The choice of wardrobe- creativity without borders

Moscow furniture factory Solar Boat – one of the best manufacturers of wardrobes in the Metropolitan area. The secret of its success is that every customer can order the product that will match his expectations.

Solar Boat engaged in the production of wardrobes for over 10 years. During this time, its specialists have learned almost everything about the needs of buyers and can give lots of good tips on selection of furniture and interior design. What to consider when ordering a wardrobe?

1. Configuration

Usually before buying furniture, we define the place where she will stand, and depending on this select model. Of course, the unusual layout and the purpose of the room can not be discounted, however, is to ask yourself another question: “What are the things I would like to place in the new Cabinet?” The configuration of the present often involves not only the traditional sections for underwear and outer clothing, but also offices for other household items. For example, in enclosed bays can accommodate vacuum cleaners, irons and Ironing boards. Also, many buyers bought cabinets with open niches for TV or entertainment center.

In the Solar Boat you can buy for any room made to order: cabinets for library, living room, nursery, bedroom, hallway. Also you have the opportunity to order non-standard products of large dimensions. Solar Boat uses the innovative profile system CosmosJuniorAlluminia that allows you to set doors size 2*3M and weight up to 70 kg.

2. Internal filling

Static shelves and rods for clothes – it’s cheap, practical, but not always convenient. So don’t waste your time searching for things in the closet, you can equip it with modern, functional fittings: retractable cell shelves and baskets, Elevator racks and special holders for various items. In the company Solar Boat you will find many original solutions.

3. Materials

Today, the market represented a huge number of wood panels with different designs and you can easily choose the option which will suit in terms of quality and price. Solar Boat manufactures furniture made of MDF, chipboard and veneer from leading European manufacturers.

The range includes panels of different colors (plain and patterns). If you are interested in cheap cabinets, order model of chipboard. Despite its affordable price, this material is characterized by durability and aesthetic appearance. If you want to buy exclusive furniture, more suited to veneer or MDF. The choice of decorative elements is also very large. You can krasytska mirrors, glass, printing, leather, fabric, wood, plastic and other inserts.

More details of the factory production Solar Boat can be found on the website

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