on jute based sometimes warped, it comes in waves. The reason for this is humidity.

Carpet or carpet has different strengths and weaknesses.

I must say that the carpets come in both natural and synthetic. Natural good all – if you are satisfied with a high price! And given that the child is unlikely to blow dust from natural carpet woven by hand, most of the parents on those costs do not go, preferring synthetic carpets, which are in the range.

Their disadvantage is that any synthetic “breathes”, releasing microscopic doses of various bad substances in the room.

Children’s room is very decorated with bright children’s rug with images of favorite cartoon characters or a map of the magical city.

An interesting idea that can be brought about in the nursery – rug-Mat, woven from a special straw. At least it collects dust, it is easy to shake, and walking barefoot on the relief surface of the Mat is a useful massage for the feet!

What is the length of the pile is preferred?

In the nursery carpet with long pile looks very decorative, it is very pleasant to walk, crawl and roll! Therefore, the “long-haired breed” carpets can be advised for kids”sliders” that way years up to 3.

And then… well, honestly, the longer the future of this carpet I would not have predicted: because of several years of hard use, the coating will have time to get dirty, and stoptails, and bring it in the original form would be problematic!

More practical in the baby’s room from 3 years of age and older is “Shorthair” rug – it is not so often to lose the small toys from “kinder” and parts from “LEGO”, it’s easy to care for, it keeps you marketable, and racing cars go on it without any problems! ?

The color of the carpet in the nursery

Not white, not beige, and generally better not dyed. By the end of its lifetime it will be a “chronicle” of all kinds of spots and scuffs that it is better to buy a variegated option!

But in General, look at the overall color of the interior: to oversaturate the room with a variety of bright colors too, not worth it, it tires the eyes. If, for example, furniture and walls soothing light shades then the carpet can be bright “highlight”, but if all elements of the interior of saturated colors – then the carpet should choose gray, brown, olive green, dirty blue, or other muted shades.

Also a universal rule, which can be suitable in relation to a child’s room – the carpet pick the color of the curtains.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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