The colors in the clothes that you want to use to look young

Many women will agree that the appearance, in the first place, affected by lifestyle – nutrition, sports, drinking regime and healthy sleep. However, with a large selection of clothes and cosmetics thanks to a few simple techniques it is possible to lose up to a dozen years (at least outwardly) without excessive effort. The ability to select and combine colors in the wardrobe play the leading role.

What to choose blondes?

To emphasize his youth, the girls with cool blonde (it is the most popular among the girls at the moment) you need to give preference to lighter shades of fabrics. It can be pastel colors or bleached color, which will be the emphasis on freshness and spring mood. The first successful gamma – any fantasies of turquoise and mint. This color was included in the list of fashion trends a few years ago and since then has been eliminated from the list of favorite shades of young people that associate the fan with the progressive representatives of the younger generation. It’s easy to combine the basic things in neutral colors (white, beige, grey or anthracite), and also combine more vivid, flashy accessories.

The second important color for blondes – muted lavender (not to be confused with violet, which on the contrary is able to emphasize an uneven tan, the flaws and the dark circles under the eyes). The lavender color can not be too rich – it should barely be captured and even a little sparkle in direct sunlight. Very well the clothes of these tissues is “working” in the upper part of the figure, concealing an extra relief and adding a silhouette of ease. The same can be said about powdery (grey-pink) color – it adds mistress of romanticism and, by the way, makes men desire to flirt, to care, to take care of his woman, which is also a sign of her youth and attractiveness.

What colors to wear for brunettes?

Brunettes in everyday life can look brighter than the owners of platinum curls, and it doesn’t add their way of eclecticism or of vulgarity. First a good shade of mustard. It is moderately active, not flashy, noble and quite reserved. Depending on what to combine the color of mustard can create various effects – to turn into the only eye-catching spot, emphasizing the conservatism and elegance of women, or advantageously be combined with the olive and Burgundy colors, giving the image of a certain enthusiasm and ambition.

Excellent “anti-aging” effects are deep shades of blue – from cobalt to “electric”. This color speaks of courage and determination that are inherent in the youth. It emphasizes the contrast of the thighs and the waist does not put the emphasis on extra pounds, if any. From the lighter and rich of options to compare is what is the coral color, which is able to once again pay attention to femininity and slightly absurd, childish nature of the girl.

But what about red?

The woman with the flaming hair by itself stands out from the crowd – whether she has dyed hair or your natural shade. To him the classics of the genre well-suited green tone. The trend of variations of this range it is best to use “emerald”. He emphasizes on elegance, great flattering shape and goes perfectly with things in different styles – from business to casual and sports. The effect is enhanced if the young lady is the corresponding color of the eyes.

Red-haired women with a slim figure and not too curvaceous, there is no better color of green Apple, because it makes the silhouette is very delicate, fragile, expressive, and, therefore, young. To make the image look completed, the tone can also be added in make-up. Girl in dress colors of the Apple looks very fresh and well-groomed.

Universal options

There are some win-win colors that will absolutely fit to all women. It is, first and foremost, light blue color – not too rich, bleached, or as it is called “heaven.” Lately on the streets you can often find women in blue total looks. This tint not only adds a feel of lightness and air, it pleases the eye of others with its calmness and restraint, adds to the girl of inaccessibility, making it very cute and attractive.

The second honored place among the universal colors is fuchsia. In order to avoid excessive diversity, it is necessary to combine with accessories relaxed the basic colors and not to use garments with voluminous details – ruffles, flounces, frills and draping. Despite the fact that this option is quite capricious and it is possible to overdo it, simply by choosing “my” tone, fuchsia still has more advantages than the warnings. The main thing – not to break into the neon, so as not to produce the impression of a teenager of the 90-ies of the last century.

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