The liquid for washing dishes – choose effective and safe

It is hard to believe that our ancestors used for washing ash, sand, mustard and clay. We’ve learned that modern improved means for washing dishes can be easily purchased at any hardware Department.

The producers promise that the “helper” is not terrible mountain of dishes, and hands it should to keep. Is it really so? How safe is the liquid composition for washing dishes? Let’s figure it out together with you on the website ““.

Selection criteria of consumers and experts

It’s hard not to get confused, choosing the liquid for washing dishes. That focuses on simple customer?

  • You can buy the liquid, remembering the name from the advertisement (as often happens), or on the advice of a friend;
  • You can not save and buy liquid “cool” brand only from distributors;
  • However, deciding, “what’s the difference than washing the dishes – all washed the same way”, you can select inexpensive (especially if it’s on sale).

The main criteria, which are guided by the experts, choosing the best liquid detergent for washing dishes, the following:

  • How much it washes dishes well and do cope with this?
  • As a means washed the dishes?
  • How much foam is formed?
  • What is the pH?
  • What is the viscosity (concentration) means?

First, consider what are the results of research they conducted with popular liquids for dishes in the lab, and then verify their findings with opinions about popular means for washing dishes, which you can find on the Internet.

The experts

We won’t go into the details of exactly how the research was conducted in the laboratory, and immediately introduce its readers to conclusions.

Medium efficiency

Of course, the first thing we expect from a liquid that she quickly and efficiently washed the dishes from contamination. According to experts, perfectly cope with this task the following tools:

  • AOS antibacterial, and balm;
  • FAIRY;
  • Frosch;
  • Pril Power (Gel);

Poorly washed plates the following fluids:

  • Mila (economy);
  • Cinderella with balm;
  • Rainbow gel;

Other tools, such as 5+, E, Bingo, Dosya, Gala showed good results.

As well rinse agent with detergent?

Of course, everyone knows that an important criterion of quality is not only how it removes impurities and breaks down fat, but also how it washes out? Even small remainders of chemicals entering the body can cause undesirable health effects.

Many people are afraid to use the purchase a vehicle, considering that its chemical composition is very dangerous. But, experts say, it is not necessary to overestimate this parameter: all means are good enough wash the dishes.

Important advice from – must be very good to rinse the dishes under running water, carefully rinsing. Especially if you use a concentrated drug. For example, liquid for washing dishes Amway.

The stability of the foam

When commercials tell you about the effectiveness of concentrated funds often use the trick – take a glass of liquid, and produce a large amount of foam out of it, calling it the most important indicator of the effectiveness of the drug.

The same opinion can be found in the reviews: good price, then good! But the experts different: “the Foam does not affect the potency of the remedy!” This is confirmed by the test results:

  • The leaders of foaming was those drugs that in the first test (the number of washed plates) do not stir: Mila (economy), Cinderella with balm, rainbow gel. That is, the foam was much and she was persistent, but not detergent-washed for less!

Therefore, foam or no foam is not such an important indicator as you might think.

An important observation continue to wash the dishes, even if the sponge has disappeared foam.

Almost all the tools that were tested, well-washed plates without heavy foam. Continuing to wash the dishes without foam, you will save the liquid without losing the quality of the wash.

Balm or a regular tool?

From school chemistry course we all know that the higher the level of concentration of hydrogen ions in fluid (pH), so it’s getting worse for the skin. Manufacturers are trying to take care of the skin of the hands of their consumers and are trying different ways to soften the medium, lowering the pH. One of the ways to carry information to the user to write on the package “balm”. The experts the following:

  • The pH range of most liquids for washing dishes is the norm, with the balms, indeed, was more lenient. Therefore, it is possible to give preference to liquids for washing dishes with the balm, but “no socks” is not dangerous for the skin.

The concentration of the liquid (viscosity)

According to experts, the efficiency of washing depends on the viscosity of the fluid. But the use of a concentrated liquid for washing dishes (dish drops (Amway) – the most popular brand) is more profitable from an economic point of view, it is well dosed, so that leaves less and for a longer period of time.

This is the opinion of experts, and here are some reviews on liquids for dishwashing real users was found at different sites, you learn further.

User reviews
Dish drops

Dish Drops (liquid dishwashing from Amway) has a lot of negative reviews, but there are positive — for example, 50:50. Here are some quotes that deserve attention:

  • The price of the tool is very high! And let the manufacturers claim that it lasts for a long time, it is not true. First, it is no better than cheaper drugs, and secondly, does fat. One plus – rinse well. Karina.
  • Did not like at all! Divorce means the maximum, so as to wash dishes for a child. The fish smell is not delivered, the grease is not washed away. But the worst thing it did to my skin — it started to peel off and crack. Where is there safety? Nata.
  • Very best concentrated liquid for washing dish drops. I breed 1 to 8. Use over 2 years, not spent even half. So profitable – that’s for sure! The security of any dangerous chemicals, rinse everything well with water. Katya.


About dishwashing ECover (ecological product) you will find many positive reviews:

  • Liquid dishwashing Ecover I don’t consider it super safe, but, judging by the composition, much safer and less harmful other similar drugs like fairy. So my plus Ecover. Kira.
  • This is not a cheap tool, about 160 rubles for 0.5 l, but I like the composition: there is no oil, does not dry the skin, but absorbs quickly. So economically it can not be called. Julia.
  • Saw this liquid only in online stores, retail never met. Washes well fat, nice flavor, good viscosity. And, as we are assured manufacturers, this bio-product. Alla.


The most popular tool for washing dishes FAE. It can be called a leader, but, notably, not the last role in this belongs to the advertisement:

  • With me FAE: how washes the dishes as consumed. I just don’t know how safe it is. Natasha.
  • Of course, advertising has played a role in the popularity of FAE. But I like to use this liquid. Consumption more economically, than Gale (before buying it), long enough. Irina.
  • I note a large selection of flavors means. But that takes a long time to wash off, so is any need to flush. Nothing safe there. Shine.

The results

  • Thus, it is absolutely safe for industrial dishwashing detergent, you will not find. There are eco-products (dish drops, ecover), but their safety is not fully proven;
  • More dense (concentrated) the medium is more economic – can be dosed more accurately, but this criterion will not be affected.
  • Please note that genuine concentrated for dishes will not be cheap. If you got a thick viscous liquid at the high price, it is likely, as a thickener made salt. Its harmful effects on the skin known to all. In addition, what is the bad effect on the skin, but and they bad. Therefore, the consumption is more on the hands of salt also falls more.
  • Drugs of average price category and expensive to buy cheaper, because they have enough to wash more dishes. In addition to FAE note on AOS, Pril Power-Gel, Schick, 5+, E.

What to replace?

Of course, we could not ignore the question of how to prepare the liquid for washing dishes at home?

Happy to share with you a simple recipe, maybe someone will be useful.

  • Take 25 g of soap, 0.5 liters of boiling water, 20 g (5 tablespoons) of glycerin and a tablespoon of vodka.
  • Soap RUB on a grater, add a little boiling water and put in a water bath or put in the microwave. Need to wait for the soap to melt.
  • Add in the weight of the remaining water and stir.
  • After it all cools down, the liquid should pour in the glycerine and vodka. Optionally, you can add a drop of any essential oil for smell.
  • As a result, you will get quite an effective tool, which can be poured in a bottle of the purchase funds and start to use it.

And, as they say, whatever it was, and dirty dishes will definitely find your hero – whether you like it or not, and to wash it still is necessary for someone! If you don’t have a dishwasher, it seems, most often it has to do you. Let the selected tool will be the best assistant in this case.

The author –Julia Spiridonova, site

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