The man is a coward: where it is and what to do with it?

Every girl wants to meet the knight without fear and without reproach. But what if you have your heart set on “cowardly lion”? Is it possible to be happy with a man of timid? How to cultivate courage in indecisive spouse? Female site will help to answer these difficult questions.

How to recognize a coward?

The main symptom of the man-the coward – the reluctance to make decisions.

Timid representative of a strong half of mankind is only comfortable when everything is decided for him. So he just will not take the initiative to be presented to the relatives of the girl, unlikely to ask the boss to raise wages and never fails to help friends, even to the detriment of their interests.

To recognize a cowardly man can also by their appearance:

  • he is afraid to stand out from the crowd, so dresses flashy;
  • restrained in showing emotions;
  • avoids long look the interlocutor in the eye;
  • almost never motion;
  • often pulls any object in his hands.

Where are the men cowards?

Psychologists claim that cowardice is a character trait. Usually it is formed in adolescence, when males are fighting for dominance in the group. Adolescents who failed to win a high position in the hierarchy, there is a defensive reaction.

The future man begins to fear open conflict and turns into a social coward.

Alas, eradicate cowardice impossible. It is a feature of personality, which will have to be reconciled.

However, if not the brave man will feel the confidence, he will be less likely to behave like a coward. A loving woman can help him.

How to be happy with a coward?

In the description of the man-the coward, you know your admirer or husband?

Follow the recommendations of the site and you will live with the choice happily ever after.

  • Never call a man a coward, nor joking, nor even in the heat of an argument. Banned the words “wimp”, “demure”, “deadhead” etc. the Man in any case should not imagine that you think him a coward. He will never forgive you for this. Remember: a man expecting a woman to understand, not revelations.
  • Make a list of the virtues of her lover, which compensate for his not very enviable character trait. Capture every detail. For example, “don’t forget to water the cacti, when I go away on business,” “knows who Schopenhauer”. From time to time freshen in memory the records.
  • Avoid situations in which your man difficult to find the courage. You the third time this year fill the neighbors? Don’t expect your husband wants to deal with unscrupulous citizens. Don’t ask the impossible from him. Fuss with would-be neighbors themselves. Kill two birds with one stone: the problem, God forbid, decide and peace of mind of a loved one will save.
  • Don’t focus on cowardice. You have planned a romantic weekend, but your favorite could not refuse the boss’s request to come to work in the day? Moreover, you have witnessed how slavishly he murmured: “Peter, I’m happy to read to work as much as possible for the good of the beloved company”? Pretend that nothing happened. The man willingly believe it and you will be grateful. But a holiday can be arranged a week later, isn’t it?
  • Praise of the elect as often as possible, especially in the presence of relatives and friends, but only when there is a reason. Clumsy flattery alerted the man.
  • Try to have fun from knowing that no problem can not be solved without your participation. Think of how many women dream to boss their husbands. You’re a lucky girl!

To better understand their partner and to save him from the complexes, we also recommend you to read the article on “What are you afraid of men?”. Wish you understanding and a harmonious relationship!

Author – IRINGA, site

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