The Express diet for the New Year

The new Year is a magical holiday full of wonder and anticipation of happy events and gifts. And there is nothing surprising in the fact that every woman wants to look special good new year’s eve.


We are all in anticipation of the holiday dream to immediately look younger by 5 years, to regain radiant skin and a thin waist. But ahead of office parties, social events, children’s matinees, hot parties and gatherings with friends. And so I want to Shine on them in all its glory.

But the reflection in the mirror of us, alas, are not happy. Extra pounds not only spoil the perfect image, but the Christmas mood.

How to lose weight quickly and effectively? The Express diet for the New Year – that encourages female site as a proven magic silver bullet!

Top-5 Express diets for the New Year from

We offer you a selection of Express diets for the New Year. I hope each of you will find among them a diet for the soul and opportunities.

Diet Larisa Dolina

It is an effective low-calorie quick diet for the New Year, designed for 7 days. Not only does it help you lose weight, but to remain mobile, energetic and cheerful (which is important, given the need to submit annual reports and to have fun at corporate events ? ).

Menu diet Larisa Dolina:

  • 1 day eat: 5 potatoes boiled in the skin, drink 2 glasses of kefir.
  • On the 2nd day: Cup sour cream and 2 cups of yogurt.
  • On the 3rd day: 200 g low-fat cottage cheese and 2 cups of yogurt.
  • On the 4-th day: 500 g of boiled chicken without salt and 2 cups of yogurt.
  • On the 5th day: choice — 1 kg of apples, 0.5 kg of carrots, 300 g of prunes and 2 cups of yogurt.
  • On the 6th day: drink 1 liter of kefir.
  • On the 7th day: drink 1 liter of mineral water without gas.

Important: These products have spread evenly throughout the day. The last meal — not later than 18.00.

Advice from sympaty.netbefore each meal to drink 50 ml herbal tincture (St. John’s wort, chamomile, calendula), brewed in the morning at the rate of one bag of herbs per 200 ml of water.

Addition: Before the diet is necessary to arrange fasting day (yogurt, molokochae, water), and during it you need every day to clean the intestines.

Effect: minus up to 7 pounds.

Diet models

Diet, though nemnogolyudny (only 3 days), but quite harsh and hungry. Sitting on it claim that it is easier to move fast than it “bullying” over the body. Because the set of products here is very poor, he only increases the feeling of hunger.

Diet models suitable for all those who want to organize their replenishers and a little razevshiysya the body a thorough shake-up. This is just the perfect option for extra weight loss (basically, what we need in the New Year’s eve).

Diet menu:

  • Breakfast: soft-boiled egg.
  • Three hours later: 175 grams of cottage cheese, a glass of tea without sugar.
  • After three hours: 175 g curd, a glass of tea without sugar.

During the day you should drink at least 1.5 liters of water (purified, mineral without gas).

This menu should hold all 3 days, without changing either the composition or the reception time or the number of products.

Prohibited: salt, sugar, late food.

Contraindications: in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system and kidneys, this diet should be followed with extreme caution.

Effect: minus 3-5 kg.

Addition: In the prevention of excess weight diet for models can be repeated after a month (not earlier).

Chocolate diet

It’s a quick diet for New Year – our gift to all lovers of sweet and coffee and can not live a day without chocolate bars and coffee mugs in the morning.

It should be noted that this is a very hard mono-diet, and transferring it is not as easy as it seems at first glance. However, it gives a very good and visible results: up to 6 kg.

Period of use: 5-7 days.

Menu chocolate diet: Daily amount of dark chocolate (it is less calories and can’t eat very much ? ) 100 g divide into 3 portions. 3 hours after each meal “food” should drink a Cup of coffee with skim milk no sugar.

Other products this diet does not provide. Therefore, its maximum duration should not exceed 7 days.

Contraindications: use with caution in liver disease.

Effect: 6 kg for 7 days.

The actor’s diet

This diet was successfully used ballerinas and dancers before the performance. They claim that it is the best way to lose weight (quickly and efficiently).

This Express-diet for the New Year lasts only 4 days. It is very simple and easy to remember.

  • First day: boiled rice and tomato juice without salt and sugar in unlimited quantities.
  • Second day: low-fat cottage cheese and yogurt in unlimited quantities.
  • Third day: green tea and cooked white meat (chicken, Turkey).
  • Fourth day: dry red wine and hard cheese varieties (water in this day is not recommended to drink, because alcohol will keep her in the body).

Note: you should not go hungry during this diet, so once you feel hunger – eat.

Wine should I buy French or Chilean (definitely good quality). Otherwise it will not fulfil its intended purpose: cleansing the blood.

Effect: minus 2-3 kg and slim waist ?

Express diet: a combination of the four fasting days

Such a quick diet for New Year — not at all boring, and sometimes even hearty!

  • The first day is a cleansing. You can drink freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices without sugar (1.5 l), water and green tea (without limitation). Recommended to start the day with a glass of beet-carrot fresh (gives energy, stimulates the intestines). Then you can be creative and give free rein to their creativity, experimenting and mixing different juices of vegetables and fruits.
  • Second day — cottage cheese and kefir. Low-fat cottage cheese (0.5 kg) and low-fat yogurt (1.5 l) divide by 5 receptions (every 2.5-3 hours). 30 minutes before and 1 hour after a meal should drink a glass of clean water or green tea.
  • Third day — salad. Eat per day to 1.5 kg of salad (leafy green vegetables and 2 tablespoons of olive oil).
  • Fourth day – final. Again, drink freshly squeezed juices.

Effect: minus of 2-3 kg.

Advice from compliance Express diets for the New Year:

  • To comply with the Express diet for the New Year can be no longer than the specified time and not more often than two times a year. Otherwise, you risk to break the metabolism and get exhaustion.
  • During Express diets should take vitamin supplements.
  • After completing the course Express diets need to get back to normal, but be sure to moderate nutrition. Hungry otherwise all your efforts will be reduced to nothing.
  • Diabetes, diseases of the stomach, intestines, kidneys, liver, gallbladder should be very cautious or even refrain from Express diets for the New Year.

We wish you to achieve all goals and to Shine in the New Year with a thin waist, healthy glow and a charming smile!

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