The man doesn’t want sex: all the reasons

Judging by the response to the article “my Husband doesn’t want sex: what to do?”, the problem is that the man doesn’t want sex, many people are interested in. And many women, in obedience to the advice of glossy magazines, begin to act in a standard way: buy a new lace underwear, learn new sex techniques and techniques blow job, trying to rekindle the desire in a man.

But not knowing the reasons, it is impossible to achieve a good result. What could be the reasons for men not to want sex? Female site result full list of those reasons. Just say: this list is not so small!

I also want to say that this list is taken not from the ceiling. It offered a wonderful sexologist and author of numerous books on sexterapi Barbara Kiesling.

Medical and physiological reasons why a man may not want sex

Sometimes every man there are periods in life when interest in sex is minimal. Libido drops, the excitement comes later than usual or not occur at all. Why is this happening?

Decreased testosterone levels. This rarely happens with young men, but after 35 years it is a serious problem!

He has a medical condition. Diabetes, anemia, hypertension, heart problems, even a cold or flu cause problems with sexual desire! In this case you should consult a doctor.

He’s in a slump. Problems at work or in the family (a death, financial ruin and so on) can lead to depression, but even the man himself may not be aware of what’s going on with him! Man loses interest in everything and of course sex too.

He takes medication that affects libido. The list of medications that affect the potency, is huge. The most famous of these is prozac, zoloft and paxil. In this case it is better to consult with a doctor in our time, the diversity of drugs it is easy to find a replacement that does not harm potency.

Concern and anxiety. Sometimes a man is so worried because of problems at work, it blocks all other feelings.

Problems with drugs and alcohol. Yes, if men potency which drugs and alcohol are absolutely not affected, but they are rare.

He’s asexual. Scientists estimate that about 1.5% of the population asexual. Yes, there are men who want relationships and love but not want sex. Usually they are easy to crack.

Relationship problems, which male doesn’t want sex

Men are pretty sensitive creatures. Do you think that problems in personal relationships do not affect the sexual?!

He feels unhappy in the relationship. If you have a difficult period if a man is angry with you, it is foolish to believe that the argument is capable of rekindle passion. Rather, the contrary.

An intimate relationship with you, he got bored. Usually boring sex does not prevent the man to do it. However, in combination with other factors (e.g., low testosterone) sex is for men is much less important than, for example, a game of his favorite team at a football match.

He is too lazy to have sex. Some men withdraw from sex, as they rarely do it. All they need is a discharge-masturbating once a week. Usually in a pair there is an unspoken agreement to avoid sex, although the relationship between the partners is excellent.

Attitudes, which male doesn’t want sex

If in the previous cases, the man doesn’t want sex unconsciously, then he consciously avoids. Sometimes abstaining from sex is happening since the beginning of the relationship, sometimes after a long relationship. Let’s see what the man can be reason.

He has another (or others). Yes, no matter how it was corny, there are men who can’t sleep with two women at the same time. Although the majority still knows all the women to reconcile.

It excites quite different. Men can be quite certain sexual proclivities, which, however, does not prevent to develop personal relationships. For example, a man may experience excitement at the sight of only women of a certain type (and love you). There was a story where a woman after many years of marriage found out her husband visits the bdsm club 3 times a week. Sex they didn’t have several years.

He’s gay. Do not think that it is possible to immediately determine whether gay your partner. Many gay men want to be “all”, make families, make children, and even willing to endure regular sex for the sake of it. There are cases when the sex stops after the advent of children. And the truth is revealed later, when the psyche of the women are pretty loose.

He is not sure in their sexual power. Usually this occurs either with young boys or men over 45.

He realized that he had an STD. Do you know what an STD is? Be sure to Google on this score! Usually this happens if you have recently met, or if your partner has an affair.

He’s in love with another. There’s a woman from the past that a man can not forget. However, you him too, and he hopes that he will soon forget the old love. And yet – only kisses and hugs.

He restrained sexually. Past or men are that keep it sexy, and to me, he wants nothing, not even for you ? Typically, these men are trying to give us to understand, openly or secretly. For example, a 35-year-old man who has never had sex – “wobble” in this area it’s very hard!

He decided to punish you. The man realized that sex is very important to you and you decided therefore to teach. Here’s a sneak!

It gets more porn than a real relationship. Yes, it happens even in the beginning of the relationship, and with the progress of Internet, this reason is more frequent. Moreover, many men believe that it is absolutely normal!

He took a vow of celibacy. Absolutely incomprehensible for many of us the reason. However, some men refuse to have sex, choosing such is the spiritual path.

He avoids strong relationships. In the head of a man sex and a serious relationship are closely related, so many men simply avoided sex for fear of development of relations.

Serious mental problems that affect the sex desire

Naturally, the following things are treated only with psychotherapy. By themselves, they go not.

Complex “Madonna/prostitute”. This is quite an old complex, but it is still alive! The point is that women male divides into 2 categories – “good” (suitable for marriage) and bad (good for sex). Sex and marriage were incompatible! And, no matter what you really are. Everything happens in his head, and only there.

He is afraid of sex. The fear of sex, or sexual averse is when a man is afraid of everything connected with sex, or has a specific phobia, e.g., fear Blowjob. Usually with the threat of sex symptoms of phobia there is: heart beats fast, diarrhea, nausea, sweat stands.

He is constantly masturbating. Masturbation is good, but not at the cost of the relationship! A man can to much masturbating that earn autoeroticism – the attraction to himself. In this case, women in bed is simply no room.

What do you do if the man doesn’t want sex? This will be discussed in the following articles. Read!

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