The duties of a wife: how to create a happy family

For many thousands of years the relationship between men and women in the family was very simple and straightforward: her husband had to build a house and gather food, and the wife is to maintain a dwelling in order and prepare meals that brought home a husband.

But in recent decades, family life has undergone many changes associated with the advent of new technology and new professions. In light of the new changes the duties of a wife, too, were several others.

What the duties of woman in the modern family has changed and what has remained the same, today, and tell your readers of women’s website ““.

The duties of a wife in marriage: traditions of family relations in Russia

Speaking about the contribution the family must pay the woman, you should not just mention the wifely duties around the house, and to cover marriage in General.

Just a couple of hundred years ago, every married woman clearly knew all his duties in the family. About them the girl told since early childhood, preparing her for family life.

Each mother served for her daughter’s example of what a wife should do for husband.

  • Take care of it. This concept included not only the solutions to such everyday problems as cooking, Laundry, cleaning the house, but also the psychological support of a spouse. Standards are good, a wise wife, according to the beliefs of our ancestors, are the heroines of Russian folk tales – Helen wise, Vasilisa the Beautiful, etc. In complex situations, these fabulous women said to the men: “tomorrow is another day,” while they helped them in solving very difficult problems.
  • To obey her husband. The Bible says that the wife should be submissive to her husband, implicitly following his directions (“let the wife fear her husband”). In Christian families, relations between spouses are never equal, since women were considered as weak creatures who need to take care and protect from all evil. The husband, according to the canons of Christianity, was to serve his wife as an example of piety and to ensure that it consumes his soul. Without consulting the husband, the wife had no right to take any action. But this does not mean that the husband was a dictator. He just bore huge responsibility for the fate of a family, loved his wife and children, so I try to keep her from making fatal mistakes.
  • To give birth to children. Of course, that first you need to live for yourself or to make a career and then give birth to a child out of the question. Married man for procreation, so the woman had to give birth to her husband children.
  • In a family a wife in Russia also included the education of children. The woman had to teach them to respect their elders, work hard, follow the rules of Christian rituals. The father gave the children less attention. But it’s understandable, since he was the breadwinner and all the power was spent to provide the family.
  • To follow him was also a sacred duty of the wife. The most important was to please her husband. That is, the husband had to see his wife tidy only, removed the hair, in beautiful clothes. Wife tried to hide from the eyes of her husband the process of its preparations to go.
  • To make my husband in bed. This item is in the list of duties of the wife were not openly mentioned. But every married woman knew that her husband needs to get in her company so much fun to him wasn’t enough for treason.
  • The website says: if we read the whole list, it becomes clear that in today’s world the duties of a wife in marriage, not much has changed.

    Modern family: the marital duties of a wife

    The modern woman is much the same as her great-grandmother, bears considerable responsibility for the safety of the family.

    The list of responsibilities looks like this:

  • The wife needs to support her husband, providing him with a reliable rear. In the family, which is on the content of men, the duty of spouses is to create a family comfort. The atmosphere of the house should allow the man to remove tension and relax. If both spouses work equal, to the woman it is necessary to organize home life to each of the members of the family took equal part in the household. If the spouse earns less than its second half, that don’t have it to blame, killing his belief in himself as a person. On the contrary, it should help the faithful to find a way to earn more. And the husband will feel happy, and the wife will be a woman.
  • In the marital duties of a wife today is still a part of the birth of children, because men never learned to do. But seriously, the wife every man is primarily associated with the mother of his children. Should not refuse her husband in the happiness of fatherhood simply because a piece could be broken or just want to live a little for yourself.
  • Modern wife as well as mother of the family in the past centuries, should be engaged in raising children. At the same time it should be involved in this process and of the father, not allowing him to remain on the sidelines. Some men themselves are willing to communicate with children. But the majority of representatives of a strong half of women in need of tips on how to play and talking to daughters and sons.
  • The wife should be beautiful and well-groomed. Yes, a separate room to restore the beauty of modern women no. But this does not mean that you can now walk around the apartment in the faded Bathrobe and with a cosmetic mask on her face. For carrying out cosmetic procedures need to choose a time when the husband is away, or to do it in the closed bathroom.
  • To satisfy her husband sexually – also a duty of the modern wife. After all, today there are many opportunities to diversify the sexual life and this is a sin not to use.
  • To help her husband grow spiritually. Once the woman was in unquestioning subjection to the husband, today the husband turned for advice to better half virtually any life issues. Therefore, the wife should not allow husband made vile or despicable deeds, guiding him in the direction that will help him become a real person.
  • If to speak in General about what the duties of the wife remain important and unchanged, it is possible to conclude that the woman must love her husband no less than their own children.

    The wise, loving wife can make a man a good husband, and so dazzle their happiness with his own hands.

    Author – Pelageja, site

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