The child does not eat vegetables – how to change the eating habits of baby

Every mom wants her little one ate only the most healthy and tasty food. However, not always healthy food think children are delicious, and often it concerns vegetables. What to do the mother, if the child does not eat vegetables at all, is it possible to trick a little kid and how to make so that the child loved vegetables – the answers to these and other questions you will find on the women’s website ““.

Why baby won’t eat vegetables?

The answer to this question is very simple: the child does not eat vegetables because adults don’t eat them too. Remember how often do you eat vegetables, and think about what place they have in your daily diet?

Is also important and then, what do you prefer to snack: a bun or a salad. If the answers to these and similar questions are not in favor of vegetables, then you should not wonder why your child won’t eat vegetables.

As adults, mom and dad are well aware of the benefits and importance of eating fresh vegetables. Their desire to provide their child with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients naturally.

But in order for the child to love vegetables, one desire of parents is small, love these products they are. Only by example can we show our child how important it is to eat vegetables. Agree, if mom an hour before lunch, we’ll suggest the kid to eat the Apple or carrot, and she’ll take a candy bar, it is unlikely she will manage to instill in your child a love of vegetables.

Remember: food should be healthy for the whole family, not just its youngest members!

The child does not eat vegetables: what to do?
Cookies and candy are replaced with vegetables

What mom stashed the vase with candies and cookies, and well, if the kid can’t get it yourself. offers to put the vase into the open, only to fill her with sweets and svezhenanesennyj vegetables. Green peas, red tomato, orange carrots, yellow bell pepper, white circles turnips – this variety of colors will attract the child, if not taste, color.

If “vegetable”, the vase will stand on the table in the nursery every day, a child will try its contents.

Let him not love all vegetables, but some of them he will love. And then you realize that your child wouldn’t eat vegetables not out of spite, he just didn’t know what they can be delicious!

To inspire a child

Slicing veggies, ask for help from his child: let the “vegetable” of the vase he’d cut up the cucumber rings or make boats out of peppers and fill them with the peas.

If you’re hungry before lunch still far away, do not rush to put the kettle on and get the cakes out of the fridge.

Remember that your child does not eat vegetables and try to fix it: ask your little helper to make a colorful salad or a nice veggie sandwich.

Let him choose the vegetables that he would like to eat, put on a lettuce leaf slices of tomato or cucumber, decorate with greens or a sandwich without your help stir the salad. Be sure to praise his assistant and together empty plate!

Accustomed to the vegetables gradually

If a child persistently refuses fresh vegetables, recommends adding to dishes cooked vegetables in grated form.

Spaghetti with a sauce of broccoli soup eggplant and green beans, pancake pumpkin puree, pumpkin bread, chocolate carrot cake and other dishes with vegetables will certainly appreciate not only small, but also a large family members. Hiding vegetables in everyday meals, you will forget that once your child wouldn’t eat vegetables.

What to feed the little girl?

If you can’t feed the baby vegetables in the open, so you need to do it secretly. This is the conclusion come sooner or later all parents are faced with this problem. But how to make fun food for children useful, and forget about the fact that the child won’t eat vegetables, read below.

  • Potato-meat casserole, a delicious lunch is served. To make it more nutritious, but equally delicious, you can, if half of the potatoes to replace done with the help of a blender puree of boiled cauliflower.
  • Carrot cake is one of the most delicious and healthy children’s dessert. Reduce fat it is possible, if instead of butter to add to it a puree of baked Apple.
  • Pasta is the favorite food of all children. Let them eat to your health, but it is not necessary to offer a cheese sauce and added in the pureed tomato.
  • In a meat pilaf, you can add a small grated zucchini and not worry about what a child does not eat vegetables. “A trick,” he still will not notice the taste of the pilaf will not change, and use will increase.
  • If you need to feed the little nehochuha vegetable dish, a boon for mom would be a vegetable soup. There are no restrictions, use those vegetables that you think fit. Finally after working a blender and adding a spoon of sour cream, you can be assured that your child will receive the necessary dose of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

If your child does not eat vegetables, do not attempt to feed him forcibly. Remember that only personal example you will be able to achieve success in this difficult matter. Let the vegetables every day are at your Desk and sooner or later your favorite child will remind you that today you forgot to offer him his favorite vegetables.

The author – Tatiana konopacka, site

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