The husband does not work. What to do?

“My husband does not want to work. One day he was left without a job, and since then, for three years, supposedly can’t get anywhere. No amount of persuasion do not apply. My salary is not enough, because we have another baby. How to get your husband to work?” Catherine.

Surprisingly, but there are situations when the husband is not working, do happen in life. Well, if it’s short. But if dragged on for a long time?

What to do if husband doesn’t want to work, the women’s website “” will tell today is not only to Catherine, but to all his readers.

As a rule, in similar situations, there are three exits.

What if the husband does not work? The output of the first.

The first way is to leave everything as is. Only the money that You, Catherine, get yourself well and leave, spending it on the Essentials is to feed children, to dress, and her husband does not allocate a penny. From time to time to say how everything is more expensive, and wages are the opposite, cut. That is, specify a direct path to poverty.

After some time the husband will understand and feel that money is really there, and in the future is not expected, and to live as it is necessary. If he is aware of the responsibility for your family, you will definitely find a job. If not – then such a person is not correct, and instead of a lifetime to drag it for yourself, the best way is to point him to the door. Heavier than you and the baby will be gone. From her husband still was not any good.

The second way out, “the Husband does not work. What to do?”

To sit and think.

If You, Catherine, by nature-the leader, maybe the two of you husband it may be easier to allocate roles as follows: he does household chores, raising children, paying utility bills and generally assumes all the duties of a housewife, and You’re career.

If Your husband such a situation is satisfied, then stop making an issue about, and you better think about changing jobs for better paying, or building a career.

Of course, in our society it is not accepted, but if You are determined to keep the family together, and my husband is really good at doing household chores, then why not?

And that her husband was not relaxed, with him and demand stricter: why is the food burnt, why the dust is rubbed, sink not cleaned, trash not removed? And of course, attention to Your person to talk to to relieve stress after work, relax with a massage, run a bath, to diversify the sexual life. He’s head is not crammed with figures and reports, so make him earn it! Look, understand Your man, not a “male” thing – to sit at home. And quickly find a job ?

What to do if husband doesn’t want to work? The third way out of the situation

Well, if the husband neither on what does not agree? Throw cry to their friendsthat “the husband does not work, but really wants”. The work must exist!

If the work, you see, are not worthy of it, then firmly tell him, “you Have a family, and you have no right to sit at home on my neck if I don’t earn for two”. Put the ultimatum: or he’s looking for work, or leave!

Imagine, Catherine, that You and your children. What will you do? Right! To work and build a new, happy personal life. And my husband never mind! He’s a grown man, and he’ll manage somehow.

That is, do not be afraid to divorce. Just took his stuff and put on the street. Themselves or left to the parents, if the apartment is his.

Well it will not work if no persuasion does not help! If three years have not found a job, and will continue to look for excuses: I was sick, work, worthy of me, no, for a pittance I will not run, I have depression, I do not take, and so on. And You’ll have to contain it until retirement, and she unhappy, and a bad example for children.

So, Catherine, tune into decisive action, if you want to end with this situation!

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