The husband admitted the affair: a step by step guide of your actions

Intersexual relationship is so complicated. And often it happens so that you don’t know what to do in a certain situation. Especially, if it involves one of the most important people in your life – with her husband. Today on the website we raise a very sensitive subject. Today we are talking about adultery. What if the husband admitted the affair? How to respond? What to expect? What if your guilty conscience?

About the nature of infidelity

A good friend of mine once said: “whatever chic the woman is always the man who tired to sleep with her”. It’s very cynical, but unfortunately true.

Men by nature are such that a long calm and the monotony of their tires. I’m not saying now that there are couples living in perfect harmony for many years without a single change – it happens. But most men are unfaithful due to the fact that they just got bored to live in peace.

Men and women react differently to adultery, it is a fact. For men it’s just a physical act, but the woman gives a part of himself.

That is why men often change.

What to do if your husband confessed to infidelity?

To know that she has changed, I think, is afraid of every woman.

But what if this happened, you know? To create a scandal? To collect his things and set out? Or silently removed in the bathroom and cry there for three days?

What to do if you value your marriage, love my husband and don’t want to lose it? And he says that you’re the only thing in his life, and what happened – a terrible mistake? To kick him out of the house in this case is extremely unwise – it is a step on the road to divorce. You, as we remember, you want to save your relationship.

But how?

The website prepared for you the instructions in two steps.

Step 1: Calm Down

It is very difficult to keep calmwhen you admit to cheating. And try not to grab his face, not hit with a frying pan and say many insulting and harsh words. The fact of change this is not going anywhere, but the situation may become even worse.

Try to remain silent and listen. Let him propose the way out of this situation.

If you really love each other and cherish your Union, together, you will be able to handle it.

If it is absolutely unbearable to hold in my emotions – I slapped him a slap in the face (but only one) or break the dish. It will be easier.

Step 2: Forgive

Yes, I agree, it sounds strange: he cheated on you with some blonde, and you have to continue it to cook soup. But it has to happen.

If you want to save your marriage, you have to try to forget about the fact that her husband admitted the affair. Most importantly, he did (this does not mean that you have to constantly remind him about it).

Understand that he too is not easy – he is remorseful, and he doesn’t know what to do. Try to understand who in our lives does not commit shameful rash actions?

Of course, this does not justify his action, but you swore to be with him in any situation!

Don’t shut me out, he must feel that he is dear to you, even if you blundered.

Not the superfluous will look at family photo albums (together!). Photos perfectly revive seem to have already been forgotten and fading feelings.

Why would he confess?

Why men cheat, quite clear.

  • First, they are bored with the situation, when all smoothly and quietly.
  • Second, they want to prove to themselves that they are at least something still standingthat they are someone else bite.

But why confess to cheating?

There are three possible answers to this question.

  • First: it became unbearably hard to keep it all secret. Simply put, the conscience. And to ease their suffering, he decided to shift all of your fragile shoulders. They say, look honey, I totally honest with you – I screwed up, but continue to love me! It is very selfish on his part, but by far not the worst variant.
  • Inwhich (and worst) option is when the husband admitted the affair in order to you dumped him. They buggers do: make stuff, talk about this, will provoke a quarrel, and as a result you being kicked out of his house. And they are white and fluffy, you’re the guy myself.
  • And finally, the third (and also not the best) option: told because I was scared, that you will soon find out on your own from someone else. That is, he’d be happy to continue this illicit relationship, but something happened (they can see your mutual friends or lover chose to open your eyes – but you never know). And what he wants from your Union – is unclear.
  • So, if you got all the bad history with cheating, try to understand what the husband is seeking by his story. If he wanted to leave, it has nothing to hold, and if he really repents, then you need to save the situation as soon as possible!

    Here there is quite logical question: and whether it is necessary to confess to treason? There is only one answer: no, not worth it. This applies to both men and women.

    How could you not have suffered(a) of the act. As if you didn’t want(a) to admit the betrayal of his second half, to do this in any case is not necessary.

    No this will not be easier.

    If you do suffer from the current situation, you need to stop all the vicious contacts and make sure it never happens again.

    Good marriage!

    Author Pestova Vasilisa, site


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