The impact of color on humans: what is chromotherapy

Recently, the idea of the influence of color on humans has been widely used in beauty salons, leisure centers, massage parlors. Many experts of alternative medicine combined the use of useful properties of the color with a number of other therapies, e.g., aromatherapy, massage and yoga. Today on the women’s website we will talk about how to properly use the magic of colour for healing purposes.

 Chromotherapy or theory about the color treatment

Colors have a fundamental impact on the life of any living organism. No longer a secret that the magic color is reflected on our mental state and mood.

For example, permanent residence in the room, painted in red color, will certainly cause aggression in humans, but completely white walls can drive you crazy.

The green color relaxes (so a trip to the woods will certainly help to relieve stress and accumulated negative emotions), whereas the black color in clothing activates the magnetic flows and protects sensitive people from exposure to others.

Yellow color, for example, stimulates the appetite and increases intellect.

But that’s not all. A special vibration, which has every single color, deep in our consciousness and often can cause a number of reactions at the cellular level. It is on this principle, and founded a theory of color treatment or chromotherapy.

Even our ancient ancestors learned how to treat many physical and mental diseases, using as main tools the main colors of the rainbow and the color of the sun.

Today many experts of alternative medicine believe that by continuously changing the range of colors that are all around us, not only can enhance the mood and quickly relieve fatigue, but also significantly improve health and General physical and emotional condition of any person.

Chromotherapy at home

Female site will introduce you to a simple and economical form of treatment of flowers and their combinations, it is possible even at home. For this purpose it is necessary to prepare a receptacle for each color of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, Indigo and violet).

Filling the water tank, it is necessary to have them for a couple of hours in the sun to water soaked useful solar energy. The sun’s rays contribute to the energy of each color vibration into the water molecules and the charged capacity of the new energy.

The resulting product is called color elixir. In its pure form there are only seven – the number of colors in the rainbow.

In the laboratory to amplify the energy of the color elixirs have resorted to the following steps. Charged by solar energy water connected electric wiresthat have different frequency of electric discharges. The vibration frequency must match the natural frequency of vibration of color. The result of the therapeutic properties of the obtained elixir (and, hence, the impact of color) is enhanced significantly.

In the same conditions as domestic waterthat was in the vessel of any color under direct sunlight for several hours will be enough.

The impact of color on human
Red and orange colors in chromotherapy

What is the impact of red on a man? Red color is associated with our first and most important chakra, which is situated in the lowest part of the spine in the area of the sacrum. This chakra is responsible for vitality, sexual health, willpower and reaction to danger (self-defense).

The red color in chromotherapy is used to treat anemia, low vitality (e.g., chronic fatigue), reduced pressure and impotence in men. Maybe use red color combined with turquoise.

Orange – the color of the chakra, which is located in the spleen. This chakra plays a very important role in the life of any living being, because this chakra has a particular effect on the circulatory system and the metabolic processes.

The orange color used, if necessary , the stimulation of the thyroid gland. Orange is used in the treatment of respiratory diseases.

At the same time, the orange color contributes to the oppression of work of parathyroid glands (4 parathyroid glands that are located at the apex and at the base of the thyroid gland) that are responsible for controlling the content of calcium in the blood.

There is another important impact of the orange color. The special vibration of the color orange also contribute to the establishment of the lung. Color gives a person the feeling of happiness and joy.

In alternative medicine is widely used in the fight against depression, if there are violations in functioning of the kidneys or the lungs (e.g. asthma or bronchitis). Possible combination of orange with blue, or blue.

Yellow color affects the level of human intelligence

Impact yellow is associated with our third chakra, which is located in the area of the solar plexus. This chakra has a close relationship with the level of intelligence and sense of justice. Yellow stimulates intellectual abilities and concentration skills, helps in developing calmness. Widely used in the treatment of rheumatism and arthritis. Can be used in combination with purple.

Green – the color of life

What is the impact of green color on a person? Green is the color of the heart chakra. Helps to balance energy flows, can be used to enhance feelings of compassion and empathy. Green is a symbol of purity and harmony, because, along with blue, green is one of the most encountered in the surrounding nature.

Has soothing properties, especially when it comes to inflammatory processes. Has a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

Green has a deep healing power, so it is recommended to spend more time in the shade of parks, gardens or woods. This is especially important to people that are in a constant state of stress. This color also promotes tonification muscle mass, strengthens bones and has a beneficial effect on connective tissue.

The effects of color: blue, blue and purple

The blue color in chromotherapy associated with the communication and sense of will. It is ideal for the treatment of insomnia, for along with green, has excellent soothing properties. Often used to treat respiratory diseases, with asthma, stress or migraines. Can help in the treatment of patients with speech problems.

The blue color strengthens the lymphatic system, builds of all of the endocrine glands responsible for the harmonious functioning of the immune system.

Widely used in the purification of blood from toxins and cleaning the blood.

The purple color helps to strike the necessary balance between the physical and the emotional state of a person. Used in chromo therapy to increase self-esteem, deliverance from despair, and in the treatment of disorders of the nervous system. Meets the color purple and the nervous and skeletal system of the body. A possible combination of purple with yellow.

Using certain colors on a person it is possible to achieve real results. Success!

Author – Julia Kagadi, site

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