The complex of exercises for morning exercises: for women, men, children and the elderly, pros and cons, reviews

A cold shower or strong coffee — this is the wrong start to the day. It’s something like doping for the nervous system and brain, which at the time gives a feeling of cheerfulness, but awakens the body completely. As a result, after a few hours comes tiredness, drowsiness and apathy. A real burst of energy will give you only charger. Easy physical exercise hits all body systems, gives you the strength for activity for an eventful day. In addition, the habit is to do a set of exercises for morning exercises have a positive impact on health.

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  • 1 set of exercises for morning exercises
    • 1.1 the Universal “ten”
    • 1.2 For women
    • 1.3 For men
    • 1.4 For teenagers
    • 1.5 “Bed” workout for lazy
  • 2 7 of the rules of efficiency
  • 3 How to spur yourself to action
  • 4 Reviews: “This is absolutely brilliant thing!”

Unfortunately, 90% of people neglect to exercise, preferring a few extra moments to luxuriate in bed. They have no idea what you’ve been missing your body. The use of morning exercises can be described by five pros.

  • Energy. A small exercise accelerates blood circulation. Thus, each cell of the body is saturated with oxygen. After a few minutes the person feels a surge of courage and strength.
  • Mood. The charge involves a minor load, which is not tiring not tiring. Moreover, it promotes the production of endorphins, which are known to be hormones of happiness.
  • Harmony. Morning gymnastics starts the metabolism. Thus, what you will eat for Breakfast, will be quickly processed by the digestive system, without prejudice to the figure. For pregnant moderate exercise is also important in maintaining a healthy weight. But given the benefits for the spine, you can expect to improve posture.
  • Endurance. Early rise and exercise is a small but, nevertheless, test for your will power. So you will learn how to overcome laziness. This will help you in all your endeavors.
  • Immunity. Morning exercises will make the body stronger and more resistant to external negative factors. If you do exercise every day, then over time notice that colds began to bother you much less frequently.
  • The complex of exercises for morning exercises

    If you have realized the importance of charging for the back, joints and overall health, this is already half of success. It only remains to choose the optimal set of exercises, appropriate to your age and fitness level.

    Universal “ten”

    To execute the program of the morning exercises, 10 minutes early wind the clock. This will be enough to reproduce a simple set of exercises that involves all parts of the body. Such a short and simple morning exercises suitable for children. Also the complex will suit those looking for options for a morning exercise for the elderly. The table shows the scheme of training.

    Table — a Ten-minute morning exercise

    What worksExerciseTechniqueReplays
    NeckHead rotationSlowly and smoothly, not throwing back his head, complete rotation5 right and left
    HandsPropeller— Hands spread to the sides;
    — make a fist;
    — rotate the forearms, leaving the shoulders fixed
    For 20 inside and out
    Rotation by hands— Hands down, and stretched in the elbows;
    — synchronously sweeping, with a maximum amplitude of the fingers describe circles in the air
    10 forward and back
    Infinity— At chest level connect the brush to the castle;
    trying to use only the brush, “draw” a horizontal figure eight (infinity sign)
    CaseMill— Widely place feet.
    — direct hands spread to the sides;
    — keeping the spine flat, bend down;
    — hands alternately reach to the toe of the opposite leg
    Rotation of the hips— With your feet a small distance;
    — fixing the hands on the hips, pelvis describe a circle
    10 each way
    FeetThe rotation of flexed leg— Leg bend in the knee and maximum pull up to the body;
    — rotate the ankle so that the toe of the foot described a small circle in the air
    10 for each leg
    The rotation of the heel— Straighten the body, the feet connect;
    — take one leg aside on a sock;
    — without lifting the toe from the floor, heel draw a circle in the air
    20 for each leg

    Getting started charging, be sure to do a little workout. Enough for three to five minutes marching on the spot to bring the body into “battle ready”.For women

    Women, as a rule, there are lots of claims to your body. Morning is the time to work on the cons of the figure. The following table contains the optimum exercises that are useful for weight loss and shape a beautiful silhouette.

    Table — Correct morning exercises for women

    What worksExerciseTechniqueReplays
    NeckThe head tiltsAlternately tilt your head in different directions20
    HandsStretching of the triceps— Widely place feet.
    — rectified right-hand well get left in front of you;
    the opposite working push even further, to feel a strong tension of the muscles
    One minute for each hand
    Vertical scissors– Foot put at a small distance;
    — one hand pull along the body, and the second lift up;
    — rhythmically, change the position of the hands on the opposite
    CaseBending forwardStops connect, and hands down;
    — gently drag fingers to the floor, trying to hold back
    Cat— Get on all fours;
    — leaning on hands, pull chest toward the floor;
    — rotting the back, like a cat, smoothly climb on outstretched arms
    FeetLeg swings— Put his hands on your waist or grasp the back of your chair if you have balance problems;
    — straight leg alternately make moves in different directions
    12 for each leg
    Squats— Spread your feet widely and stretch your arms in front of chest;
    — squat without bending the back
    The lift of the heel— Connect the foot;
    — bend one leg and lift;
    — as high as you can lift the heel of the second leg, “spring” on the toe

    The number of retries can be changed. Feeling tired, you can adjust the number downwards. Good physical shape helps increase the duration of charging.For men

    Men need more intense exercise than women. It should be aimed at all groups of muscles, give the body energy and develop endurance. The table shows the optimal set of exercises

    Table — the Classic morning exercises for men

    What worksExerciseTechniqueReplays
    NeckHead turns— Gently rotate your head to the right and to the left10
    HandsPushups from the wall— Stand facing a wall and step away from it;
    — put your hands on a surface at chest level;
    — bend your elbows and start to push-UPS
    Boxing— Starting position should resemble a boxer’s stance;
    — alternately straighten your arms, mimicking the punches
    CaseStrap— Lie on the floor face down;
    — rest on the surface of socks feet;
    — place hand under the chest and lift up on straight arms;
    — straighten your back, pull your stomach and buttocks;
    — hold this position
    30 seconds
    Hammer— Stand exactly on widely spaced legs;
    — direct hands close to the castle in front of chest;
    — turn the hull, setting the direction of the hands
    Press— Lie on your back, hands under his head and bent feet;
    — Lift head and shoulders off the floor
    FeetSquats with dumbbells— Place your feet widely;
    hands pull down, after taking them to the weights;
    — squat, maintaining a flat back position
    Side bangs— Widely spread your feet and slightly squat;
    — for balance stretch your arms in front of you;
    — one leg bend the knee and lift it to the side;
    sharply straighten the leg, simulating a stroke
    10 for each leg

    For teenagers

    Pupils and students most of the day spend sitting down. And they have a habit to stoop, slouch, one word sit as you like, but not directly. So in the morning gymnastics for teenagers needs to be a stronger emphasis on the back. Simple and effective the complex is presented in the table.

    Table — Charging for teenagers

    What worksExerciseTechniqueReplays
    NeckHead rotation— Slowly turn your head5 each way
    HandsBoxerHands bend in elbows, squeeze his hands into fists at chest level;
    — sharp and strong movements “boxrule”, simulating attacks
    2 minutes
    CaseRotation of the housing— Put your hands on her waist and hips lock in a fixed position;
    — with a large amplitude spin body
    5 each way
    The slopes— Standing straight, put your hands back and interlock;
    — lean forward without bending
    Deflections— Get on all fours and lignite the lower back as much as they can;
    — as much bend
    FeetWalking on the ground— Walk in place, raising their knees high2 minutes
    Squats— Adopt a stable position with your back straight;
    — try to sit as low as possible without lifting your heels

    “Bed” workout for lazy

    If you can’t find the strength to do full exercises, a workout, getting out of bed. Five easy techniques will bring the body and mind on alert in anticipation of a busy day.

  • Stretching. Legs are straight and the hands opened up. Drag the fingers and toes.
  • Twisting. Get hands ago. Keeping the shoulder belt in a fixed position, rotate the pelvis to the right and to the left. Only ten twists.
  • Knee lifts. Would you sit up a little leaning on his elbows. Five to seven times pull your knees up to your chest.
  • Boxing. Lying on your back, hard beat in the air. To box need a couple of minutes.
  • Bike. Lying on the back, two minutes imitate Cycling, rotating feet first. Another two minutes, turn the legs in the opposite direction.
  • Get some rest after charging. Before you get out of bed, three to five minutes, lie down on back, trying to breathe as deeply as possible.

    7 rules of efficiency

    Should not treat lightly the morning exercises. There are many conditions, ignoring of which may lead to an effect opposite to the expected. Attention should be paid to the seven rules.

  • Don’t overdo it. The body, pampered sleep, it is impossible to load a long intense workout after waking up. The charge should give vitality, not exhaust.
  • Start exercises while in bed. Before lifting, stretch to stretch your body after sleep.
  • Awaken the brain. Before the gym, wash your face and brush your teeth or fill the bed. This will finally lead you into feeling before morning exercise.
  • Turn up the music. Groovy rhythm will cause the body to move more actively, and the brain will work harder. You might like the idea of charging or a dance workout in the style of “Zumba”.
  • Breathe deeply and evenly. Each cell of the body needs to get enough oxygen. Possible engage with the window open or pre-ventilate the room before you do exercises in the morning.
  • Do not starve yourself. Ideally, I work out before eating. But if, waking, you feel extremely hungry, not torture yourself. Eat a banana, a couple of oatmeal cookies or a handful of nuts for energy. After a meal wait a quarter of an hour before you start charging.
  • Be aware of the condition. If you have contraindications to physical exercise, morning exercise is best to consult a doctor. In osteochondrosis, scoliosis and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system the role of morning exercises can perform therapeutic exercise.
  • In warm time of year to exercise outdoors. If you are not lucky enough to live in a private house, spend a morning training session in a nearby Park.How to spur yourself to action

    Morning physical exercises in the home is a mere trifle. Only a few minutes of light exercise. But why, then, the vast majority of people ignore this a useful exercise? The problem is lack of willpower. For the lazy recommended five ways of motivation.

  • Set the alarm away from the bed. Usually people turn off the annoying call, not raising his head from the pillow. Try to place the alarm clock at the other end of the room. Then you just have to get out of bed to silence the alarm. This will allow you to cheer up before gymnastics.
  • Get support. Bring it to morning training all members of the family. Together much easier to overcome laziness.
  • Fix a plan of action. Make a daily routine mentally, and in written form. Place it somewhere in a prominent place.
  • Prepare to charge in advance. In the evening, place in a convenient location all the necessary charging equipment (exercise mats, dumbbells, a chair, etc.). Then you will have fewer excuses for failure from training.
  • Give thanks to yourself. Come up with a reward system. If you a week working out, pamper yourself with a chocolate bar. A month of regular exercise you can treat yourself to a little upgrade. But for missing charge, you can punish yourself with a lack of amusement.
  • Praise is a healthy habit in front of friends. To keep the brand, you have to work daily. You might want to share the success and further plans for self-improvement in personal blog, inspiring others.

    Based on numerous surveys, scientists at the University of Florida came to the conclusion that regular exercise makes a person more confident and increase self-esteem. British researchers claim that the habit of doing exercises in the morning reduces the risk of diabetes. Even if you are skeptical about such statements, there is no doubt that exercises for morning exercises in the morning for beginners or seasoned athletes is a great way to recharge your batteries to stay productive.

    Reviews: “This is absolutely brilliant thing!”

    In my experience how effective morning exercise for weight loss. After an overnight fast, blood less glucose, so during the morning workouts to burn the reserves of fat. I can still say that if I plan an intense workout in the morning, we will eat a banana, and after 40 minutes do. If light exercises, then you can not have a bite. But after class I eat somewhere in 40 minutes.


    Morning exercise-this is absolutely brilliant stuff. At least 5 minutes in the morning and you will be able this all day! And then. I bottegone, as always ,terribly broken rose. Because I sleep badly. Didn’t even like going to do. As the house will come. But he forced himself on the principle of the Japanese-Obamamania-do exercise b at least a minute. In the end, I did it half an hour. Well, then another, and yoga to sit down)).Then that’s straight oatmeal Breakfast, took a cold shower(which I hate) and rode the energetic. That’s how so?))


    I am the sloth. How much I had Mondays, which now I certainly will – are not considered. But every time there was something important and, most importantly, objective reason that prevent me to do exercises such as the absolute part of the morning, like washing or brushing your teeth. Changed all that, oddly enough, my daughter. She wakes up early and I once to occupy himself and her, turned on the music, and the pair of us performed a few simple exercises. Now I have no choice – every morning I awaken to a shrill little voice: ` Mama, charging! `) And to negotiate with it is not as easy as with your inner voice)))


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