“The husband, as a neighbour”: is it possible to keep the marriage alive?

As many are now saying that people are more likely to divorce — that the marriage became impermanent, relationships are fragile… But, unfortunately, among the “right” of married couples is often the situation that the husband – as a neighbor. Like under one roof, but… no, just a General established way of life.

The website “ToKnow365.top” offers to look at this situation, the cons… and pros!

Why marriage can turn into a “neighborhood”?

If someone may seem that such a marriage-the neighborhood is a sad consequence of the modern “housing problem”, and before such was not – it is not so!

What do you think, in times when marriage was mostly given financial and social reasons – the rarity of it was “successful” families where husband and wife had virtually nothing in common except the property and dwelling?

But, you say, now no one is married by force does not give, and arranged marriages – not such a widespread phenomenon. Why is it suddenly turns into a loving couple “neighbors” living separate lives, often having a lover/mistress?..

  • On the one hand, violent passions tend to fade, and joint Genesis, and must be based on a more relaxed relationship – like trust friendship…
  • On the other – should always stay love, romance, sexual attraction, otherwise the family will roll that to such a “door”…

The website sympaty.net tell about typical mistakes of women in marriage, which can lead to the fact that the husband will be as a roommate and nothing more…

  • To put life above relations with her husband. That is, a woman enthusiastically engaged in farm – like as you can always say that it is for husband, for family. But in fact? No homemade Goodies and ironed curtains is no substitute for communication, romance, good sex! And if the husband sees that his wife is more important and interesting the process of managing, rather than he himself, as a person, as a person, then he’ll move away, find yourself in life the other “outlet” — whether work, hobby, or series of mistresses. And the wife will stay with what seemed more important to her – pots and curtains.
  • Away from her husband. Of course, we need to have friends, a job, some kind of communication and entertainment outside the family, but it should not be more important. Otherwise the husband will feel that the house wife just “sleeps” and the most important part of her life is leaking out of the house, out of their family couples…
  • To become a aunt. How not to become a aunt, we have been told. My aunt is not a woman in the eyes of men! The husband may live as a neighbor with her, eating her cooking and tossing money to the sector, but aunts are no libido! She is not charming, not intriguing… And the flowers she was presented only out of fear that she’ll make a scene without getting the “broom” on the 8th of March!

But, of course, not always the problem the wife!

A relationship where the husband as a neighbor, sooooo beneficial to men wishing to sit on two chairs: to be free, independent, that wanting something and doing, and to have a house cleaned, washed, food in the fridge usual…

There are men, especially the lead your marriage to this format because it is convenient and requires no effort to do! All depends on the patience of his wife and how she is acceptable!

Live with her husband as neighbors: maybe it’s not so bad?

Let’s just say it’s definitely bad if you are in this situation uncomfortable, if you want different in your life!

But if it suits you? This is also possible! If you are living with your husband as neighbors, and do not make trouble, you in its comfortable – it means that you get along!

Believe me, to get along together – much harder than, for example, for the ears to fall in love! Many couples do not have what you have – a harmonious coexistence in everyday life!

Of course, in itself household work — not a family in the full sense… of Course a woman can want more of what she receives from her husband,”neighbor”!

To divorce and seek a new relationship is always possible. But if you are determined to turn your “quiet neighborhood” in a real marriage you have a high chance of a great “Foundation”!

Is it possible to restore the relationship, if husband and wife live as neighbors?

You can try!

However, making the effort to carefully watch the impact! “To drag out of the marsh the hippopotamus” — a thankless task. If the husband does not have a counter-desire to spice up your marriage – that you can spend a lot of effort, having a relationship of “donor – parasite.”

That is, my husband will not without pleasure to consume all the benefits that you can organize him (from stunning dinners to the sight of you in a lace bodysuit), but… he would not love you again and want to do similar efforts for you.

What to do to stop living with her husband as neighbors?

To interact with spouse (in all aspects!). To communicate – so it was interesting! To seduce (the ways mass and tastes of your husband in this area you know better than us!). To do so, the man began to understand his wife desired that he himself (and not a comfortable life!).

Again – we are not talking about constant gratification coolly receiving your trouble husband! The wife only needs to give signals that she is interested to resume full relations, the husband she needs and interesting as a man, not as a companion in the apartment!

Delicious dinner, friendly words are great, but if heard in response is not only a Champ and gloomy silence! If the signals resonate – then you can deploy activities more active.

If not – or continue to serve “alarm bells” or have the courage to realize that her husband, a neighbor wants to restore the family, and we must show determination to end the relationship if you don’t like it!

Author — Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

“The husband, as a neighbour”: is it possible to keep the marriage alive?

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