The child doesn’t get along with a brother or sister – what is the reason?

Happy family is a family that has children. The more children the more happiness. And how worried parents when their children quarrel, fight, say mean things. A mother’s heart is torn by pain, because all her children are the fingers of one hand. All are equally dear and loved. So today women’s site “” you pick the topic, what should parents do if children do not get along with each other.

The causes of conflicts

Find out why the child doesn’t get along with sister or brother, can the parents or child psychologists to whom they are addressed. If parents notice such a problem as increased conflict between children, so they have already made a step in the direction of its resolution. To help them – our advice on how to teach children to resolve conflicts independently.

Most children quarrel for the following reasons:

  • do not share toys, books, computer, cartoons;
  • disproportionately get the attention of parents;
  • the great difference between them in age;
  • the age difference is three years or less.

All other conflict situations, generally derived from the four above.

Why hurt the kids?

Younger children are often in the role of punching bags. Though they tend to imitate elders, and dream to grow up to be equal with them, play their game, take their books and toys.

Eldest child does not get along with a younger brother or sister due to lack of attention.

Parents have to take care of their children around the clock, during the cycle of feeding and changing, they forget about the elders. Many parents mistakenly believe that this is a temporary prioritization will not harm future relations between the children. As relations deteriorate in the beginning.

If you notice that your older child doesn’t get along with a brother and sister, consider how much of your personal time and attention each gets from the kids, and how you can change the situation. Jealousy causes conflict situations between children with the age difference, by itself, will not disappear. Growing up, children will move away from each other, their quarrels will become systemic.

What concrete steps can be made now?

Put the youngest to sleep and play with the older Board games, make drawings, help to make lessons, read along book. Explain that before the advent of brother or sister loved him to as many as 3-4-5 years longer! And most say that you like kids as much.

The child doesn’t get along with sister or brother, or “My toy, you bought me!”

Female site gives simple and proven tips to prevent children from fighting over toys, books, desire to watch different cartoons, wear different clothes, parents should observe the following rules:

  • Buying toys, to focus on the fact that they are “common”, “for all”.
  • Show by example, how do you share with other family members, TV, household appliances.
  • Often helps buy the same toys or things, but all children need to be able to share and use things in turn, to understand why this is necessary.
  • To tell children tales with instructive content.

Younger offends older

The youngest child often hurts older because of envy, rivalry, desire to be on equal footing with him. If the child does not get along with his older brother, then learning how to react to the quarrel, have hurt the baby. He’s a defender, he’s a senior, he needs to understand that the kid was jealous and therefore he lifts it.

In the older child needs to be equipped with your area, where are his books, designer books.

Do not rush to blame the kid for what he lifts older. Kindly tell me, what good is waiting for him when he grows up and how hard he loves his brother or sister.

The best example is my mother’s example!

The child doesn’t get along with brother and sister often because in the family he sees the rivalry between the parents. Arguing with each other, defending the personal point of view, parents provoke kids to the emergence of quarrels between them. The brother thinks that the sister must obey him, because the girl. The girl believes that the boy needs her to concede.

The child doesn’t get along with sister or brother because of the desire to be a leader.

Only by example, respect and reverence in the family , you can establish a relationship between the children and also strengthen their.

Spend most everything together leisure, go outdoors, play cooperative games, watch family movies – the only way you will achieve harmony and understanding in family life.

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