The lifting of the reviews, the pros and cons of the procedure

Today women’s site “” tell your readers about what is termolifting, which reviews appear frequently in the Internet. In contrast to the articles posted on the websites of cosmetic clinics, where about lifting only positive feedback, in this article you will find real reviews about the lifting collected at different forums from those who have completed a course of rejuvenation with this technology.

How does lifting on the collagen fibers?

That heat has a rejuvenating effect on the skin, was well known in antiquity. Roman beauties loved to pamper themselves in the Spa (something like our bathhouse): the skin under the influence of heat acquire a beautiful color, become more resilient – was rejuvenated.

In this and built a modern technology of braces soft tissue radiofrequency (reviews you’ll find below) is a non-surgical (non-invasive) method, by which the soft tissues on the body are tightened without the aid of surgical instruments.

Our skin elastic and make elastic collagen fibers. With age, they are destroyed and do not regenerate. This is the reason that the skin begins to SAG and wrinkles appear.

With prolonged exposure to heat on the skin, which occurs while lifting, in the tissues aktiviziruyutsya blood circulation, enhances the production of important skin cells – fibroblasts.

But most importantly, the impact lifting has on the collagen fibers: they begin to produce again.

If to speak figuratively, the collagen fibers can be present in the form of spirals, which can stretch and shrink. The denser this “collagen spiral”, the leather trim is what we are seeing in youth. But with age, these fibers lose their elasticity, the skin becomes flabby. Under the influence of high temperature during radiofrequency (reviews say that it is not at all apparent that is the procedure is painless), the collagen fibers are densely compressed – a coil again becomes elastic and taut.

This “shock” impact of the old collagen and stimulates the production of new fibres which eventually completely will replace the old.

Therefore, the maximum effect of lifting can be observed even shortly after treatments – six months you will feel your skin rejuvenated. Many of the reviews about the software suggests that the result can be seen or felt immediately.

Based on what the hardware?

Apparatus in which the procedure is performed have an impact on the soft tissues or radiofrequency infrared rays , or their combination.

Infrared rays

The infrared rays emit heat and have a therapeutic effect on the body. In cosmetics they are used for rejuvenation and tightening of skin tissue. When exposed to sunlight on the skin from the fat cell toxins, aktiviziruyutsya metabolism – starts collagen production.

The effect depends on how deep penetrates the infrared beam is such that penetrate just under the top layer of skin (0.2 mm), and there are those that reach the dermis – the deeper penetrate up to 4 mm. this exposure effect would be more noticeable.

Also important is the role of the power apparatus. To achieve the effect of rejuvenation is possible only at temperatures below 39 degrees.

RF lifting

Radio frequency lifting is more popular. Tissue is heated by radio waves – RF. On modern machines the heating occurs at the level of the dermis or even hypodermis – which has a positive impact on the collagen fibers.

The top layer of skin do not affect radio waves. Frequency waves is adjusted so that they penetrate and act from within.

That is, the burns and scars that can be obtained when working with surgical instruments or infrared rays, when the RF termolifting, reviews also confirm this, can not be.

  • “I was doing radio frequency lifting facial (which reviews are found on the website of the clinic) on the device Accent XL. It is a modern camera. The wave penetrates and heats dermis. This is very important! Because the dermal layer makes the shape of the face clear. Temperature that comes from waves that compresses the collagen fibers and improves blood circulation. After the session the skin becomes a bit pink, there is a small swelling. But it quickly passes. I am very pleased. So if you are going to do the lifting, reviews are harvested, look for salons that use the wireless devices of the new generation! Ksenechka”

Female site in turn draws your attention that the choice of apparatus, which makes the lifting depends on the degree of maturity of the skin, the area where the procedure will be performed and many other factors. For example, the lifting of the face, which reviews you read above are best done by a machine bipolar RF exposure.

What other used devices for radio-frequency lifting, the reviews about them, read on.

Apparatus for lifting

So, as you know, there are several generations of devices for lifting:

  • The monopolar – 2 working electrode at high power.
  • Bipolar – 2 electrodes, but the device runs on less power (less temperature effect).
  • Multipolar – 3 – 5 working electrodes in a specific pattern.
  • There are also machines that combine infrared light and radio frequency waves.

The software reviews has both positive and negative. A lot depends on whether the selected camera.

Monopolar devices

When working on a monopolar device, the current is very deep and heats subcutaneous tissue to a temperature of from 45 to 60 degrees. To the negative points include:

  • Painful procedure.
  • Uncontrolled heating of not only the zone but also the internal organs located nearby.

The positive aspects include the fact that the lifting apparatus for monopolar, reviews mention this, requires only 1 – 2 sessions.

The result will be noticeable, but it is unknown what impact will the lifting for unipolar device in which the rays penetrate very deeply at the whole body in a few years. This unit is not recommended to do the lifting of the face, but it is used for rejuvenating the body.

  • “I was one of the originators of lifting. The first machine that came into our clinic was monopolar – “Thermage”. Honestly, I was afraid to work with him. And spoke openly about the consequences to their clients. I don’t recommended them lifting on my stomach as I read that it can affect the organs. Also did they face, the burns could happen. But hips I corrected. Then we have a good bipolar device. Here in control of everything! Importantly, the program itself chooses the best settings based on the treated area. Ludmila”
  • “Those who do not mind the money – do it. The result is, by far, but not as stunning as promised in the commercials. Tell us about yourself. Held 4 sessions of lifting in the abdomen. Why did you choose belly? Because the experiment is carried out on the face afraid. Everything was a monopolar device. The electrode is first made on hand to the current in the ground went, back. It didn’t hurt, a little pinched. Immediately after the procedure, the abdomen became somewhat soft and puffy. The next morning the swelling was asleep when you sit down, some folds appear ridiculous. Stomach really tightened. After 3 treatments the skin is much improved – 100%. It was tighter and fit. Scar on abdomen (C-section) has become more soft. By the way, who will decide on the lifting, having read my reviews, a word of advice – do not wear for a session of good linen. I had barely washed off. On account of the price – 1 session 1200 (I got a share). The conclusion is, the result is, so what can you do, eating resources permit. And if not, do faceculture – exercises for the face and body wraps. Very effective! Marina”

The lifting: reviews about bipolar devices

The new generation devices — bipolar. They enable you to adjust the depth of penetration of radio waves.

This means that the process of skin tightening with this procedure, such as radiofrequency (reviews cosmetologists prove it), controlled and side effects on bipolar devices should not occur, if the beautician at your place.

If during the procedure for the unipolar device, one electrode is attached to the body (reviews say that this many is the fear and excitement), with bipolar device, nothing like this happens: the electrodes are arranged at the operating handle, and between them is an area that will be impacted by the wave. That is, in contrast to the monopolar device, in this case, the processing area is strictly limited and small – local.

Also the temperature effects on the skin is lower than in monopolar devices. It can be considered both positive and negative aspects.

The positive about this is that this temperature prevents burns and other negative effects, but there is no such a deep impact on the collagen fibers – the heat affects the superficial layers.

The software allows to select and combine several functions: the penetration depth of the beam, temperature, area of exposure, skin type and other factors, which guarantees the performance of lifting, the positive reviews prove it.

  • “I am extremely surprised that lifting the negative reviews it has, and causes such a heated discussion on the forums. I took a course of 5 treatments. Did the nasolabial folds and wrinkles around the eyes. The result is amazing – visibly smoothed skin, wrinkles are almost invisible. No, not 10 years younger look (I’m 37), but the face looked younger. Than stabbing something in the face (as advised here), artificially to pull and tighten the skin, it is better to give the opportunity to work their collagen fibers, which, thanks to lifting, revived and updated. Mary”
  • “I termolifting, which reviews now you can often find on the Internet, helped to tighten the skin without surgery to which I was already mentally prepared. Happy I passed the course, and the money spent (about 8 thousand) have no regrets. Shine”

Multipolar RF machines

Today, the market of cosmetology, new machines – multipolar system – used 3 – 5 electrodes simultaneously, wherein the current is distributed more rationally, although the wave does not penetrate as deeply as with monopolar the lifting.

There are also devices that combine radio waves, and infrared radiation, which is today widely used in the West for carrying out layer-by-layer lifting. The device works in two modes (monopolar and bipolar).

  • The procedure is painless.
  • Safe temperature – 38 to 43 degrees.
  • The effect is achieved using nozzles. Unipolar allows you to heat the skin up to 3 cm that is deep enough to “get” collagen fibers.
  • Bipolar attachment surface carries heat. Perfect for face.

How many sessions and the cost?

The rate of lifting, which you found in the article, consists of 4 – 12 treatments bipolar device. The break between them is not less than 2 weeks. For the monopolar unit – 1 – 2 procedures.

Like any hardware method, the software has its contraindications:

  • Age up to 35 years. This procedure is done for women over 35 – the age when the development of collagen fibers begins to decline. In an earlier age this procedure is not recommended!
  • Hypertension and hypotension
  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • The presence of implants in the area of the procedure
  • Cancer, etc.

The price of a single session of about 2000 rubles. Duration – an average of 20 minutes.

The lifting: he – y, he – radiolifting?

Radio + lifting – the first part of the word “radio” indicates, that employs radio waves. Thermo + lifting – in this case, the first part of the word indicates HOW radio waves work. In principle, it is the same procedure, but sometimes they differentiate:

  • when Thermage skin warms up under the influence of temperature of 60 degrees.
  • when radiolifting temperature effects on the skin below – from 39 to 47 degrees.

As you can see, Thermage is radiofrequency that is performed on unipolar device, and radiolifting – bipolar. Many do not venture to do Thermage for the very reason that the skin effect of high temperature.

  • “Radiolifting I did on the REVITAL RF apparatus. The effect is and I’m pleased with it. During the session I felt warm, no pain. Although the belly was hot, I accidentally hand it is put. But Thermage ThermaCool on the unit are afraid to do. As if this procedure did not cause rosacea. Gladys”
  • “My esthetician said that Thermage is more effective than radio frequency lifting, which I heard from my sister. But at high temperature it is not excluded the appearance of adhesions and scarring. But when radiolifting adhesions can not be too low temperature, so there’s something wrapped or soldered. But sometimes it happens that after RF-lifting and there is no result! Catherine”

And in the end will talk about safe lifting, reviews about which you found the article, because many of the word “radiation, current, electrodes” evoke unpleasant associations. That the lifting safe, is the fact that this technology was approved in the United States, has been tested in 6 centers of cosmetology.

Today, the software reviews, which you can find above, is implemented in 72 countries. But don’t forget to consider the fact that it is a relatively new technology and the answer to the question about how impact influence on the human body of radio waves in a few years, no one will give you.

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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