The man lives for two families, and what to do to the woman?

Remember the song from “the Caucasian captive”: If I were a Sultan, I’d had three wives…? The Sultan eventually decided to remain single, but some men happen to think otherwise!

Recently on the website “” now here is the letter: “Recently learned that my husband has a second wife even while it is alive first! This woman is pregnant, and he said he could not anyone of us to quit and will provide both families. In the relationship we were doing great, growing up two sons. What to do — mind I will not put!”. What if the man lives for two families, and whether happiness is “three”? Will figure it out together!

What men live for two families at the same time?

I think it’s lazy and Gigolos who want to get different goods of life from two women at once? And here and there – two families are living men active, energetic, with active life position!

They are willing to give their women more than to receive (and in financial terms, and in terms of emotion, effort, vitality)!

No wonder in Islam that allows polygamy, there are limitations that make the second and subsequent wives a man can only when will be able to provide them with equal living conditions and pay equal attention and love! This ensures the stability of this design – and not only in the fact that the wife did not complain and didn’t fight! If the man himself is aware that he is not willing to give the same and the same as the first, so the second “marriage” came a crash!

Two families – it’s a big job. Trust me, Alfonso and lovers lie on the couch is not going to! Although, I think, for the deceived women are a small consolation…

Why would he do that?!

He probably loves both women. In different ways, but I sincerely! Living for two families, her husband is a bigamist for not leaving unloved and bored with a legitimate better half to a strange beautiful lady – both women for him, still loved, still valuable, with both him well…

There were times that cheated the wife, representing her husband’s mistress, imagined a Busty 20-year-old student, but in fact it was the aunt no spectacular external data…

Why he didn’t have one? Love, and all. And the first not less. Does it ever happen? It happens, believe me!

And women, too (on this subject you can read the article “I Love two – what to do?”). The amazing thing is that bigamists are rarely womanizer – disposable mistresses in their biographies a minimum or not at all! They, so to speak, dailyby!

Is it possible to be happy without being one?

In theory – why not? At least, there is much to get husband if you want to spend the night with her lover! ? Very often, a woman whose husband lives for two families, feels quite comfortable under conditions of constant long absences of a spouse – until he finds out the truth!

Incidentally, a large number of divorces happen because the couple is constantly together, give each other opportunities to be alone or socialize with other people… And if share husband with another, he certainly will not get bored and not bored!

In addition, there is a powerful incentive to become more attractive for her husbandto change for the better and to prevent it from turning in a boring home Chica – mistress, I do not sleep!

Although, of course, to dissuade the cheated wife from divorce with vile husband, living for two families, “” is not going! This is quite understandable and logical.

But if Dodger still managed to arrange a second marriage in the registry office for fake documents, you could sue him in court for bigamy – law is on the side of his wife!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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