The man does not meet her parents: what does it mean?

Meet the parents and family circle – an important point, clearly saying that your relationship is serious, and intentions of men long – term. However, what to think, if your young man does not meet her parents and friends?

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The man does not meet her parents: maybe it’s good?

Of course, the first thing I start to worry girls, if the guy does not hurry to introduce a family – that is, he may not build serious plans for the future together. But in very many cases it is a vain alarm, because men can be other arguments to postpone this event!

First, this introduction has a dual purpose – not only to present the woman mom and dad, but also to show parents his beloved.

It is possible that the guy is shy possible impression which can make a young woman an elderly parent. Perhaps they are not as intelligent, or because of their age eccentric, or their worldview does not agree with the views of the future daughter-in-law or they live in cramped conditions, etc. a Man can rightly think that the negative impression of his home the girl will be projected on.

The second reason is that the guy wants the girl had seen and evaluated him, established and self-sufficient man, not a sissy.

And in the company of his parents, he involuntarily will be in this role – the child near mom and dad (because parents otherwise it is difficult to perceive!). This problem is especially relevant if the parents are authoritarian, bossy adult son, always put it to “silly kid”…

Stay brutal macho in the eyes of love after such problematic!

Another possible point – he doesn’t want the parents began overly interested in the life of your pair, to impose a “related” chat future daughter-in-law, to give recommendations on how you live and build relationships, etc. But these often sin many parents who believe that their adult child needs help and advice in all areas of life…

And maybe this: you have a great relationship, the man is building serious plans, but he knows that a girl like you, his parents do not like. Not because you’re bad, but they had a whole different girl for my son, and he made an independent choice. If the guy is not stupid and understands that it is unlikely that the introduction will be oboyudopriyatny, he will postpone the deadline in order not to put her on knowingly failed “bride”.

In General, if a guy doesn’t meet her parents, that is a reason to find a significant advantages for you and your relationship:

  • You don’t have to build relations with the mother-in-law and father-in-law (even if they still were not officially). Trust me, you be envious the millions of women who have to constantly communicate with the parents of their husbands or Boyfriends!
  • The guy made his choice concerning you. He doesn’t need early approval or disapproval from the mouths of mommies and daddies to decide whether this girl!
  • Likely, your man sees your couple individual family, not older children within the parent family. In his eyes, there is no urgent need “to introduce the bride to his father’s house” — because he wants to build your own house where you’re the sole owner!

In some cases it is necessary to worry, if your favorite does not want to acquaint with your parents?

In fact, worries that the guy hasn’t introduced you to my parents, may not be at all – if you are completely satisfied with your relationship and simply not interested in his relatives.

But if something is wrong…

The website “” advises thinking about the long postponement of meeting boyfriend’s parents if:

  • You’ve been Dating for a long time, but only in neutral or your territory. He doesn’t explains the reason why you can not come to visit him, not telling who lives, who his parents and other relatives, ie, trying to ignore the topic of his family. Especially if he doesn’t hints at living together!
  • You notice that the parent’s opinion obviously has a strong influence, parents (both or one of them) are a serious authority in the eyes of the guy, he has a lot of very positive talks about them…

Something to think about, if a man introduces his girl friends?

With friends men also often do not like to introduce their girls. Very often the reason for this is simple jealousy and a sense of ownership – and suddenly the favorite very much like someone from friends?

The second likely cause is that every man knows how and what expressions evaluate girls in the company of men and wants to save you from this his chosen (and self-esteem at the same time – and suddenly the friends of his choice seem bad?).

The third option – he wants to look in your eyes, a gentleman, well-mannered and intelligent. And in the company of boys he usually allows himself to relax and to be “a baboon” — that is how he is known to friends, and the man is afraid that this way too early and will be known to his girlfriend…

Worry if he zealously protects you from contact with its surroundings – trying not to date in public places where the possibility to meet friends, not telling, is friends with whom, asking not to advertise your intimate relationship in front of friends and acquaintances, etc.

How to motivate him to arrange a meeting with the parents and friends?

If you think that for you it is important and necessary, and it is high time to be “declassified” — then just tell him about it! Tell me sincerely, why do you care acquaintance with his relatives.

But, of course, do not forget about the tact – ask him how he sees a possible further communication with his family, it would be nice if you kept any relation with his family?

The final decision in this matter accept himself, not you!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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