The first love of the child: how to react?

Each of us has experienced first love, and today women’s site “” will help you to understand how to respond to the emergence of this feeling in your child. First love from a child can occur at any age. Some kids are already three years old notice a change in their feelings, others come to this understanding much later. In psychology there are four age children love.

First love of a child-preschooler

First love can come at any age, so if your child confessed to you that he had feelings for another child, it is not surprising. Do not try to tell him that it’s not serious, because for him all of these feelings and experiences are quite real.

Your child is now – the immediacy, it is not able to hide his feelings, so you may hear the phrase: “Serezha is now my fiancé,” or “I decided to marry Mary”.

How to respond?

Make sure that all remained a secret. Especially if the baby is asking for. The children’s trust is a very fragile thing, having lost it once, you will be hard to restore it.

Many parents make the same mistake: they teach the child to show their feelings openly, allowing the son, for example, constantly give the girl favourite toys and other gifts.

This Board should be reserved for a special occasion, March 8, or birthday lady.

But in the normal situation that the award is excessive, it may be that the first love of your child is short and tomorrow he will love another girl.

Think of the girl who received the gift, hear from my mother that this is a sign of affection and will hope for a sequel. A continuation will not follow. It’s a small, but still a great drama that can leave an emotional trace in the child.

Better teach your son to care for any girl. For example, to give way, to skip ahead to give a compliment.

Look at what your child likes in the opposite sex. Children of preschool age fall for the person and in the qualities that he possesses. So, girls choose standouts, athletes, and some handsome.

The first love of school age children

Growing up, the kids will not be so honest with you. Now feelings and love experiences will thoroughly disappear. School age children can be rude, they often ridicule other people’s sympathy, mistaking them for weakness. That is why first love in children can manifest aggressive: jerking braids insults.

How to respond?

At this point it is important to explain to the child that he should be their opinion, which can influence other people. Tell us about your love story in the age, which is now your child. Connect to the conversation spouse.

But let the conversation in a casual, friendly tone, not an educational conversation, or the child would give the impression that you read his sermons, and impose his point of view.

Many parents believe that the first love of their child can interfere with learning. Do not “take” the child the feeling of love, better tell him that if he or she will learn well, it will be an additional trump card to attract the attention of the object of sympathy.

Teen sympathy

When first love occurs at teenage, it’s much, much harder. The website already told you how to build a relationship with your son or daughter in puberty.

Your child is becoming independent and wants to make all the decisions, and all your attempts to intervene are perceived in bayonets. At this age, teenagers often choose bright personalities, which cause the envy of everyone, or different from the rest, attracting attention to himself.

How to respond?

The important thing is to maintain communication with the child. Now important is not only the parent but also friendly relations between you. A teenager needs you to trust, to share their feelings. It is possible that the choice of the child you wouldn’t approve. Be ready to face a wave of incomprehension.

Not rashly cut, try to find the object of sympathy closer. Don’t be subjective.

Find out what your child likes his chosen (TSE). Tell us what qualities are important in a person may choice your child is not so bad.

First love your child-school student

In high school first love in children is manifested especially clearly. You will hear statements such as “we meet”, “we’re serious”. Quite often the second half of the child affect acceptance of important decisions. So, for example, the College choice can depend on which receives an object of sympathy.

It’s likely that your grown-up sixteen year old son/daughter suddenly announced that upon graduation he is getting married/getting married.

How to respond?

That is categorically not need to do is to say that such as he (she), the child will have many more. It hurts your child and will turn you into the enemy number one. Try to calmly explain to the child that this feeling gets stronger, what with the wedding and you can wait.

Distance is also not a barrier, it is a social network, vacation and transportation network, connecting the two lovers hearts.

If the object of sympathy is not trustworthy, try to reach out to the child, but in no case do not withhold or otheriwise him from his “ideal”, otherwise you will lose contact with him. Your task is to insure a son or daughter.

Voice your opinion, but assure the child that you are on his side.

Author – Lydia Karant, site

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