The ideal woman through the eyes of men

Most girls are very hard to understand that actually want to see the men in the woman that she was perfect for him. Nevertheless, each of us wants to know how men see the ideal woman. Thanks to the site for women we now know about all men’s secrets, that is about what they want to see us, but too shy to say straight in the eye.

First, he wants to see the majority of men in his beloved mind. For them is actually very important to their chosen one had good intelligence, but a lot more important that she not demonstrated their superiority in this respect. In short, you need to be smart, but in moderation.

Writes online magazine for women Lumbari.<url>, studies have shown that men are convinced that their companion must possess beauty. She needs to take care of themselves and be able to apply themselves. Therefore, it is obvious that the feminine men also like to see the girls. Thus femininity is not only a beautiful outfits and proper behavior, but grace in every movement, shyness, weakness, humility.

Of the most important qualities that should be possessed by a girl is loyalty and kindness. As for loyalty, here everything is clear regarding what should be done, but with kindness there are some nuances. It so happened that each person has their own concept of kindness. For some it’s just responsiveness, and willingness to help. For another — sacrifice for the sake of others.

The next step to the ideal of sexuality. We should not confuse sexy with the calling. And again, no matter how sexy you may be, anyway he is sure to enchant all. As with the exterior, here is everyone has their own taste. Many more important to be a good mistress for sex and relationships is playing a key role.

Every girl should be a mistress and still be able to do at home — so we are taught from childhood of my mother and grandmother and for good reason. Despite the fact that some young people are completely unconcerned about the fact that the girl does not know how to cook and do things around the house, do not relax, but rather to think about. After all, as practice shows, and so repeatedly written in the magazine Lumbari.<url> wives they choose particular business girls!

Patience, trust and honesty are three valuable qualities that you need to have. But here you need to find a middle ground. Of course, you can fully trust man, but we must never be indifferent. Every time if the guy is willing to tell me how was his day, we need to show that you are interested and pleased that he shares with you his impressions of the day. But to stick with questions “Where have you been, with whom and why?” is not necessary. It is better to wait for the moment when he will lead this conversation. Remember, men do not like being in control.

Last but not least jealousy, but in reasonable quantities. No need to be jealous of every passing skirt, and even more to make baseless scandals. Just sometimes don’t be afraid to hint that you are not liked or thought to be unacceptable. Easy jealousy will only strengthen the feelings between you.

So, you will agree, each of us, heed the above advice will change slightly, and can easily charm any man to her.

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