The ladylike style – how to make a closet lady

Jeans and pants – it’s convenient: you can walk, sit, waddling, and still they can not hesitate to wear with any t-shirt, when in a hurry and no time to pick an outfit… But sometimes you want to feel like a Real Lady. One that gracefully chattering heels and wears a dress –a Real Dress: a full skirt, complementing it with a hat, an elegant coat and long gloves… Want to make this feminine look? Find out more about style ladylike on the website!

Style ladylike: what is it?

Everything new is a little half-forgotten and slightly Sovremennoe old: the basis of fashionable style ladylike vintage style 40-ies – 50-ies.

On the vintage site “” wrote – can read and try to create an image, copying the fashion of the times our mothers ‘ youth. But if you just do not want to copy, and I want to bring in the modern look a bit of femininity – hence, it is necessary to remember about ladylike (in the name of the style means “like a lady”a term coined by Christian Dior to create their models).

Perhaps most importantly in this style – the silhouette. All images are designed to emphasize the feminine forms are necessarily shaped waist to show a contrast with the hips and Breasts.

Styles of skirts and dresses that are used as “bell”, bell, trapezoid, or, on the contrary, the classic “pencil”, tapering to the knees.

Fabric – any kind, but including thick, but not to do without silk, chiffon, lace and other delicate, airy material that adds images of tenderness and femininity.

Color – mostly “calm“: pastel or just muted palette, definitely used black and white, and if you want “flavor” — add a red, cherry, violet or cobalt… Prints – flower, polka dots, maybe even stripes and checks (although they do not dominate).

How to dress in ladylike style?

This style is quite variable and on its basis you can create office, casual, evening, etc. images.

What to include in your wardrobe?

  • Fitted dress with a full skirt (so-called cut new look). Better – not one but two: sleeves and straps. By the way, if you are thinking about purchasing evening or cocktail dresses, then this style – a classic evening of fashion!
  • Sheath dress.
  • Fitted jacket with hard shoulders.
  • The skirt suit. The skirt in this case may be “pencil” with a length of about 10 cm below the knee, and “bell”.
  • Pantsuit. The jacket can be extended and trousers with high waist and hands, “a La male”. By the way, these pants by themselves, go well with any light blouses!
  • Silk or chiffon blouse with ruffles, lace.
  • Corset (not lingerie, but one that can be worn as a standalone piece of clothing).

Accessories and shoes

Shoes style ladylike is a stud! Of course, the shoes should be individualized, but the favorites – classic “boats” with a triangular toe. Open sandals only valid for a pleasure of summer dresses and sundresses, in all other cases, the sock may be closed.

And good news for those ladies who are in the hustle and bustle of modern life, nostalgic sigh, looking at the covers of old fashion magazines: style ladylike welcomes the charming accessories such as hats, long gloves, light neck scarves

The hat, again, you need to find your type of person, but there are plenty to choose: from “timeless” wide-brimmed straw hat and finishing the hat-“the pill,” which they wore in the 40s.

And the final touch to the image – jewelry.

If your box is vintage enamel brooch, string of pearls, a medallion with enamel, cameo or some interesting thing in retro style – feel free to extract it and try to join along! Plastic and other cheap-looking jewelry is not suitable – it’s better to be a little jewelry (not even gold with diamonds, if it’s not an evening gown!), but they are high quality and beautiful.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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