The man needs to lose weight

“Hello, With him I met on the site, met, liked each other, I introduced him to my parents, I’m 21, he’s 34. Decided to live with his parents. But there’s a problem: he pays enough attention to me, spends every day on the Internet looking at some beautiful women with model looks, and tells me: “you’ll lose a little bit, I’m going to love”. And my weight is 73 kg, but he first saw me, he liked me, he knew I was. I think you need to love the person not for appearance, the main thing that the soul was. Tell me, please, what do I do? Sandra”.

Sandra, I suggest You act like You got backed into a corner, and there’s only one way to fight back ? Figuratively, of course. However, before that will not prevent some theory. After all even in fight sports, You first tell what to do, and then send the ring.

Appearance relative

Sandra, first and foremost, whatever happens in the future, do not torture their weight. You said: “to love someone for looks”. But that’s not the point.

And that 73, 63 or 53 – everything is relative. Thanks to the film industry and high fashion, it is considered that prefer thin. But that’s exactly what is considered to be. In reality, in most countries of the world (far away from Hollywood and Paris), the preferences of still others.

And, most importantly, in normal, everyday life of men that prefer those women who have to take ? , much, much more!

The woman is not saying

So with the same success, whether You are 53, You could “ask” to gain weight.

I mean, what sensible men to their women is not saying. Don’t know, maybe he told You a joke, with a slight ironical reproach? But the problem is that the joke can offend people.

Tell me, Your 73 kg always did? If You have a large bone or are You a tall girl, if You are normal weight, then no “little to lose” and speech cannot be. Nothing else to do. You are what you are, and the other will not. And why?

If You for some reason have gained weight for a short time, then is a to do, to try to “return” the same form, but without strain, without torture diets and sports.

Find out once and for all

Now about Your man. Unfortunately, little information about it, but first impression is: isn’t he too lives on the Internet? You met so, again someone is considering.

I could be wrong, but what if he unconsciously “rejects” real life according to some underlying causes? In this case it is not satisfied with any. The same beauty with model looks would be too bony, too Frank, too available, but few if any.

When first meeting with You he could be quite pleased. But then hidden complexes began to “leak” and again to torment him.

What to do? To talk quietly. The matter before the wedding or to children is not reached, so to lose You is nothing special. Without charges or flattery ask him frankly to confess: You satisfied with it or not as she is?

If you remained silent or laughed it off, ask for the answer! He is 34, a grown man! If it is so important weight women, and You can not force him “to satisfy”, then break up for good, before it went too far.

Either let him cease to live with an Internet girlfriend and You at the same time, and choose one! I’m sorry if that sounds harsh, but the fact that he himself has put You into this situation.

And to all You quickly and easily resolved, from me to You talisman:

You are my inner sun!

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