The child was transferred to a different school: how to behave with parents?

School, as a rule, without special need do not change. So, the fact that your child has changed schools, was preceded by a serious reason. It could be: moving, heavy psychological situation of the child in the classroom, change of school to the gymnasium, Lyceum, and Vice versa. Depending on the reasons for the transition are different features of the parents ‘ behavior. And this today, will tell

New city, new house, new school come on!

When a houseplant, we often notice changes in growth, activity, bloom. And what can we say about the man, losing all that is familiar: an apartment, a job, friends.

But this is hardest on the student. He can’t choose his motivation and be prepared for the best, if in the previous school he was fine.

Child transferred to another school because of change of residence, should help parents to identify positive aspects, which will help him adapt to the new environment. Of course, this is new friends, new clubs, excursions.

And that means new experiences, achievements, and Hobbies.

New school – good teacher?

Often finding something new we have great expectations. So, if your child had to go to a new school because of the problems with the teacher, you may look for the disappearance of all difficulties, performance enhancement and improved discipline.

In the best case this would happen, but most of the work for best results it needs to be done by the parents themselves.

Thoroughly talk with your child about all the old problems, discuss possible reasons for their occurrence, and set the student in a positive and proper communication with the teacher at the new school.

Visit the pre-school, talk candidly with a new teacher. In order to avoid repetition tell him about all the difficulties and peculiarities of your child. The teacher should know the strengths and weaknesses of a new student.

Speak only objective things, no matter how unsightly they may seem. Believe me, the bad will come out, but if the teacher will know about it in advance, you will be able to foresee everything.

Your child moved to another school because of underachievement

The situation when the child lacks the stars from the sky, and the parents are frustrated, it is normal. Often parents take their children to gymnasiums, lyceums with increased loads, without thinking about the possible problems in the future. And children can not cope with the program, become withdrawn, depressed, getting sick very often.

On the General background of excellent students and horoshist neuspevaju child will be at least uncomfortable. Yes, and the teacher will be complaining that because of the disadvantaged suffering the whole class.

The best way out of this situation would be a change of school on a normal school advises

If your child is lagging behind a changed school due to poor grades and fatigue, do not worry. You save the child the most important thing: health and faith in yourself! And be sure to take into consideration the advice of the “Beautiful and Successful” how to teach a child to enjoy learning.

A new stage in the gymnasium or Lyceum

Your child is very capable and the family Council unanimously adopted the decision on his deeper education? Great, so your child moved to another school for new knowledge and successes.

Tune in for serious teamwork. In addition to the psychological adaptation in the team your student is waiting for the enhanced program, increased requirements and strict daily routine. Otherwise he will simply fail, will break.

Help your child all the time: do not upload homework, cancel extra mugs and sections. We are not talking about a full waiver of out-of-school life, no. Just adaptation to school loading requires strength and energy, and the immature child’s body the better to concentrate all your energy on school.

If your child changed school, you, as his nearest friend and protector, must:

  • to visit the new school to tell the teacher objectively about your child;
  • to set the student in a positive way;
  • not to Express to the child pity;
  • to trust the child;
  • not to discuss in his presence the old and new schools, teachers, the learning process;
  • to help the child to find friends, invite new classmates to visit;
  • to discuss everything happening at the new school;
  • to give the child much attention, to be his hope and support;
  • seek help from a psychologist if necessary.

And most importantly — your child has moved to a new school, but he remained by itself! Remember it does not demand the impossible from their children!

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