The disease anorexia: how dangerous, and how to treat it

The cult of graceful, lean models, reigning on TV and in glossy magazines, has led to the emergence of a new disease anorexia. The first sounded the alarm of doctors who are faced with the consequences of the universal fascination with weight loss and diets. That is the disease anorexia nervosa and how it does not “catch” – today

We admit at once — this article is for those readers that having a normal body mass index (BMI), good for its growth and Constitution figure, however, consider themselves “fat” and trying to lose weight to “strum bones”.

Dear girls! We can support you only in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, a correct and healthy diet and regular exercise.

Everything else is a figment of your wild imagination.

If others chorus I can assure you that you continue to lose weight you to anything if the obsession with the number of ingested calories turned you into mania, if the beloved is afraid to lie on your ribs during sex — then you have become a victim of the disease called “anorexia”.

What kind of illness is anorexia nervosa?

Anorexia (she is called “anorexia nervosa”) is an eating disorder that is associated, on the one hand, with the panicky fear of gaining weight, and on the other with the maniacal desire to lose weight.

The man who became a victim of the disease anorexia (which is mostly girls and young women), takes its looks and weight inadequate.

The scourge of anorexia reached such proportions that in 2005 there was even a day against her, which is celebrated on 16 November. Fashion houses and modeling agencies one after another began to refuse from overly skinny models.

In several countries, there were social campaign informing about dangers which are concealed in a fanatical desire to follow the “model” standards.


How indicators help to recognize that a person becomes susceptible to anorexia, before he began to resemble a skeleton with skin? Here’s what you should pay attention to:

  • significant weight loss, it is striking – while the victim of anorexia is afraid of even slightest weight gain, speaks and thinks only about it
  • some sun can cook normal food for the family to learn recipes and even get involved in cooking – but it categorically is not prepared
  • the desire to get rid of even the minimum food that reaches the stomach. To the victims of the disease of anorexia resort to laxative drugs or make yourself throw up
  • some to the point of exhaustion doing in gyms or running (yet strong enough)
  • inadequate attitude to the meal – eat standing up, cut food into small pieces (eating yogurt with a fork – from the same Opera)
  • depression, irritability, desire for solitude, the constant staring at herself in the mirror

Girls – the sun did not think about how violence against the body in the form of restriction of incoming food can affect their health. A disease like anorexia, it carries really terrible consequences.

The consequences of anorexia

  • amenorrhea – menses cease, the menstrual cycle fails, disappears a woman’s ability to conceive,
  • hair thins and falls out,
  • there is a strong breath – because constantly stimulated by vomiting or fasting,
  • bloating because of indigestion, stomach pain,
  • there is an arrhythmia and other heart problems – due to lack of intake of potassium and magnesium
  • dizziness, fainting spells, General weakness (this is understandable, where will the forces?)
  • swelling of the joints, osteoporosis, which leads to frequent bone fractures and vertebrae.

And that’s just something that, figuratively speaking, “is on the surface” and noticeable to others. And as a result of anorexia atrophy and progressively deny the brain and internal organs, doctors know.

The treatment of the disease: anorexia – a mental disorder

In the vast majority of cases mental illness anorexia arises under influence of the conflict in the entourage of girls and the impact of social factors. Because teenagers most vulnerable to anorexia audience, it is very important that a young girl felt the attention, care and love the people around her.

If the family often conflicts erupt (another option is unrequited love, the ridicule of their peers), and she’s prone to perfectionism or low self-esteem, a fertile ground for anorexia ready. They’re fashion magazines and TV, where flash elegant, confident beauties with wasp waist.

Promote weight loss of each iron. The girl begins to seem that she will find love and admiration of others, “show them all” just losing weight.

And then creeping up to her illness “anorexia nervosa”, and the poor girl can not stop without help.

The conclusion is that all a crook had to be dragged anorexic to a psychologist (and in severe cases – immediately to the psychiatrist).

A person suffering from anorexia nervosa, it is necessary to create comfortable psychological space, to show him love and care and to shift all available ways attention to the simple and affordable pleasures of life.

The disease anorexia is very serious and, unfortunately, in some very advanced cases, even deadly. According to statistics, fanatical sun, not getting the proper treatment in 1-2 years have a good chance of dying from irreversible changes of internal organs.

The author – Mama Puma, site

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