The harm of Smoking while breastfeeding

Not so long ago, the world health organization has declared a new principled approach to breastfeeding: if the mother smokes, she should not stop breastfeeding, as the damage from this more than from feeding mixture. This has led to the spread of the many misconceptions women that Smoking while breastfeeding does not pose a threat to the child. Let’s deal with the main ones.

To start with source of such controversial statements. Doctors around the world are United in the opinion that for a child the best nutrition in the first 6 months of life is breast milk. The use of any of the finest blends is undesirable, if the mother has the ability itself to feed the baby.

While in women, Smoking in pregnancy, are born weak, sickly, often premature infants. For them breast milk is a real panacea normal growth and development. And if such a child translate to artificial feeding in favor of his “safe” from cigarettes, the harm will be ten times greater than the combination of negative habits and breastfeeding.

4 the myth of the cigarette in the lactation period

  • Milk neutralizes the toxins and poisons in tobacco smoke. This is incorrect. Breast-feeding and Smoking fills the body of the child complete set of toxic substances, which gets his mom. The main source is, of course, milk. Additionally, the baby gets the poison out of the air if the parents smoke at home, and from my mother’s hands if she doesn’t wash them after the break.
  • Nicotine “decomposed” in the body of the mother and does not pose a threat to the child. Does nicotine in breast milk? Yes. It brings any harm to the baby? Definitely. Poison and neuroleptic drug causes in the body crumbs the same vascular spasm, as in the mother’s body. This ensures the load on the cardiovascular system, the occurrence of weather sensitivity of the child, excessive excitability, tearfulness, sleep disturbances. If you want to spend long sleepless nights, rocking a baby in her arms, smoke on health.

  • Smoking while breastfeeding does not affect the volume of milk. Even the effect. Nicotine inhibits the activity of the hormone prolactin is responsible for lactation. As a result, the level of lactation decreases by 25%. This is particularly evident if Smoking and feeding infants are combined already in the first days after birth, when forming the basis of lactation — the required hormonal balance in the mother’s body.
  • The milk of Smoking mothers are no different from the usual. This is again not true. The taste quality of breast milk deteriorates, it acquires a specific smell. Because of the sharp taste and an unpleasant stench toddlers often throw the chest in the first months of life.
  • What are the dangers of Smoking for the baby

    What is the impact of Smoking on breast milk, we already figured out. Now consider what harm it brings to a child.

    • Nicotine excites. Smoking and breast-feeding leads to disruption of the child’s sleep, nervousness, moodiness.
    • Smoking during breastfeeding is the cause of sudden death of newborns. The risk increases 5 times in families where both parents smoke, and 3 times where only the mother smokes.
    • Children are more susceptible to viral colds. The immunity of such crumbs is much lower than other children. They often get sick in early childhood and at school.
    • Intestinal colic are greater. The toxins in cigarette smoke alter the intestinal motility of the infant that brings pain and anxiety. They harm the upper GI tract — the baby often spits up, eat less, not gaining weight.
    • The kids are behind in development. This is especially noticeable in children whose moms did not leave the habit during pregnancy. In early childhood the crumbs later stand up on his feet, worse say. In school behind their peers, bad learner.

    In addition to direct harm to health is formed and steady psychological stereotype. In adolescence, the child in 85% of cases will be pulled on the cigarette, continuing to destroy their health.

    Is it possible to combine motherhood and cigarettes?

    No adequate the doctor will not respond favorably to this question. But if addiction outweighs you care about your own child, just do everything possible to Smoking while breastfeeding caused the least possible harm to the baby.

    • Never smoke with a child in the apartment. Do this only on the street, avoiding penetration of tobacco smoke inside.
    • Change the usual cigarette on electronic. Harm to its slightly smaller, and the feeling is the same.
    • After the break feed no earlier than 2 hours. Penetration of toxins into the milk occurs within 60 minutes. About the same need to bring them the lion’s share of the milk. Accordingly, light a cigarette need as quickly as possible after feeding, not applied to it until the next.
    • Do not smoke in the night from 9 PM to 9 am. This is the period of maximum activity of prolactin, responsible for the presence of milk in the breast.
    • Drink as much liquid as possible. 2 liters of water a day will reduce the dose of toxins in your chest.
    • Eat full. The destruction of vitamin C nicotine and other nutrients can compensate only their intake further.

    And the main advice: reduce the number of cigarettes per day to a minimum. There should be no more than 5, but preferably none at all! So you give your child the happiness of a healthy life.

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