The child is afraid of doctors: what to do?

Visits to medical facilities, medical procedures and communicating with physicians – an unpleasant pastime for kids and adults alike. But sometimes it is absolutely necessary! What should parents do if the child is afraid of doctors will tell women’s original website ““.

How to teach a child not to be afraid of doctors?

Of course, is to admit the obvious fact – make visiting the clinic a pleasant walk you are unlikely to succeed. You, the responsible adult people can fully relax and not worry at all, if you have some kind of painful procedure? No? That’s what it is.

But to make the child stopped panic rush from every white coat and unceasing cry, barely hearing that have to go to the doctor, it is the power of patient and understanding parents.

For example, if the children are afraid of doctors – what to do?

This kid is unlikely to listen to explanations and admonitions to be quiet and not be afraid. He still does not understand that medical procedures is actually useful for him. The only thing parents can do is to try to associate the inevitable discomfort with some positive for the little moments. For example, with sweets (which in other days the child is not allowed), buying new toys, etc.

Important point – try not to show own excited state during a visit to the doctor and before doing this (even if your anxiety is caused by the fact that the kid acts up).

Let your child see that everything is calm, the situation is “normal”, it’s just aunt adults discuss adult things. If we are talking about a simple inspection without the painful procedures, tell the baby with your usual tone that he will do with it: “now we need to show the back, aunt will listen to you tube”, etc.

Try to find a pediatrician who is not only a good professional, but also pleasant, friendly and calm person who can inspire confidence in a young child. After all, a common reason why children are afraid of doctors: they are often scared not procedures as such, but loud harsh (or Vice versa, fake Lisp) aunts in clinics that rudely behave with young patients.

Also, to avoid stay in the atmosphere of excitement and fear, try not to sit with the baby in the queue, consisting of the same nervous mothers with children crying scared. If there is no clinic in the playroom, where the kids just play, then at least find a way to take a turn and come out with your child on the porch or in the yard, and then quickly go to the office.

Another thing – when the child becomes older and begins to understand what is happening and what parents talk with the doctor. Then you should do everything that he understood the necessity and the benefit of all examinations, procedures and medical manipulations.

If the child is afraid of doctors, you tell a lot of interesting things about profession of doctor and medicine: what is difficult, but the right people matter how much doctors know about the human body, etc.

Also in detail tell the kid about his disease (of course, if it is not severe and treatable) about how microbes and viruses carry disease that occurs when the evil virus settles in the nose and throat, and what happens when the nose buried need drops, etc. On these topics is not a problem to find interesting children’s books or videos.

Always honestly tell the child that he will in a clinic or hospital. When something painful – tell me about it directly.

If you do have personal experience of transferring such procedures try to describe the nature of pain and how to ease the pain (for example, not to strain the muscles when injected, can relax when swallowing a gastric tube, etc.). When the procedure is unpleasant psychologically (for example, a child afraid of the doctors in the x-ray room – after all, you need to lie on the cold table, to keep his lead plates), then explain to him in advance and that “you will need to lie on the table and a little bit frostbitten, but then you can see what makes you tick inside, on special photos”.

Your honesty is a pledge that thereafter, the child you will believe and not to worry if you will say that you need to go for a check-up or “scary” doctor of the type of optometrist who will not do anything painful.

Kid afraid of the doctors – what to do to calm him down?

Few tips from – what should be done if the child is afraid of doctors, behaves capriciously and restless in the clinic.

  • Bring a favorite toy of the child – that which he most plays.
  • Take games that you can take time in the queue. And Yes, the queue in front of the medical office is the place to allow your child to play on your phone or tablet (if you usually forbid it or limit the time for such fun in the clinic this will be an additional “candy”).
  • Take player or tablet with headphones – let the child listen to audio or music pleasing to him.
  • If the child is reading and a positive attitude towards reading – take a book. But if he does not like to read, then the clinic is the worst place for instilling in him the love of books!

If parents from an early age have shaped the child adequate attitude to treatment and doctors, by the age of 10-12 it will be to take the necessary visits to medical facilities.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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