The chakras human: the seven elements that define our life

Today women’s site we will talk about the theory of energy channels – the chakras of man. Chakra man is a kind of the nerve centers that accumulate and distribute emotional and spiritual energy of the individual. Their teamwork depend on his physical and mental health, the degree of spirituality and values.

Basic human chakras: the root chakra

The first chakrathat is responsible for the physical world of man, called chakras Muladhara. This chakra is located in the area of the base of the spine.

The first chakra is a very powerful source of energythat links man with nature, the world around him. The Muladhara chakra brings health lower spine, kidneys, and reproductive system.

It has a considerable influence on the will of the individual, his level of vitality, love of life, self-defense and survival.

The root chakra has a direct effect on the entire endocrine system by affecting the adrenal glands. That is, people suffering from diseases of the body, should give special attention to unlocking and activating this chakra.

In addition, the first chakra has an impact on the condition of the legs, feet, kneecaps, pelvis and hips.

The color of the chakra – red, because of the vibration that emits the basic chakra, almost completely coincide with the vibrations of the red. The disturbance in the first chakra generates a person sense of selfishness, uncertainty and insecurity, sudden changes in pressure and, as a result, fatigue and headaches.

Chakra “sea of energy”

The second chakra the person called chakras Svadhisthana, it is painted in orange color. Some experts of subtle energy and it is also called chromotherapy chakra “sea of energy”. Chakra located not more than 4-5 fingers below the navel.

One of the main purposes of this energy centre is the gathering and management of the sexual energy of the individual. Because of this, the name of the second chakra – sexual.

An equally important function of the chakra Svadhisthana is the effect on some endocrine glands, e.g. thyroid gland, pituitary gland and the testicles that are responsible for hormone production and the rate of metabolic processes. Chakra is also responsible for coordinating the work of the entire urogenital systemincluding the kidneys.

As noted in the work of this chakra of a person lead to diseases of the reproductive system, extreme weight loss, sometimes even to malignant tumors.

But harmonious ravitie chakra (formed in children aged 1-2 years) contributes to the moral growth of a person and develops the ability to control the desire get the maximum pleasure out of life (selfishness, lust, greed, jealousy and the pursuit of thrills).

Chakra helps a person to experience some positive emotions and experiences: joy, happiness, elation, positive attitude to life.

The solar plexus chakra

Chakra manipura (third chakra person) located at the level of the solar plexus, therefore its second name – the chakra of the solar plexus. This is the social chakra of the individual. Begins to form at the age of two years.

The main thing – not to suppress the symptoms of this chakra in children that is often expressed in spontaneous action, ill-conceived phrases and unwillingness to follow established rules.

Chakra is often responsible for unexpected dreams and human emotions. Subtle energy chakras human Manipur affects the energy of self-preservation (along with the first chakra) and Lifeforce.

As they grow, one begins to wonder about the meaning of existence in General and its role in society. This results from the correct, harmonious development of the solar plexus chakra.

In human body the third chakra is responsible for the functioning of the liver, spleen, pancreas and the entire gastrointestinal tract. Having this chakra impact on the skin condition and muscle mass of the individual.

The improper functioning of chakras is a disease of the stomach and intestines. Behavior manifested in the form of feelings of excessive love for money and material things, as well as possessiveness.

The third chakra of the person is Central to the body of the individual, a point of concentration and distribution of all subtle energies in the human body. Properly targeted activation of this chakra contributes to the growth of the creative potential and the ability to clearly Express their thoughts and feelings.

The fourth chakra or heart chakra

The chakra of the person who called chakra Anahata Maha, located between the shoulder blades of the individual, approximately at heart level. This chakra is responsible for coordinating the work of the heart, dorsal spine, lungs, bronchi and circulatory system. The color of the chakra is green.

If Anahata Maha is in balance, the person’s characteristic love for the outside world, compassion, desire to serve society and humanity.

In the event of disruption of the chakra is often observed, passivity, sadness and self-doubt and lack of trust towards others. The blocking of the chakras can lead to various cardiovascular diseases, asthma, put the person’s life under great threat.

The chakra of the upper part of the body: communication, intuition and spirituality
Fifth chakra – Vishuddha Jana

Fifth chakra (blue) located at the base of the throat. Often responsible for arms, shoulders, throat, voice, mouth, bones, airway and cervical spine.

If the chakra is not blocked, then the person does not have problems in communication, he has a well-developed intuition and the ability to Express themselves. Lock chakra opposite causes difficulty in communicating with others.

Ajna – third eye

Chakra six ajna is often called the”third” eye. Administered by this chakra are the forehead, ears, nose, left eye, base of skull and bone and the Central brain.

The normal functioning of the chakras supports brain function in General. People with well-developed ajna chakra is different intellectual abilities, mental stability, visualization, imagination. Violations in the functioning of the chakras can cause nerve disease, dementia, desire to lead a secluded life.

The seventh chakra — Sahasrara

Work the right eye, the cranium and cerebral cortex the seventh chakra, called Sahasrara chakra. The color of the chakra is violet.

This chakra is responsible not only for the entire system of energy channels, but also for the connection of man with the cosmos. People with well-formed seventh chakra is characterized by a high degree of spirituality and love for all living things.

The blockage of this chakra causes a deep depression, isolation, a sense of constant excitement, bouts of insanity, sometimes even insanity.

As energy centers, the chakras of a person play an important role in our lives. It is important to remember that negative emotions, thoughtless words and actions can block the operation of one or more of the chakras. Positive attitude towards life, love and mutual assistance, on the contrary, activate the energy centers and make individual lives more fulfilling and happy.

Author – Julia Kagadi, site

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