The crisis of adolescence: what parents need to know

Any mom going through with your child all his most difficult life stages, including the crisis of adolescence. During this period, and the mother, and the teenager has a hard time.

In order to overcome it without any serious shocks, parents of teenagers need to have some knowledge that today they will introduce the website ““.

Features adolescence

Aged 11 to 17 years the child is undergoing rapid change, which is accompanied by a complex process of transition from childhood into the world of adulthood.

The change starts with the appearance of the child.

One of the physiological characteristics of adolescence can be called the disproportionately large size of his head, feet and hands against the other parts of the body. Because of this, pupils of 6-9 classes usually look awkward and angular.

Inside the body of a teenager there is a rapid restructuring.

His sex glands begin to work intensively, emitting a blood a huge amount of hormones. The child appears an increased interest in sex.

But the crisis of adolescence parents and teachers are beginning to speak in that moment, when a child manifests the following features:

  • Arguing with adults about everything.
  • Stubbornness, unwillingness to accept the parents ‘ advice.
  • A strange sense of humor, desire to laugh at everything that surrounds him.
  • Rudeness and statements, shocking cynicism.
  • Resentment, painful feelings.

All these traits cause parents of Teens the anxiety and bewilderment. They seemed to think that the children make it all out of spite. The crisis of puberty in teenagers can cause serious family discord, if the mother fails to understand and support their child in such a difficult period.

The crisis of adolescence: causes of difficulties in the relationship with a teenager

Any deviation in children’s behavior adolescence is quite hard to explain.

  • Doctors say that the blood of teenagers contains a real hormonal cocktail that literally makes the blood boil. This is the main reason of teenage temper, intolerance, emotionality and vulnerability. In search of ways to get rid of psychological stress, boys and girls of this age are trying different means of relaxation, including sex, alcohol and drugs.
  • Adolescent growth almost catching up with parents and older children in the family. Of course, they feel “big” and trying to defend their right to independence. At the same time, psychologically, they are closer to children who do not understand why someone they have something. Hence their reluctance to take responsibility and failure to comply with the duties imposed on them by adults.
  • The crisis in adolescents is often manifested in the calling appearance, which usually young man or the girl hiding some of his complexes about appearance. The website assures parents: piercing, tattoo, emo, Gothic outfits, exotic hair, bright color hair, grunge style are attempts to Express their individuality and to look away passers-by from flaws in the appearance that have to find every teenager. Usually the desire to look especially toward the end of adolescence it disappears by itself.
  • Adolescents is very important that others accept them, a lot of them play a role of authority among peers. Friends for children is a difficult age sometimes matter even more than parents, which, as it seems teenagers simply can’t understand. The experience of acquiring new friends among peers, establishing friendships, finding their own role in the group is very important for a teenager. It helps him to socialize, learn to negotiate with others, develop their individual style of behavior.

Parents often unleash a real war with the friends of your child for authority. And certainly in this situation lose, because one of the features of the crisis of adolescence is to deny the views and opinions that are imposed from the outside.

Most children transition age, it is important to experience the truth of various theories, and their stance they want to build on the principles to which they themselves came. This is quite a natural desire, so let him not.

In order to protect children from fatal mistakes, parents should learn to quietly push them to certain life-conclusions.

To control the lives of children experiencing the crisis of adolescence, is quite difficult. And yet, wise parents cope with this task.

To solve it, any mom will help the possession of certain psychological techniques.

The psychological crisis of adolescence: what psychologists recommend

The main task of the parents of the kid to help him pass the path of growing up without errors that cannot be corrected. This is very important child in this period of his life to learn to control their emotions.

  • With a teenager you need to talk to a calm confident tone. If in the process of communication will break out a fight and the child will go to my room, slamming the door, as it usually happens in such situations, mom or dad not to take the position of the offended. After waiting twenty minutes, you can continue the conversation, explaining to the child that his temper is to blame hormonal changes, but emotions still need to control the conversation in such a tone offends and hurts people.
  • Boiling blood teenagers can be tamed, sending his tireless energy in the right direction, for example, sports or some creativity.
  • Teenager is important to help realize their potential. This will help him interests. Various mugs and sections will not only distract the child’s attention in the age of transition from dangerous interests, but also enhance his self-esteem, as well as expand the circle of communication.
  • Because Teens in crisis in children is characterized by very painful external perception of their own disadvantages parents it is important to find in the exterior of a son or daughter several attractive features, to bring them to the attention of the child, to explain that people without flaws do not exist.
  • To overcome the crisis teenagers help close friends. The role of the friend for boys or girls can play pet the dog.

There are situations in which the crisis of adolescence is acute, and problematic. Children begin to use drugs, alcohol, are promiscuous, run away from home. To solve such problems without the assistance of professional psychologists will not work.

Therefore, parents of troubled Teens is very necessary to seek help from professionals.

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