The fullness and health: torment fat people

Excess weight is not only unsightly appearance and a complex about her attractiveness. Almost always, excessive weight leads to health problems.

Female site not calling you blindly follow the fashion to squeeze into a standard 90-60-90. You have your own body Constitution, height, rhythm of life. But some things about the impact of excess weight on health need to know.

Reaching for another cake, you’ll remember not only about possible consequences for the figures, but also about how completeness will be reflected on your future health. Taking care of your health is a more powerful incentive to eat right than illusory standards of fashion.

What is the impact of overweight on the cardiovascular system

You don’t smoke, lead a sedentary life, sometimes even get out of the gym. Think this is enough, not to worry about the heart? Wrong! Overweight is one of the main enemies of the cardiovascular system.

Doctors put completeness on a par with Smoking, sedentary lifestyle and high blood pressure. Many experts believe that obesity is more dangerous to health than a known killer today – tobacco. Smoking kills more often than completeness. But obesity leads to a greater number of diseases, including: heart attack, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, atherosclerosis.

The risk of cardiovascular diseases increases significantly already with the appearance of excess weight, only 10% higher than the norm! Every extra kilo adds about 3% to the risk of getting the disease.

According to statistics, fat people get sick with heart disease are 2-4 times more likelythan their lean peers. The illnesses characteristic of the elderly, have fully manifested to 7 years earlier. Often these diseases lead to premature death.

Cancer. The black shadow of the twenty-first century

Most people think cancer is the worst disease. How to protect yourself from this scourge? Of course, the environment is cleaner you will not and urban air carcinogenic substances is not clean. But to reduce the risk of cancer you can have that will cause your weight to normal.

Every year in Europe alone, cancer caused by excess weight, get sick more than 70 thousand people. In most cases, that cancer of the breast, colon, uterus. Such data are published by British scientists. And their American colleagues came to the conclusion that obesity is second after Smoking as a factor causing the appearance of cancer. Good incentive to throw off those extra pounds, right?

When the air ends

Attacks of breathlessness during sleep – a common occurrence for people who are overweight. Because obesity increases the risk of respiratory diseases, especially bronchial asthma.

It should be mentioned that all diseases obese people are much harder than lean. Often, the disease cannot be cured without prior weight loss.

Want to quickly cure disease? First lose weight!

Scientific studies have shown that the same drugs by different people digest at different speeds, which directly depends on the weight of the person. The efficiency of medicines also differs. The full body of a human is much slower metabolizes medications, efficiency of treatment below.

What that means in practice? However, even the slight cough of the person with overweight will be treated longerthan his thin age! Therefore, drink more drugs, many of which are not so healthy for the liver and kidneys. Longer will be in an unusable state, in the end, less time to see and do in this life.

The specified pattern is observed equally in children and adults. If you want to be healthy, and the random ailments to move quickly and easily bring your weight back to normal!

And not sweets your child with the idea that he would grow out and get rid of extra pounds. The fullness and health – things incompatible.

The author – Julia Molchanov, the website – Beautiful and Successful

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