The fat in onion skins, boiled, salted, in brine preparation, package, oven and slow cooker, recipe “Five minutes” + reviews

Fat product calories, but for fans this fact does not matter. It is salted, smoked, boiled, soaked with spices and salt. Delicious especially some Housewives think the fat in onion skins. A quick and easy way of harvesting allows you to experiment with spices to get a product that looks and tastes like smoked.

7 hours
10 servings
. Easy to prepare

Natalie Feofanova

18 Mar 2018

Usually the fat in the husk prepared by hot pickling, but sometimes used a variant of the cold pickles. In the second case the delicacy is a more viscous, harsh, and time of cooking is increased. Use the product as a separate snack with bread, cheese, boiled or fried potatoes, side dishes, and alcoholic beverages.

Recommendations for the preparation of a product

That boiled in the husk bacon turned out delicious, and geeky desire to “swallow saliva” you must follow some simple guidelines during its preparation for salting.

  • Exposure. For cooking it is better to take a two-day product. For this you need to withstand fresh lard on a shelf in the refrigerator for two days, wrapped in a clean cloth.
  • Thickness. Should not boil too much shmat, otherwise he will not be able to proselytise evenly. It is necessary to cut it into three or four slices or into small pieces the size of a pack of processed cheese Druzhba.
  • The strength of the brine. Not to be mistaken with saturation of salt solution, it is possible to check the concentration of the “grandmother method”. The dissolution of salt should be put in water, a raw egg or half a potato. As soon as the egg or the tuber will begin to float to the surface, it is possible to stop salt.
  • Husk. It is necessary to remove the bulbs carefully — for cooking is suitable only for the upper dry layer. If the husk is damp, it is necessary to advance slightly dry on the radiator or in a warm switched off oven, then thoroughly rinse.
  • Spices. To add flavor you can pour into a saucepan and blend of smearing any herbs, spices. It is recommended to use all kinds of ground pepper, Basil, garlic, cilantro, Laurel, dried dill.

To check the readiness of the product with a knife, fork or toothpick, sticking in a piece on the top. If the toothpick is in the oil, you can turn off the gas.
The fat in onion skins: a recipe without cooking

Features. Recipe salty bacon onion skins without cooking allows you to cook the delicacy in a cold way. Enough cut into pieces, cover them with brine for several days to proselyte. Method without boiling enables to keep the taste of the product, to protect the fat from yellowing, rapid deterioration.

What to prepare:

  • fat — 1 kg;
  • husks from onions — 40 g;
  • salt — five to six tablespoons;
  • garlic — head;
  • black pepper — five grains;
  • Laurel — two to three sheets;
  • water — 1.2 l;
  • spices.

How to do

  • Pour in the water, washed the husk, boil, boil ten minutes, not allowing the liquid to boil.
  • Cool, squeeze the husk and discard the water if desired drain.
  • To prepare the brine. Pour in the red brown water, salt, boil three minutes.
  • Bars sliced bacon rinse, place in a clean jar, not ramming. To send the same spices, Bay leaves, sliced garlic slices.
  • Pour the contents of the cold brine, endure billet two days in the room.
  • Put into the refrigerator for three days.
  • You can keep the finished pieces in brine or take them out, dry it, then pack in bags or foil. To keep the delicacy should be in the freezer, slice before serving very thin slices.
    Cooking hot method

    Most Housewives prefer to cook bacon in onion skins to end up with tender, flavorful meat product, odor and taste similar to smoked. Cooked hot delicacy can be served in a day, slightly freezing in the refrigerator. For spice, the spices and the aroma you can enter in recipes seasoning, mustard, garlic, liquid smoke and Provencal herbs.

    With garlic and prunes

    Features. Fat recipe onion skins with prunes and sweet peas will appeal to fans of quick snacks. Cook it just on time the whole process will not take more than an hour. If desired, you can use the option “Five minutes” if there is no desire long to cook the pieces.

    What to prepare:

    • bacon with layers of meat — 1 kg;
    • onion peel — a glass;
    • salt — glass;
    • water — 1 l;
    • garlic — one head;
    • prunes — five or six pieces;
    • sugar — two tablespoons;
    • Bay leaf — two pieces of large size;
    • pepper — three tablespoons;
    • spices.

    How to do

  • Dissolve in water, sugar, salt, mix spices and Bay leaves, the chopped prunes.
  • Bring to boil, boil for three minutes.
  • The fat is cut into two parts, each making shallow cuts and place in a hot marinade.
  • Cook for about ten minutes, remove from heat.
  • Leave to stand for 15 minutes.
  • To get, wipe.
  • Crush the garlic with a knife, mix with pepper. RUB this mixture into both pieces, filling ground cuts.
  • Wrap in foil, put in the freezer. After five or six hours already to try.
  • To make smoked snack onion skins according to the recipe “Five minutes”, you need to boil pieces for five minutes, throw in the pan the chopped garlic slices, leave it for the day. Then squeeze the contents of the yoke, to wait for another day. To get, to RUB with pepper, garlic paste, place in bags and freeze.

    Features. To cook boiled bacon in onion skins with the mustard, it only takes a couple of hours. Tasting the product immediately after rubbing it with fragrant spices. Leave the pieces a long time in brine for this recipe is not necessary.

    What to prepare:

    • fat — 0,9-1 kg;
    • dry mustard — one tablespoon;
    • diluted with water mustard — 0.5 l;
    • water — 1.5 l;
    • garlic — three cloves;
    • salt — three tablespoons;
    • onion peel — a couple of handfuls;
    • spices — to taste.

    How to do

  • Dissolved in water salt and dry mustard, add the husks.
  • Washed up large pieces are put in water.
  • Set the top heavy oppression.
  • Boil the solution, cook bacon for about 40 minutes (depends on thickness).
  • Take out, cool.
  • Lubricate the diluted mustard mixed with garlic paste.
  • Remove half an hour in the freezer, then taste.
  • For sharpness you can add to the mixture for smearing soy sauce, ground paprika, Cayenne pepper, increase the amount of garlic in the recipe.
    With adjika

    Features. Cook the bacon in onion skins at home with a variety of spices. Set off the spicy taste of the delicacy will help dry adjika. You can add when cooking with liquid smoke, it will give the snack “natural” smoked flavor.

    What to prepare:

    • water — 1.5 l;
    • bacon (with layers of meat) — 1 kg;
    • dry adjika — half to two tablespoons;
    • garlic — one head;
    • onion peel — 70 g;
    • salt — one glass;
    • Lavr — three sheets;
    • liquid smoke — three or four tablespoons;
    • pepper.

    How to do

  • Husk, rinse, cover with water, boil.
  • Pour salt, pour in liquid smoke.
  • Fat rinse, put into a saucepan with dark brown liquid.
  • Add half a tablespoon adzhika, Bay leaves, two or three garlic cloves. Boil for eight minutes.
  • To turn off the gas, press down the contents of the yoke, leave it for the day.
  • The remains of the garlic crush, mix with sauce, and pepper.
  • Grate the pieces to clean the package in the freezer.
  • Pieces better not cut too thick, so they better salty onion skins, absorbed the spicy flavor of liquid smoke and spices. To preserve the smoked flavor, the chunks must be carefully packaged in bags or wrap with foil.
    In the oven

    Features. Pickle the fat in onion skins, you can even in the oven, spending only an hour to cook. Judging by the reviews of cooking method allows you to get flavorful, tender and juicy product effortlessly. Allowed to use even the most hard pieces, the output of the difference will be very difficult to notice.

    What to prepare:

    • fat — 0.7 kg;
    • peel — 50 g;
    • garlic — five Zubkov;
    • salt — 70 g;
    • black pepper — 5 g.

    How to do

  • Pour in water with salt, peel. Boil the pieces for 15 minutes.
  • Lard slices of garlic, sprinkle with pepper.
  • Wrap each loaf with foil.
  • Bake in the oven at 200°C for half an hour.
  • Ten minutes before end of cooking remove the foil.
  • Cool, freeze.
  • In a slow cooker

    Features. Cook the bacon in onion skins can and in a slow cooker. For this recipe it is better to take the pieces with layers of meat or bacon, they get tastier, juicier. The spices is recommended to choose for the most comfortable fit Basil, coriander, parsley.

    What to prepare:

    • bacon with layers — 1.5 kg;
    • shuck — a large handful;
    • garlic — head;
    • salt — 140 g;
    • Bay leaves — three pieces;
    • water;
    • spices.

    How to do

  • Cut the washed piece into three or four parts.
  • Spread on the bottom of the bowl multimarochnaya half handfuls of onion peel.
  • On top place the bacon.
  • Covered with husks, broken Laurel leaves.
  • Separately cook the brine. Five multistaging water to dissolve the salt, pour the liquid contents of the bowl.
  • Close the lid and turn on “Quenching” for an hour.
  • After the beep be sure to turn off “heating”, leave the workpiece to stand for ten hours under the hood.
  • Remove the chunks, wipe, coat with a mixture of minced garlic with spices.
  • Remove to a cooling chamber for freezing.
  • To stain the fat in a rich amber color, you need to take the peel from the onion. To purple-brown hue will help the husk from the red. You can even pour in the brine a little beet juice to simulate the red-brown smoked cover.

    Knowing how to cook bacon in onion peel, easy to pass for skilled hostess, pampering your spouse and guests a delicious snack “vodka”. Can be served high-calorie delicacy with pickles, fried potatoes, soup, combined with other types of meat and fat.

    Reviews: “It’s delicious”

    Good recipe, the very same salt fat, and my little family very much, as it turns out, because the taste is smoked as it turns out, suggest everyone to try to pickle bacon, though I still add to the water when boiled add the meadow mugs, and garlic chopped finely, very good at it, and when you pull out of the freezer and cut, so it cut like butter, very tasty salsa goes, try not regret it and the fat will not spoil, at least it’s more salt in the marinade than just salt.


    I also have a similar recipe. But first I peel, cook for 10-15 minutes and then the fat is lowered to 10 minutes. In boiling water should be lowered. It boiled, I turned only once in all these years. Because I forgot about it and left for 30 minutes.

    Mother Ksenia,

    Did. What can I say. It was quite tasty. The taste is significantly different from fat. It turned out just another product. Really did not understand what onion peel? For beauty? Fat inside is not dark, only outside. Taste does not give any… Product something similar to baked in the oven. But I repeat, delicious. Will be doing yet. Recommend.


    I know and agree that it’s insanely delicious!!! This is my favorite “kind” of fat.
    With one “but” — I am much more of onion peel I use and it with water and spices to a boil, and then there goes fat. It turns out the stunning color and less fat in the digested broth.


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