The decoration of the hall on 8 March in kindergarten with their hands: photo

Decorating ideas hall on 8 March in kindergarten

Consider a few ideas for creating a room that is suitable to the theme of the event. For the manufacture of decor uses simple materials that transform the room. A little imagination, skill and creativity, and in the usual room blooming summer meadow, begin to flutter colorful butterfly slowly floating air clouds from his balls.

Interesting! How to rest on March 8 in 2019, whether the transfer

For self-registration we offer you to consider several options:

  • Classic eight. Figure, large size, placed on a window or adorning a wall, will always be relevant. It attracts attention and looks very impressive. Materials you can use balloons, ribbons, corrugated paper or cardboard.

  • Composition with figures and text. If space allows it is possible to make the name of the holiday, adding to the figure caption and additional items. To complement the Central composition can flowers, butterflies, rainbow and clouds.

  • Paper flowers. This versatile jewelry item is usually used with few variations. You can make giant buds that are placed on Windows or on the stage. Looks very interesting wall, fully decorated with small flowers.

  • Artificial flowers large size. From improvised materials it is possible to build flowers growing right in the room. Their size exceeds the growth of the child, so children are happy to walk in this colorful garden.

  • The POM-poms out of paper. Bright POM-poms you can make yourself or buy in a specialty store. With colorful decor, you can decorate a wall, to highlight a certain part of the room or to create a three-dimensional composition.

  • Balls-accordions. Light and original features, reminiscent of well-known musical instrument, perfectly complement the festive decoration of the hall. Bulk balloons can simply be hung on the ceiling and enjoying their mesmerizing motion.

Decoration flowers

Of colors it is possible to build a large number of different elements to make room on 8 March. It may be spring flowers, figures, garlands and collages. Rapidly gaining popularity large paper flowers . Similar decor, hand made, does not require additional elements and looks great. Next, let us consider how to decorate the hall on 8 March in kindergarten in just 10 minutes.

Tools and materials:

  • scissors;
  • 5 sheets of light pink color;
  • 5 sheets of pink paper;
  • 5 sheets dark pink color;
  • 5 sheets of paper crimson;
  • 5 sheets of dark crimson;
  • pencil;
  • hotmelt.

Sequence of actions:

  • Take five sheets of paper is light pink in color, folded them in a pile and draw on the top sheet heart. The pattern may be of any size, the easiest way the bottom of the sheet to leave a smooth, while the upper part is a little more rounded in the form of a petal. Cut out the pattern in pattern.
  • Likewise, cut out the templates from five leaves pink. Next, make five petals dark pink, the edges can be a bit delicate, adding the figure the wavy lines.
  • Leaves crimson bend in half, cut, and cut five openwork petals, using one of the halves.
  • Dark crimson leaves also divide in half and cut openwork petals, the size is slightly smaller crimson.
  • Each petal make a small incision down the centre. The incision should be about 2.5 – 3 cm.
  • From billet dark Magenta color forming a small pouch and fastened it with hot. The rest of the petals that shade pasted over the first, forming the middle of the flower.
  • The tips of the petals crimson tighten up with a pencil and glue the workpiece to the middle of the flower.
  • The rest of the petals in the sizing region of the incisions, making them a little rounded, and tighten up the edges with a pencil.
  • Glue the petals to the middle, moving from dark color to light. For the convenience of the workpiece you can turn.
  • Ready rose due to the color transitions look very natural, pretty and gentle. If you want to make the flower more three-dimensional and dense instead of the usual paper choose thick cardboard. There are packages which already contain several shades of pink, which is very useful for creating tonal DIY.

    Decoration balls

    The most popular way to design a music hall with their hands is arch. March 8, in the kindergarten installed a colorful rainbow made in one or several layers. On the sides of the arch are placed the small sculptures of the balloons, made in the form of columns, vases, or bouquets.

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    Additional arch is installed at the door, making an entrance. All sorts of wreaths and arches are popular, but not the only use of balloons. We offer a few more ideas for this decor:

    • the creation of spring the song from the first flowers, green grass, light clouds and warm sun. Using different colors and sizes of material can make a vivid backdrop for the main event in March;
    • creating figures and decals that match the theme of the celebration;
    • the use of foil balloons. Shiny balls, made in the form of stars look great under the ceiling, you can make as a garland or an arch;
    • create garlands of balloons using fishing line or thin rope. Air ornaments attached to long strings and placed in any suitable part of the room;
    • the use of balloons filled with helium. Flying bright decor can simply be placed under the ceiling, tightening the rope in a spectacular spiral. Of the balls you can also make a fountain, moving a corridor, or an original composition. To do this, the beads must bind the appropriate cargo.

    Photo zone for kindergarten on March 8

    Place in the children’s garden allows you to make good pictures of all participants of the festive event on a bright and beautiful background. To design this area using a very ordinary decor, hand made, in the form of garlands of paper flowers, airy bouquets and arrangements of the corrugated paper. All these elements are placed along the wall, creating a perfect backdrop for photos.

    In photo zones you can use helium balloons, big eight and POM-poms out of paper. With their hands can make decorative panels, decorated with large peonies out of crepe paper. Often, to decorate the hall and photo zone on March 8, in kindergarten, used fabric flowers which are woven into the arch and is placed on the wall.

    Doing creative work, do not limit a flight of fancy, and not customize projects under the established framework. Perhaps the Central composition instead of the traditional eight you will have a tropical butterfly or a luxury fan, the place is decorated in a nautical theme, and instead of floral arches hall features moving songs from helium balloons. Every holiday is distinguished by its special atmosphere, so feel free to experiment with the decor and choose creative solutions.

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