The figure to the holiday: body for evening dress

Before the New Year is a month, and your figure for the holiday is not ready? Will it quickly get in shape?

Don’t worry – ahead of you have the whole month to work on the figure and to celebrate the New Year in all its glory! And women’s website “” will help you with their advice will give an example of stars and give tips from celebrity trainers and nutritionists. So, prepare a figure for the holiday!

And like the stars?

The stars is vital to look good during the many Prime techniques, and in particular, they have dazzling look on the red carpet. For the figure for the holiday in the stars no secrets:

  • It is necessary to maintain a good figure throughout the year
  • Need less to eat, and food should be correct and varied
  • Exercises should also be diverse, so your body is not used to the same loads.

“Oh my God, I just didn’t do it!” — you might say. How can that be?

Don’t worry – the figure to the holiday, you can do better anyway. Let’s get started…

1. Train

Yes, it is exercise and not diet, make the body fit and elastic. Even if your food was far from ideal, only one exercise you are able to achieve a lot. Nevertheless, the figure for the holiday requires a comprehensive approach.

Is best to enroll in a fitness club and visit it 3 times a week. 2 times you do cardio exercise (such as dancing or jumping on a step-platform), and once a week force. And of course, it is best to hire a personal trainer, as do those same stars.

“A personal trainer? A fitness club? No, it’s not for me” — has upset many of you. You see, I too, once. That is why I made individual training program – for myself! Try it and you be the same – it’s simple and effective!

A week before the holiday star trainers suggest to do the workout a little longer – about 15 minutes.

2. Optimize nutrition

To lose a little weight, to prepare a shape for the holiday – is quite real! You’re already doing this, start doing exercises. Now it’s time to adjust the diet. And that’s what suggest to this account stellar nutritionists:

  • Eat small meals (each portion the size of your fist), often (but not more often than every 2.5 hours) and a little of everything. This will cause the body not to postpone calories in reserve.
  • Try to savor your food and chew slowly. So you eat less and get more pleasure.
  • Less salt and more water in the diet. You can even sit on a “water diet”!
  • A day eat 5 servings of fruits or vegetables. You can replace one serving glasses of freshly squeezed juice!
  • All the dishes are boiled or steamed. The steamer – every home ?
  • For Breakfast eat something carbohydrate for dinner – anything dairy and low-calorie.

If you follow these tips, the figure will turn out by itself – without the prolonged hunger strikes and torture! Nutritionists say that by following the suggested meal plan, you can lose 3 to 5 kg per month. In my opinion, it’s a lot.

Well, a week before the holiday stop eating carbohydrates after 17: 00, says Gunnar Peterson, personal trainer of stars such as Jennifer Lopez and Penelope Cruz.

3. Rest

Yes, rest! You need not sitting at the computer or TV, namely full relaxation! Gunnar Peterson argues that the only way all that you do for your figure will have the correct effect. Stress and tension, on the contrary, contribute to the fact that you are gaining weight and cannot lose him.

How to relax, read here: the Secrets of relaxation: how to relax

4. The figure to the holiday go to a beauty salon

To prepare the figure for the holiday, you can turn to the services of beauty – why not?

A month before the holiday you will have time to do a course of body wraps, which will adjust the shape of the body and will rid you of the extra 3-5 inches. Coupled with the anti-cellulite massage , body wraps do wonders!

However, all this in the presence of motivation can be represented and at home, that’s it: anti-cellulite body wraps and cellulite massage.

What to do for the figure just before the holiday?

What the stars are doing before you go out on the red carpet? Well, first, they are a bit of a snackto the first glass of champagne, not cut them outright ?

And secondly, they do… exercises!

Simon Waterson, who trained Jake Gyllenhaal, said that as soon as you appear in public in an open dress, all over again notice your hands and feet. That is why they have to be ripped and toned and have the whole figure to the holiday.

What should I do? Before you wear an evening dress, we:

  • 15 times download press
  • Jump up 15 times
  • 15 times of push-UPS

Figure are ready for the holiday!!! Now you will Shine in any bodycon dress!

The author – Olga Sympaty, site – Beautiful and Successful

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