The child does not want to do the lessons help to focus on the study

The school year is in full swing, and women’s website “” decided to make a modest contribution and help to those parents whose child wants to do homework. If quarrels and homework in your family go hand in hand, if scandals, entreaties and reproaches interspersed with mathematics, reading and English, then read our tips how to teach a child to do homework.

The main rule for parents: before trying to figure out how to teach a child to do homework in your case, try to explain why, in principle, the child does not want to do homework. And there can be different reasons.

The child does not want to do homework: causes of physiological

These include the usual fatigue, preoccupation with school problemsfor children of primary school age – excitement or on the contrary emotional emptiness.

In this case, the child may not want to do homework just because it is difficult to concentrate.

So, dear parents, if you think to bring the child to do homework need right after school, you are wrong. Give it to escape from thinking about school and relax a bit.

But in this case does not mean “povtykat” in the computer or the TV. The rest of it to relieve the brain.

The most suitable options: sports, walk, for the youngest students – the opportunity to play with favorite toys or take a NAP (if the child had not yet lost the habit to sleep during the day).

The child does not want to do homework: causes of psychological

Carefully find out what exactly the reasons that the child does not want to do homework. Whether this reluctance to all homework for all subjects or something still makes it more readily.

If some items are special dislike your child, ask why. Maybe not like the teacher, the subject confusing, of reference it does not work, and so on.

Depending on what you’ve learned, and build further course of action.

If you do not like the teacher

Try to tactfully explain to the child that the teacher, like any other person, has its strengths and weaknesses, its pros and cons. Perhaps a teacher makes strong comments, but if they are fair, then you should try to behave in the classroom as it should (and to prepare for the lesson, of course!).

If you are from the stories of the child still think that the teacher picks on him, and behaves rudely or something violates teaching ethics, try first to talk personally with the teacher or the class teacher, before making the child his / her final opinion.

If you don’t like (incomprehensible) subject

Here it is desirable not to run, and to find the time and opportunity to work out with Chad in addition.

There’s nothing worse than “snowball” misunderstood topics of unsorted issues, undone tasks. Especially now a lot of training programs, encyclopedias, textbooks, movies, in stores and on the Internet, you only need to look.

Your job as an adult, intelligent and experienced man – not only to teach the child to do homework, but also learn to learn! Very useful in life!

A few more tips how to teach a child to do homework

  • Encourage your child to routine and ritual of homework as one of its parts. Slight interruptions in the process of doing the lessons, especially primary school students – they do not know how so long to focus.
  • Do not put off lessons until the last, i.e. don’t leave them on late in the evening and during the week to slowly encourage the child to do some of the tasks ahead. For example, the subject was Monday and the next time will be Thursday – to convince the child to do homework on it on Monday –Tuesday. It’s so nice to see that SOMETHING out of the lessons ready!
  • Younger pupils help to properly organize the homework. Children tend to sit a long time with one thing, being distracted and dreaming, and then it is difficult to gather together. To be organized and focused, do not waste time – these are skills your child will acquire not right away.
  • Encourage independencewhen something is simple, the child makes himself. You can only check and praise.
  • Don’t do complex tasks for the child! This way you will not help him, but only to fix the wrong model behaviour: why bother if mom and dad will always be my backup and will do for me! Explain push in the right direction, let the children learn to think!
  • And last but very important thing is mental attitude. If the child doesn’t want to do homework, teach him the opposite idea: doing homework on time and properly – which was a big plus for him!

    • He learned a lesson, the next day he was asked and he did a good job – “well done, you worked out and deservedly earned the top five!”
    • He did all the lessons and put the briefcase on Monday – “see, did the deed, now with a clear conscience to have fun this weekend!”
    • He does his homework on time, intently and carefully, “you have great perseverance and ability to concentrate, you will be eventually a successful businessman!”

    And so on, positive statements of praise invent themselves in the course.

    Over time, the child has probably diminished the negative attitude towards homework, especially if he sees that it’s experimental and it’s praised that you are always ready to help, work out additionally.

    And after a while will be the habit to do homework on time, consciously and for his own benefit.

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