The dough for dumplings in the bread maker: classic, milk and custard

Bread great for making dough for dumplings, noodles and dumplings. The dough for dumplings in the bread maker — a source of pride and envy, so lucky it turns out, and it’s so easy to do. Custard, versatile, and egg dough. Features and secrets of making it in the bread maker.

45 min 6 servings. Easy to prepare

Almost every recipe for dumplings can be adapted for cooking in the bread maker. And, then, everyone can choose the ingredients that it more to their liking.

The basic recipe

How to make dough for dumplings in the bread machine, if you have never tried it, and in the Arsenal of only the most simple products? In fact, in the classic recipe, all very easy. Will handle even the young mistress. In this embodiment, the technique used is “Panasonic”.

You will need:

  • water — 210 ml;
  • egg — 1 PC.;
  • salt — 1 tsp;
  • flour — 450 g.


  • Rabbanite egg with salt and connect with water.
  • Pour liquid mixture into the bread machine bucket.
  • Put it in the same capacity flour.
  • Select the program “Dough-dumplings” and knead the mass for 20 minutes.
  • An hour after the completion of the program, when the mass rises, it is possible to mold the dumplings.
  • For the filling is perfect classic combination of pork and beef, tender minced Turkey or chicken with onions and eggs. Ready to cook dumplings only need 5 minutes after boiling. And submit it is best with sour cream or low-fat mayonnaise.

    With sour cream on the boiling water

    The dough recipe for ravioli in the bread machine sour cream and boiling water is not more complicated than the classic. It becomes quite elastic, but roll it easily. Due to the sour cream in the mass turns out very tender.

    You will need:

    • boiling water — half a glass;
    • flour — 500 g;
    • egg — 1 PC.;
    • sour cream — 4 tbsp;
    • salt — 1 tsp


  • With a fork or whisk stir the salt and egg.
  • Add the sour cream mixture.
  • In the capacity of the bread machine pour the boiling water and egg mixture.
  • Pour there flour, and set the mode for the fresh dough and homemade noodles. For example, in the device LG choose function “Paste”.
  • At the end of the program it is best to give the dough a little brew.
  • Graviola custard dough for homemade ravioli in the bread comes out soft and pliable. It is not torn and is rolled in a thin pancake.

    With vegetable oil

    The oil in the composition the greater impact on the elasticity. This bun is easier to roll and easier to mold. In addition, dumplings or dumplings will not crack when frozen. And that means, you can prepare for the future.

    You will need:

    • flour — 450 g;
    • salt — 1 tsp;
    • water — 160 ml;
    • egg — 1 PC.;
    • vegetable oil — 2 tbsp


  • Salt, egg and butter mix.
  • Pour into bread machine bucket water and oil with egg.
  • Pour there flour, and select the unleavened dough. In the technique of “Moulinex” fit the program “dough”.
  • When the mass is ready, it is important to leave it for half an hour. Only then begin to cook on.
  • Egg dough

    A large number of eggs in the recipe makes the finished bun tight enough. But these dumplings and the dumplings came out very tasty when cooked. The edges of the dumplings are well glued together, and, therefore, the process of sculpting becomes easy and quick.

    You will need:

    • heated water — 1 Cup;
    • egg — 3 PCs.;
    • flour — 500 g;
    • salt — half a teaspoon.


  • Eggs with salt rabbanite with a fork and pour into the container of the bread machine.
  • There pour in warm water.
  • Sprinkle in the flour bucket and select the desired mode.
  • In the oven “LG” mixing dumpling dough lasts 14 minutes. You can choose standard mode for baking bread, just stop it after 20 minutes. This will be enough.

    It is important to hold the bun warm after mixing. This will allow the gluten to swell well. And to work with such a weight will be much easier.Universal hlebopechke dough into dumplings and dumplings

    As knead the dough for dumplings in the bread maker has become clearer. And what about the dumplings? With them appliances will perfectly do. The specificity of forcing the filling to make the dough for dumplings more delicate, because it is rolled out not so subtly. And if it is too thick, do not boil. Fit this versatile recipe.

    You will need:

    • egg — 1 PC.;
    • water — 200 ml;
    • salt — 1 tsp;
    • flour — 3 cups;
    • vegetable oil — 1 tbsp


  • The capacity crack the egg and add the water.
  • There also add salt, pour vegetable oil. Rabbanite.
  • Pour the water, egg and oil in a bucket from the bread machine.
  • Sift there flour.
  • Find a suitable mode. At the furnace “Redmond” it’s called “Fresh dough”.
  • Of so many components would produce approximately 700 grams of dough for vareniks or dumplings. After mixing is formed thick enough bun, no bubbles. He wonderfully rolled and does not become unstuck when modeling. The mass does not stick, you can grease your hands with butter or add to the table and rolling pin with flour.

    Dumplings and pasties

    This recipe is unusual in that the mass of added spirits. This allows for special lightweight texture that is indispensable if you plan to cook pasties or fried dumplings in the pan.

    You will need:

    • vodka — 2 tbsp;
    • water — 200 ml;
    • salt — half a teaspoon;
    • flour — 450 g;
    • egg — 1 PC.


  • Salt dissolve in water, break there egg.
  • Pour the water with the egg in the bucket breadmaker.
  • Add back the alcohol.
  • Sprinkle the flour and turn dough dumpling dough.
  • The mass is rolled out very thin and great for meat and mushroom filling.

    Choux pastry without eggs

    How to prepare the dough for dumplings in the bread maker, so it went for the homemade noodles? For these purposes the best is custard. Boiling water is excellent for bonding all the components, the mass turns thick but not rubber.

    You will need:

    • boiling water — 200 ml;
    • flour — 350 g;
    • salt — 1 tsp;
    • vegetable oil — 3 tbsp


  • Dissolve salt in boiling water.
  • There also add the butter.
  • Pour water and butter in the bread machine bucket.
  • Add water to the flour and select a mode for unleavened dough. If a specific program doesn’t use any other dough, the gingerbread man is ready to roll out in half an hour.
  • The mass obtained is very similar to the cooked recipe with the addition of yogurt, the same plastic and soft.

    If until now bread has helped you exclusively in the preparation of bread, now, without a doubt, the dough for dumplings is to mix it only. And you will see how the process of cooking of this favorite meals easier and more comfortable.

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