The effects of IVF for women’s health: Oncology?

A woman who consents to artificial insemination, realizes that she is risking their health. Despite this, many couples accept IVF, the consequences of which are harmful to the body.

This is the only chance to carry and give birth to their child. Today women’s site “” we tell you what are the effects of IVF for women’s health and is justified if the risk of such pregnancy.

How is ECHO?

IVF is nowadays quite a popular method of infertility treatment. The essence is that after the preliminary procedures in a woman’s uterus, the embryo is placed. The procedure involves several stages (cycles) of treatment:

  • 1 step – in women causing a temporary menopause;
  • 2 step is enhanced stimulation of the functioning of the ovaries (ohss);
  • Step 3 — is the puncture where the ovaries the follicles;
  • 4th step – the transfer of embryos into the uterine cavity;
  • 5 step pregnancy;
  • Step 6 – delivery;
  • Step 7 – the postpartum period.

We’ll look at what the consequences and complications of IVF can wait for the woman at every stage of this operation and after the procedure, how this procedure affects women’s health.


The first phase of the Protocol aims to suppress a woman’s body’s natural menstrual cycle. Assigned to the reception of strong hormonal drugs to induce menopause. This is necessary in order to ovulation it is necessary for the fertilization period.

Induced menopause is accompanied by all the symptoms that a woman experiences natural menopause:

  • The ebb and flow;
  • Severe headaches;
  • Nausea;
  • Mood swings etc.

Since the body of each woman individually, and the symptoms of each of them are at different stages. Some at this stage feel a slight discomfort, while others face all the pleasures of climax.

The ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (ohss)

In the second stage we assign the strong hormonal drugs, the reception of which can not pass without consequences.

Hyperstimulation, according to doctors, hits hardest at the female body. Hormonal agents that are prescribed to the patient during this period, very strong. They are “interfering” in the work of the female body that cause ovarian hyperstimulation – ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. This is to ensure that the ovaries are formed as many eggs. Of course, this has an impact on health.

Side effects of IVF on the stage of ovarian hyperstimulation following:

  • Severe pain in the abdomen;
  • Bloating;
  • Nausea and vomiting;
  • Rapid weight gain;
  • General weakness and malaise;
  • Shortness of breath, etc.


At this stage, is puncture, which of the follicles of the ovaries.

  • Patient do anesthesia.
  • The vagina is inserted into the ultrasonic sensor.
  • A hollow needle is the puncture of the uterine wall.
  • Retrieved Mature follicles.

What are the consequences for women’s health at this stage?

  • The patient may feel tolerable pain in the lower abdomen.
  • Sometimes there are convulsions.

As they say women who have gone through it, puncturing is the painless stage, so don’t be afraid.

Transfer of fertilized oocytes

Is conducted in the laboratory fertilization seized the follicle, and then several embryos are implanted into the uterus of a woman. Those who went through it say that at this stage can be very light bleeding and cramps. Also a slightly sore lower abdomen.

There are many forums frequented by those who are preparing for in vitro fertilization procedure, or has passed through it.

All the forums say that ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome has a profound impact on women’s body, women’s health after the procedure, suffering.

Here’s how to describe your condition in women reviews:

  • After the stimulation I felt very bad. The ovaries are greatly distended, the abdomen pulled and ached. During the puncture took as many as 14 eggs got 2 embryos, but they did not stick. After a month started having terrible health problems: hair climbed tufts, veins bulged and arms and legs. A year later, began to ache in all joints. My health as women after IVF is very undermined. That’s such a hit my body after hormones. Larissa
  • Girls, be sure to look for a good clinic! In many hospitals, the case put on stream. No individual approach. I was prescribed a high dose of hormones. This is a blow to the body! I want to advise girls to control the dose of hormones. I obviously overdosed. I blindly trusted the doctor. Later learned that this is a very inexperienced doctor, who only earned money with us. Read reviews, seek out a trusted physician is one of the keys to successful IVF without consequences for the organism. Elena.


At this stage the main difficulty faced by many – multiple pregnancy.

The female body, which is artificially prepared for pregnancy, weakened. He is not able to carry more embryos. At this point, the doctors performed the operation – reduction, which is removed from the uterus multiple embryos, and leave 1-3 of the fetus. Unfortunately, as practice shows, at this stage, women often miscarry.


Birth after artificial insemination are the same as with any pregnancy. If you have medakademiya for cesarean section, one will be appointed. If such testimony is not, the woman gives birth by natural means.

But as they say testimonials from those who have done this procedure in our country often practiced cesarean section. Therefore, we can assume that the effects of birth field of IVF are the same as after the delivery is done by caesarean section from normal patients.

The effects of IVF after childbirth

As you can see, the consequences for women after IVF are associated with hormonal medications.

Everyone understands that it can not go unnoticed. Of course, the body suffers because of this. This is evidenced in numerous testimonials from those who went through this procedure. Most women (note, most) complain that the work of the body went wrong.

But none of the women did not regret that took this risk in order to become a mother.

Early menopause

What effects of IVF for women’s health after childbirth, best to tell some of the reviews.

  • Of course, the body receives a blow after IVF-pregnancy. Affects everything: hormonal therapy, and anesthesia. Matures 1 egg, and 10! Is hyperstimulation of the ovaries, and it can not go unnoticed. But I think the kid is worth it. By the way, my climax has come in 34 years – in 2 years after IVF. I think that this is due to hormonal therapy. Irina.
  • At the second attempt worked out but after much labor climbed to the hair, often headache and depression. Started early menopause. I’m only 32! But I have a little miracle. And let me be terrible, but I have my own son, and change anything I wouldn’t. Masha.

Problems with the thyroid

In addition to early menopause with all its symptoms, as the thyroid gland in women after IVF may deteriorate. Cancer of the large loads often can’t cope with the amount of hormones that begins to take the woman during IVF. Be sure to check thyroid after giving birth in order to conduct therapy.


Some women mention cardiomyopathy caused by increased intake of estrogen. As you know, intake of estrogens, which are always prescribed for artificial insemination has an impact on the permeability of blood vessels. This leads to a weakening of the heart muscle.

The duration of the life of women after childbirth

Very often, those who decided on this step, frightened by the fact that they give birth to give birth, but to raise a child will not. They say that this procedure affects the health, the body is weakened, and the woman after IVF does not live longer than 11 years. It’s not true.

With my middle daughter study 2 the boy who gave birth through artificial insemination. Children at the age of 13. Mom active, full of life and energy. So the view that the way to get pregnant shortens the duration of the life of a woman, a myth, not a reality.


Often on the forums talking about the fact that the effects of the ECO associated with the appearance of cysts and tumors in the female organs cancer after IVF is common.

Attention! Oncology is not directly related to IVF. But the procedure ohss may be one of the factors provoking the onset or progression of the disease, if you have it have a predisposition.

Most likely, as doctors say, the cancer patients who passed through ECHO, caused by late delivery and not the procedure.

Before you go for the procedure of artificial insemination, recommends blood tests for tumor markers — so the woman will know their risks for cancer.

Does IVF affect the babies?

Very often flashed information about the fact that children conceived in this way, different from their peers. Of course, different, because they are awaited for their parents. This is the main difference. Otherwise, as experience shows, children “test-tube” indistinguishable from their peers.

They also say that children of IVF infertile in the future. This is also true. Even my friend who had her baby through IVF in 1994, newly born granddaughter. So this is also not true.

The harm this procedure is not fully understood, but it is known that a large number of hormones that have to take the woman in IVF, does not go unnoticed. All these spouses understand, but take a risk, as it is the only chance to experience happiness to be parents.

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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